1873. Hello Chris: I have found your Q & A so helpful! I hope I am not asking a repeat question, so here goes! If a child does not know he is dying, then how is he feeling as he crosses over? Was I wrong to keep this from him? He was so young and so attached to me, I was so afraid that he would be scared about leaving. I did not want him to fight to stay and suffer more, although I have to admit when he died I would have done anything to prevent this finality. Does he miss his body? I know that the moment he died he was no longer in it, but the attachment I feel to his little person was very confusing when I witnessed the changes that happened after he died. Imagine being frightened by your own child's body, another way I let him down I suppose. I guess I just miss his hands, his smell, his hair, and the sound of his voice. Does he miss the physicality of the world as well? It is hard to reconcile the silence when we once had a house so full of presence. What does he make of the changes in the way he can communicate? Is he frustrated when we don't feel him? Thank you for this opportunity, again it is very helpful.
1874. Hi Chris Is there heaven and hell? I've been brought up Catholic and raised that if you do good you go to heaven and if you're bad, you go to hell. After reading your messages, it doesn't seem that that's the case. In other words, the bad and the good are together? Do we not get to meet our "maker"?
1875. Is it safe to use the ouija board?
1876. Hello Chris I am wondering if you know what this means? I was sleeping early this morning and I woke up to a loud knocking sound at my door but no one was their!It woke me right out of my sleep And last week sometime I dreamed about a flock of birds banging into the window?? I am wondering is this a bad sign or if someone will die? thanks just curious!!!
1877. do you know who is turning the lamp on at my daughters house.
1878. Hi Chris, Do you believe that our dreams can tell us things, or perhaps see into the future? I have been having some dreams lately that appear to be doing just that, sort of. I have dreams about my friends deceased mother who really doesn't give me any insight into the future or anything but will talk about things that had happened to her when she was living. I ask my friend if these things actually happened to her mother and she confirmed that they had. Weird eh. I was not even close to her mother, so how/why would this come up in my dreams? Thanks Chris, I Love your site.
1879. There is a case in the news here about a couple who were murdered and the brother of one of the deceased who was a
1880. Hi Chris I had the wonderful opportunity to read your book and it was absolutely amazing, but it has left me with a couple of question. If I need to come see you that would be fine to, but it will ask: Does everyone have spirit guides and how do we find out who they are. Also is there any other books out there that i could read explaining how chakra's work Thanks Debbie
1881. What is the best way to fully know if I am living the life that I was meant to live? I feel very blessed at having had a good childhood, two beautiful children (the marriage ended - but I embraced the gifts that were borne out of it through my kids) and have a good job and have had great career opportunities. I sometimes had to forego careers I would have liked to have had, because I had to support my children myself as my ex was not contributor financially (and it wasn't worth the fight for me). Now that they are grown and both in university and my financial situation is in a much better place, I have a yearning to do more for others. I have done a lot of volunteer work to nurture that part of me, and also meditate at night and ask for guidance in living my 'best' life as well as for direction. My career affords the financial rewards, but isn't necessarily fulfilling in terms of service to others. I quit nursing years ago to take on more executive type roles to support us, and wonder if I need to go back to it - or let things happen organically and when the opportunity arises - accept it? Is there a way to validate the path one is on? Thank you - I think you are wonderful and love the insight, integrity and honesty that you have put in to answering all of these questions. Thank you for sharing your gift.
1882. I lost my dad in 1975 I was devastaded and to this day havent been to his grave because i feel he is not there.Could you tell me if he is alright and tell him I love him very much and wished he didnt go What was he thinking shortly after he passed?Is he at peace now. Tell him I saw him come see me shortly after his passing and still listen to his advise and calming words in my dreams I havent heard from him in ahwil at least not that i know of and would like to know if he is still with me Thankyou so much
1883. Hello Chris l was wondering if you have a age you would recommend for a child to see a medium my mother passed away in 2009 and my child spent months helping to look after her grandmother and she seems to have a hard time allowing herself to feel her grand mother is ok would you think that 15 is to young to experience this
1884. Chris, my cousin and I met with you last week, aka Thelma and Louise...little joke made by you. I was absolutely and completely pleased with my reading even though it seemed like I was getting in S...t alot. It validated alot for me and has given me a renewed sense of strength in helping me become a strong person and set limits.....I'm still a little confused though on the suicide statement for my friend Brian. I asked once I got home how he actually died. They tell me his liver burst and died from internal bleeding. Do I think he wanted to die, yes. Do I think he could have helped himself to solve the medical issue better so he wouldn't die, yes I do. Would that be classed as a form of suicide? Thank you once again...I feel such a strong sense of thanks towards you.
1885. Hey Chris -- Terry Lynn here. I have had various situations in readings and energy work where my nutrition, circulation, and lack of self-care have been brought up, once specifically by my spirit guides, one of which was specific about nutrition. This has happened over a couple of years. I just went through a health skirmish with cellulitis, and I'm thinking that might have been the proverbial "smack upside the head" that we get when we don't pay attention to signs, or in my case, direct messages. What do you think? Would our spirit guides not-so-gently redirect us if we were totally disregarding what's good for us ? (p. s. turns out my sugar is high & needs to be dealt with, which was the cause of, then the delay in healing) Toodles, TL always a pleasure
1886. Hi Chris I was wondering if my father is supportive in my decision to return to a different province with my fiance and 2 children? Thank you
1887. Hi Chris, My husband and I went to see you about a month or so ago and you had mentioned that you see me moving up in a company or occupation. You even said that I would potentially skip a level and move to some sort of management position. Now I figure that you probably do not remember what we talked about, understandably, but would you maybe have a feeling about this or possibly be able to tell me if this business could be along the lines of a direct selling company? I truly appreciate this Chris. Thanks so much.
1888. Thankyou soo much in answering my question 1882.You have validated what I have known all along that my dad is still with me.Your advise is well taken.I will talk with my heart and already did and felt my dad with me.Thanks a million.
1889. Hi Chris, I just wanted to know if my twins that I think I have just lost made it to heaven with my father?? Thank you
1890. Thank you Chris for answering my question in 1886. I guess I phrased my question wrong. My fiance is the bio father of our children...we're just living common-law. Thank you for your honest answer.
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