1855. thank-you for answering my question 1849. but even though you seem like you were having a bad day i still want to book an appointment with you. i know you are the real thing. i had alot of my freinds go and see you and they think you are amazing. but next time don't be so hard on people ok. i'm going to call you.
1856. Dear Chris, Hello Chris how are you doing? It is megan again i have already asked you a couple questions about my nanny,son and x boyfriend but now i have something else to ask you. i have recently seen a physic and she has told me things i could not possible beleive. she has told me that my son is coming back to me i am going to have more children but it is going to be him in a girls body can that possible be true.. she has also told me that catlin has not yet crossed over and that he is stuck here because of unfinished business, that he is screaming out to me that he is sorry.... can i beleive that is true and if it is what on eath should i do... my aunt cindy has recently just been there to visit with you and there were things saidn that i dont understand. is my nanny and pappa sid with my son and are they together and happy... i love them ALL so very much and i feel so lost without them here... i just cant seem to go on because i have no closure... i am not at peice with any of it and i am very confused is there anyway you could help me with this i need some help please and thank you love megan
1857. hey chris ,i cant wait til our appointment!my nanny passed last september.Doreen sherman.i cant seem to get over any of the 3 passings that have occured in the past year.knowing there safe may put at me at ease.do u think my nanny is around?
1858. I lost my son in 2009, I want him to know how much I love him and miss him.. Loosing him was the worst for me. I want to know if he knew that i was there with him after he passed away. I wish I would have been there with him.. I want to know that he is ok.
1859. Not a Question... Just wanted to say Thank you! I have never had a conversation with you, nor do I ever wanna have to :) I appreciate that you share your gift with everyone. I have enjoyed one of your shows in Borden and am a friend of your ext family. I sometimes feel when someone passed is with me, and yes I get scared so I probably scare them off :) I have many nightmares that almost paralyze me at the time and I know that it means something... I just read a few of your responses and you don't need to reply to this, because you have already healped me with what I've read, so Thank you Chris!
1860. just responding to your answer from 1855. i knew you were referring it to all readers i was laughing when i read it. anyway i did book a session with you for over the phone oct.19/12 and i can't wait. but if there is any cancellations for any friday please let me know. i did leave a messeage today saying what phone no's you could reach me at. thanks again. i'm enjoying this already.
1861. Hi Chris...just reading that last question I want to say your "Ask Chris" site makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me look deep with-in myself and question my attitudes and actions, it provides a great service to the masses on many levels and I know I have grown and learned from the questions and answers and want to be a kinder, gentler person to myself and my loved one's while I am here in this life. I tell everyone who will listen and (even those you know who are really not) what a great site it is and how much it has given me comfort in coping with the loss of my loved ones in knowing they are still there with me. Your honesty, humour and ability to connect with those in spirit is a remarkable gift that I feel truly honoured that you share with us your readers. I beleive you have the making for another book here in the material from this "Ask Chris" section. I loved the "Bernie and Bernice" question. and your answer. Your answer made me giggle all day long each time I thought of it...and still does. Looking forward to my appt coming up soon. Thank-you for what you do. BJB
1862. Hi Chris, I was hoping you had some insight to share about this whole Dec. 21st 2012 thing? It actually gives me quite the anxiety and I want to have another baby but not if the world is going to end, haha...eek! Thanks Chris.
1863. Hi Chris, I realize this question has nothing to do with a deceased person, but I am hoping you will get some sort of feeling about my question. If not, no worries, I am just feeling a bit defeated about this whole situation. I have been to a few doctors through the years to try and figure out why I feel like crap a lot of the time. They never seem to find a source for my discomfort, yet I still feel blah. There has to be a reason? Any ideas? I truly appreciate your time and effort Chris. Thank you!
1864. hi again i'm the one from question 1849 and 1855. but i just was reading 1857 and realized that it was my daughter and i started to cry. i didn't know that she was taking everything so hard. i hope you will beable to ease her mind because i love her. i can't wait for our session oct.19 as well. thanks again
1865. Good evening Chris I would like to know if my husband is still around me, my mom is very sick and I was wondering if she going to be leaving us soon,, she has become so much weaker lately, I know she will be with my dad and husband and I hope they will be waiting for her but I just dont want to see her suffer anymore,, I know she is very stubborn., I also want to saymu are a amazing man and have given me great support after my husband had past,,, thank you,
1866. Hi Chris: It is so hard to understand the belief that we choose our lives when I would do anything to have my child back with me. It is worse than anything imaginable and it is hard to think that I chose this. During all the challenges we faced over the course of our marriage I would say to my husband, 'at least the children are safe, we will get through this, nothing else matters' only to have one child taken from me. The suffering he endured was unspeakable. My whole life I knew something bad would happen to my family but never imagined it would be as bad as this. Did I cause this by attracting it?
1867. Is a phone reading just as accurate as a live one or does a live one give better results?\ Thank You
1868. Hi Chris, I am writing in response to your answer for question 1863, Wow! I definitely have been dealing with mild depression and hormonal imbalances, and you just nailed it right on the head. I will focus my attention on these two areas for better health. You are the real deal! Thank you Chris!
1869. My boyfriend passed away suddenly and apparently a box was left at our house and i am unable to find it, can you help me?Suzanne
1870. Have you ever been given any idea of what our loved ones "do" after they pass. My Dad was always on the go till the day he died, I believe he is with me everyday, but I can't quite picture what he "does" Just wondered if in any of your readings you have been told. Hope this makes sense!
1871. MY cat just got hit by a car and I was wondering if he was okay and/or happy right now. Also I may have been given a sign earlier. About a day ago I found a dime right beside the string I used to play with him with. Then another where he always used to sleep. Before this happened my mom used to tell me that money will appear in places when you are caring about someone on the other side, is this ligit?. Finally if I learn how to do what you do will I be able to see him? My name is Devin and I am 13 years old.
1872. chris you have helped a couple of times, i have gone passed depression..i do not even know this place, it has been almost a year now , that my husband left, you said i am better with out him..and i am sure you are rite..however my heart is still broken, and i can not do this much longer lauren
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