1801. Hi. I saw you in Shelbourne the other night and very much enjoyed myself. How can one develope such a gift? I sense spirit around me and want to further enhance my abilities. I can very much relate to the Native man with you...as I do believe Ive been a healer in a past life..and yet again, am born into the Native heritage again this lifetime. Any guidence is greatly appreciated, sometimes, reading about it, isnt fullfilling my needs... Thanks
1802. Hi Chris Very disappointed. My husband and I went for a reading in the fall. Shortly before a medical procedure, you said that they didn't see cancer. Well there is recurring cancer and he suffered shortly after that from a staph infection in spine and four more tumours in liver and two in lungs. The infection is life altering. His pain has been so great it is crippling and he hasn't recovered. The cancer is looming and it has been the worst so far and I can't believe how much this man has suffered. If they can see so much on the other side why couldn't we have been warned. I have begun to really doubt whether anyone can communicate with the spirits or is it a foolish parlour game. What is the purpose to his pain? He is a good man. signed sad but true
1803. I was at your recent fundraiser in Shelburne and I must say you were so inspirational! I love listening to you and could have for hours. I had been thinking about my sister so often just in the last 2 years (deceased for 13yrs), I think it may have caused me some anxiety with death or dying (previously written in #1684). I was fortunate to have my sister come through that evening at the fundraiser - I was so overwhelmed but most of all relieved. I had so many questions to ask you that evening and I only asked the 1 (I told your son to stay close with the mic). Another question I wanted to ask is if people with special needs come across in the way they were in the living, my sister had CP and was also mentally delayed so I was wondering how did her presence come across in age because in living she seemed to have a the personality of a young child in a 24 year old body? Her ways of communicating were by sounds ex: laughter, groans and eye contact (barely any tears). I noticed and I may have been so over whelmed by the experience was you never said her name did it come across or sometimes it does not? Without sounding cheesy….I’m so glad I have met you. Hope to see you again in the near future and I don’t care who it is that comes through it is a gift to receive any message and share with others:)
1804. Our dog went missing 6 days ago. There has been no sightings of her. I would like to know if she is safe in the arm of another human or has she passed on. Hope you are able to help me.
1805. I just found out I'm pregnant and my blood counts low..I've been worrie about the baby a lot..I'm just wondering if it going to come out healthy and not worrie as much as I have been?
1806. My cousin is on life support.His name is Ronnie Sherman.there is no brain activity and i wanted to know if he has passed over.
1807. Chris , iam considering the purchase of a condo that is being built in the former site of a funeral home - any drawbacks as far as the spirit world feels about such location as as funeral home ?
1808. Hi Chris, wonderful work you do........My question is...Does Spirit have difficulty in working/helping with people who are recovering the best they can from a nervous breakdown from mental/emotional traumas? It's somewhat in reference to question #1806(which is a very good question) regarding the health of our brains. Thank you.
1809. Hi Chris. I have made an appointment to come and visit with you in the coming month. If i am not looking to speak with a particular deceased relative but more to hear from my spirit guide, would this still be a beneficial visit for me? I will of course be more then excited if a deceased relative does want to speak with me, I just wanted to make sure I would not be wasting your time. Thank you so much,
1810. Hi Chris, I am very interested and facinated by your gift and was hoping you could help answer my question. My husband has these "experiences" during the night that he can not explain and quite frankly startle him. He often will wake through the night and see "figures" in our room. He has seem an outline of a person on my side of the bed a few times and has also witnessed lights shooting through the room as well. One time he even woke up to see what appeared to be a spider like shape right over his face. Now he does not know if he is simply making this up due to his eyes not focusing in the night or if he is still somewhat asleep. Do you have any idea what is happening here? I am so appreciative of any insight you might have. Thank you so much.
1811. Chris, you are blowing my mind with your answer to my question 1810. I am not worried at all by your answer because my husband has a strong interest in "alien" existence and has actually thought these "experiences" at night could have something to do with them. Weird, but true. I am glad to hear they mean no harm. Thank you so much for your honesty. I am sure it is quite risky for you to write about something that most people would prefer to think do not exist. Also, no marks or scratches that I can think of. Again, Thank you!
1812. Hello Chris, After my grandmother died,who lived with us I suffered from sever anxiety and depression for about a year. I am better now and know a lot more about anxiety and depression and how to handle it. Recently I have been feeling a lot of anxiety and odd emotions at weird times and they seem to pass as soon as they come to my mind. Could i be more sensitive to the spiritual world since i was sick? I'm worried about telling anyone about the way I am feeling because I don't want them to think Im crazy, i just feel so lost. Thanks so much for reading.
1813. I have lost someone close to me a few years ago. I miss her very much and she always gave me good advice on what to do with my life. I feel lost without her. Is there anyway that she could still help me?
1814. Hi Chris. My grandmother passed about 7 yrs ago and she is ALWAYS with me it seems. Dreams, shadows,sensations, pops into my head constantly. For the past few years, I've had some strange experiences upon going to bed about 5-6 times now. Within a few minutes of lying down, I experience an intense electrical sensation that seems to flow through me. I can open my eyes and see...but can't speak. During this, I hear deep muffled, monotone voices taking to me but I can't make out what they are saying. I used to be terrified as they sound scary and would jolt up to end it. The most recent one....my grandmother spoke to me...in the same monotone deep voice but the words were clear, just as she would have spoken them in this world. She said "M....it's grandma and I'm here..."....then it started fading away and I was so desperate to stay and hear more. I woke up and was bothered for days and now question, is it a dream? am I crazy? or is it her? Thank you! M.
1815. Hi Chris, I just booked an appointment with you today and it will be in July. I am interested in connecting with people in my life who have crossed over, but I do have a pressing question. Do you believe that people can have a negative energy influencing their life? My 33 year old daughter is having such a difficult time in both her personal life relationships and her health.Sometimes I feel that she is cursed. What are your thoughts?
1816. Hi Chris I wrote you recently and my question was in 1723. Well my mom passed away Dec 13th and it has been a difficult time for us all. In the last year of Mom's life my one sister hardly visited Mom and it hurt my Mother very much. Another sister had pretty well been estranged from the family for 15 years and just came around a bit the last year of Mom's life. My mother chose to divide up her will leaving a smaller amount to the two older siblings who had not had much to do with her in the last year. My self and my sister were left a little larger share and also to be the executors. The thing is my one sister when she found this out is very angry( I am sure the other one is too) and has went to a lawyer and I think may try and contest the will. To try and talk to my sister and tell her how hurt Mom was by her actions would fall on deaf ears and she would not take any responsibility for her part in how Mom chose to do her will or why. I feel sad that she is angry with me and my sister and feel she thinks we somehow convinced Mom to change her will. Mom wanted to make a point of how upset she was with my two older sisters by leaving them less more then wanting to leave me and my sister more. In some ways I wish Mom had not done what she done but it was her choice. I feel a deep saddness of how everything is evolving especially when my sister will not take any responsibility in how she treated Mom the last year of her life but would sooner blame me for what now is taking place. Is this a matter of you reap what you sow or lessons we need to learn in our soul growth but if some refuse to learn from it then why does some things happen the way they do? Thanks BJB
1817. hi chris i have a close friend that passed back in oct 2011 they had said he died from falling off his bike then they said he had trauma to his body that they dont really know what happened to him even after an autopsy im kind of stuck on this and dont understand is there anything u can do to help me understand what has happened.
1818. Whe have a son,his name is Harry, and he is gay,will he ever meet the love of his live,and gone be happy
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