1783. Hey Chris. Are you able to get messAges from animals who have passed on?
1784. Hi Chris, This is Janice. I have been to see you a few times. I lost my husband over 2 years ago. Each Time I came you mentioned the name wayne, with no explanation, just the name. I have recently met a man named Wayne, and wondered if you knew if this is the connection. Thank you Janice.
1785. I had to make a tough decision to terminate a recent pregnancy due to a new job with a possibility of a promotion soon-i had some difficulties with recovery and i'm scared that I am not going to be able to have another child when me and my fiance are ready to. We have an 18 mth old now and would hope to have another in the future.
1786. My Daughter passed 3+ months ago. I am going to a public Fundraiser that you are the Star preformer!! I want soooo much to connect to my daughter..How can I help to make this happen??
1787. hi chris, my son passed at an early age and i was wondering how will i know if he is ok, i had some signs after his death but lately i dont get them...does this mean he is doing ok ...it will be 8 yrs march 2012
1788. thank you chris for answering my question 1788.. the signs i had were cell phones going off, pictures moving and strong smells of things he ate...now there is a song in which my brother made a video of his pictures to this certain song and every once in awhile i hear it just out of the blue ...i will definetly take your advice and sit each day to make a stronger connection with him ...again thank you so much
1789. Hi Chris, I live in an 1800's home and often get the impression that there is an older woman and a young girl around 11 yrs old that are in the home. I feel any harm or ill will from them, just that this may have been their home. Can you tell me if you get the same type of impression at all? Thank You, hoping to see you very soon.
1790. Chris, my friend passed away (jan)and i was wondering does he need more time before i come to speak with you?
1791. I loved your book. I hope you write another one. I found a lot of answers in it.
1792. Hello Chris, it's been 2 years since my sister in law's passing, and we miss her tremendously, her and I were very close. She comes into my dreams a lot but doesnt speak, why? She passed away from Cancer in her home, we knew it was her time. I would hold her hand by her bedside, does she have any messages for me? Right before her passing My husband and I(her brother) had left the home for a bit, and got the phone call to rush back home. Did she wait for her brother to leave before she passed? with 5 siblings in the family they were the closest! I know hes hurting a lot, we all are. We are definitely going to come and see you. Thank you and God Bless, Helen
1793. Hi Chris I was just wondering what your opinion on this was - Tragically losing the love of your life at a young age, is it possible to have love like that with someone else in your remaining life(Or is it possible to live the rest of your life only longing for that one person), and if so, when we got to the other side would we all just be together - or would we go back to our first love... Im not sure if this makes sense to you!
1794. Hi Chris I am very interested in booking a appointment with you ...but am a leary that the ones I need to come thru wont, in the last 2.5 months I have been to 3 people but I didnt believe words that they would never say or phrases was said ...
1795. What could the possible reasons be for a medium telling you they cannot do your reading?
1796. Hi Chris I am wondering as soon as someone makes a appointment to see you... does that spirit know that person is coming to see you (them) meaning spirit ? Is it whoever wants to communicate it is who it is? Hope this is not a confusing question!Wondering how the process works very interesting! I have my appointment booked and cant wait to meet you!!
1797. Hi chris, i had an abortion a year ago yesterday, the weirdest thing happened, the moment when i was going through my abortion, i felt it yesterday, it went away the next day, but it was just weird...
1798. what happens to sucides
1799. Hi Chris. I'm wondering if you do home visits to determine if there are spirits here that are attached to the home rather than our own personal "spiritual guides"? Our would the first step to be a consultation with you to determine what "spirits" may be spending time with us? Not sure how to approach this as my husband and I have felt for some time that the house is "haunted"(by friendly spirits). Thanks, Beth
1800. Hi Chris, When my daughter was about 3 1/2, she told me there was a 'fighter' that came into her younger sister's room in the middle of the night to scare her (she would wake up SCREAMING). What do you make of this?
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