1819. Hi Chris, My dad recently slipped on ice and got a brain injury, he is going to be fine but it has changed the course of his life completely. I beleive it was some sort of spiritual intervention, can the spirit world intervene in your life to change its course for you? Thanks Melanie
1820. I met someone that has such bad energy it makes me feel sick and they are with a friend of mine and I am worried that they are a bad person and my friend is going to get hurt. Do you believe that is true?
1821. Hi Chris. I aborted and was wondering if my baby crossed over and he/she okay? I didn't know the sex yet.
1822. Hi Chris, My goal is to eventually have two children but I have decided to wait a while to have my second. Do I really have this choice or will my second child make their way into my life according to their spiritual plan? Very much appreciated,
1823. Hi Chris My sister has a ghost (spirit) in her house they think. I am wondering could it be our mom or is it someone else that they think it is . They got rid of the 2 items belong to this lady from her husbands father x wife! I am just curious of who it is and why ! thanks
1824. My great grandfather passed away from cancer I was wondering if he crossed over and if he's still with me?
1825. It's been over a year since my grandmother died, how is she doing? Is she watching over me? I miss her alot
1826. do you only do spirtual readings?
1827. Hi Chris, I picked up your book at a recent event and I appreciate that you're an honest, straight-shooting guy with good ethics. I also appreciate your compassion and that's something I try to exercise fully everyday. I am contemplating booking a reading with you, but I hesitate as I know I will be further depressed if I don't hear what I'm hoping to hear, and I know that is not within your control. I guess I'm waiting for a "sign" before I book a visit. Do you get any signals as you're reading this? Thank you for using your gifts to help us.
1828. Hi Chirs, As a medium is it possible for you to sense if another person has the potential or is a medium\ psychic? I feel like I have closed a door in my past after my aunt passed. I also feel afraid to reopen it now that I'm older, I think I have the tools but there is this part of me that feels like im just "BSing myself". I have been asking what I call the " universe" for help\ answers and your website has seemed to fall in my lap. But like I said apart of me says I'm making it up. Sorry for the lengthy question.
1829. Hi Chris . I have been meditating for a few years . Some days i am able to relax more then others . I find it a great release for me . My question may not seem odd to you , but not sure who else to talk to about my experience one night a few months ago.I have never before or since had this happen for me . I cant say i seen anything or just felt something (not sure) It is hard to even put to words . I felt a belonging like i have never felt in my life a feeling of all in one . The feeling that everything made sense.A feeling of light and free . Im sorry it was even better then i can write or explain to you . Has this ever happened to you ? When i feel sad or fearful . I think of this feeling and then i am able to feel at peace with what is . Does this make any sense to you? .. Congrats to you on your book as well as your gift to those in need.Thank you . M
1830. Hi Chris; I lost my mother in October 2011 and am having a difficult time. We agreed before she died to stay in touch. I cannot read anything from her. However, I have recently had what appears to be contact from someone I knew briefly and who passed away last month. He is "helping" me write my book. How can that be when it's my mother i want?
1831. Hi Chris My name is Sean and my father passed on suddenly when I was 17. i am now 42. I still have deep regrets for things that were not cleared up. is it possible to ask him for a sign to let me know things are ok. I know a nickname he used to call me when i was a little boy that would make me know it is alright. but how do i ask. I am planning a time when i can book an appointment to see you with my wife and sister.
1832. Throughout my life there have been some really dark things happen to people who are indirectly related to me.ie step father, nephew through marriage. Although I don,t really feel guilt - In these situations I feel that I could have done things differently in my inter- actions with them. Cant really get my mind around how I should feel. Is there anything positive that has or can come of this.
1833. when my dad passed away i wasen't there at the time was that because he didn't want me there when he passed?
1834. Are you possibly coming somewhere in Bruce County? If so could you let me know? Thank-you Christina Jantzen.
1835. Hello Chris, I lost my boyfriend almost 8 yrs ago, and I was wondering if he is ever around me? Also if he is aware that I am married with two little girls? I miss him very much and love him still. thank you, Erin
1836. Dear Chris, My father died about 24 years ago. We were very close initially and then when I got married and moved out my sister became very jealous of me and huge resentments grew on her part due to my life moving forward. My father always assured me that he would always take care of us. Unfortunately when he died he forget that I even existed. He gifted my sister the country house and the city home she, my grandma and mom were living in. There was nothing for me. It was not the value of things that affected me, but rather that I had no existence in his mind. I was so greatly hurt as I loved him so much. I was wondering if he regrets the decision he made as that decision lead to a different path for me in my life and has caused much heart ache for me. I also smell cigarette smoke around me at times to the point that I can barely stand it. I was wondering if it is my father trying to tell me something. Thank you
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