1837. Dear Chris, About 17 years ago I was involved in a single vehicle accident. My car hit some black ice on the highway. I swerved to the right and almost went down an embankment hitting three posts and then it did a 360. At that moment I was thinking that if a tractor trailor was approaching from behind it would surely kill my son and me. Just as those thoughts came across my mind, I could see a huge plastic shield suspended my a large magnet enveloping my svu. My truck turned toward the center median and we went down the median and then up to hit a guard rail which stopped us. My son and I were fine.As we were going down the median my son who at the time was 7 asked if we were going to die. I was not shocked at all, I just calmly answered, "No" We had no injuries, although the truck was a right off. To this day I believe that it was some one from my family who saved us. Those images are still as clear as day in my in mind. What are your thoughts on this? I am the same person who just asked the question about the smell of cigarette smoke being around me. Do you think that it was my father? I also plan to make an appointment with you. I feel that there is a lot going on around me that I can feel but not make sense of. Thanks
1838. Are ouiji boards safe to use if you want to connect with loved ones? or could you open up a portal for unsettled spirits
1839. Can you please tell me who is plucking the guitar string?
1840. A friend of mine, has asked many questions and has been to a private reading, She thinks your wonderful - thru her, I've seen many responses and know how dead on it has been. I am now asking my own question - althought not quite sure if this is a question you can answer or not. I am wondering who surrounds myself, I've came along way since my birth, which I wasn't to survive - chances were extremely low. Beyond that, There is my daughter, whom has health issues that we are still under going testing - her adopted grandma passed a year ago, this woman, was like a 2nd mom to me and my family. I wonder if she is watching over my daughter..and if not, who is...? If so, can they tell you if my little one will be okay?
1841. Hi Chris I had an amazing reading with you thank you so much! I couldn't believe I couldn't get the connection with the bar establishment ! I dont know what i was thinking at the time .I got it on the way home it was a bar in town that my mom and step-dad went to that always went there.We held a memorial karaoke in her honour there at the bar for my mom and we raised $1111.64 this year! And also the 3 weeks that 2 people died it was the abortion and my mom passing ! I bought that tree lol we are planting it today may 17th! thanks again Cindy
1842. Chris...I have questions on determining how my mind received damage. Was I intentionally drugged for a period of time 4-5 years ago that induced choices that now seem completely boggling?
1843. Can Bernie and Bernice help me win big with the Lottery?
1844. dear chris,since my moms passing i am not at peace with her not telling anyone she had such little time left i feel she shut everyone out why?
1845. my daughter asked you who was plucking the guitar string and you said jack. is that my grandfather jack sherman
1846. i am wondering after my moms passing did she come to me in spirit or was i dreaming. i woke up and felt like she was there for real talking to me like she was trying to tell me something.i didnt have the heart to tell her she had passed away and then it left me wondering.
1847. do you believe in orbs? i recently took a video of my 6 year old son dancing and you can clearly see 2 orbs fly through his feet and one across his body. i have showed video to several people who are amazed and have said they are orbs and to contact a medium immediately to review video. any advice?
1848. Hi Chris I was wondering if you could help me ... My first "love" passed away suddenly last year and I see him in my dreams often.. I hadnt seen him since I was a teen but got reacquainted just before he died. Do you think he's trying to contact me? If so, do you know why?
1849. if i call you for a session on the phone will you beable to answer if anyone that has past has a message for me because you tell people that you can't on line
1850. Hi Chris, Let me start by saying I am a firm believer in spirts and life after death. I myself have seen and felt the presence of loved ones, And I alway seemed to sense who it was. My son had a sprit visit him often when he was around the age of 2 yrs to 4 years old. He would go into detail as much as a 2 year old could about "the Man" he would say the man not bad mommy and one time he told me he was shot. I never knew who this was for certain though I think I could no him but I could not figure out the connection with him and my son. When we moved when my son was 4 he did not come with us.. do you have a sense of who this could have been?
1851. Good afternoon Chris. I have written to you prior #1733 and #1650. Now what recently occured is that my father passed away on January 18th in my arms. He looked at me very helplessly. He was such a strong man and his illness took over. I often wonder if my sister (who passed away May 15th 2010) whom took care of him if would he would still be here. I have so much guilt and confussion that both my sister and father passed away and all that is remaining is my Mom. and she has her health issues. There is not a day or hour that goes by that I think of them and wish they were still here. We are blessed with so much and we take advantage of and I wish there was more time to spend time with them, and esically to tell them how much I Love them and now they are gone. I would like to come and have a session and hope there is some closure or even to pt my mind arest. thank you
1852. I am looking forward to my appointment with you in the coming weeks but in the meantime have a question. Would my son want me and my husband to stay together despite our inability to comfort each other after we lost him, or would he understand if it is too painful to go on together? I keep hearing that he is okay where he is but being apart is unbearable. I am told he is sad he is caused us pain with his suffering and dying but I can't help it. Thank you for your help.
1853. Hi Chris, I came to see you almost a year ago and you passed on a prediction. This prediction has not come true. It was very specific and I don't know what to do now. Should I come back for another visit?
1854. Hi Chris I hope you can help me. 5 years ago lost my dad, 3yers ago lost my husband both to cancer. The most devastating loss just 3 months ago my son he was just 21 . Killed by a drunk driver, this is how I received the info about you through MADD. My question is about a month before this terrible tradgedy I kept having dreams about my husband, than my dad, husband dad. This went on for almost 2 weeks every night. The dream that really made me stand up and notice was the dream about my childhood dog buttons. Buttons has been gone for almost 30 years, in this dream he was running up to me licking me and jumping on me so happy to see me. I have never dreamt about buttons before, so when I woke up I said to myself where did this come from. That day I told a freind at work that something bad was going to happen, I said either to me or my mom, my mom has lung cancer. She said Sheila don't talk so silly, but I just had a bad feeling but not once did I ever think my son Ryan. On that fateful night when the police showed up at my door I said its bad isn't it and they said yes. Please can you tell me that my Ryan is okay and all those dreams meant Ryan's family was there to take care of him. I am just so lost in sadness and grief Why so young why my Ry. Why is there so much grief in my life. Thank you Sheila
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