1891. Dear Chris, My dad passed in 1998 of lung cancer. He collapsed at the kitchen table when the tumor broke. I was only 20 yrs old at the time. I sat on the floor holding one of his legs. Did he know that I was there with him during his final moments and did he have anything he wanted to say to me? I inherated his gold chain after his passing which means a lot to me. Thank you.
1892. hello i wanted to ask you if your mother can do the same thing you can. because in 1981 i went to alliston to this big beautiful house and the lady told my fortune, i can't remember what it was she did but she taped the whole thing for me. i lived in toronto at the time. but in 2003 my work was moving and i wasn't sure that i would go with them. for some reason i came across that tape and i played it. she had said that we should move to a smaller city and we would be alot happer there. she said maybe kitchener waterloo cambridge. well that made my mind up because my work was going to cambridge and we are happer here. so 9 years has passed and this weekend i pulled the tape out again and listened to it. i was surprised again the things it mentioned was unreal all the things happened. if this was your mother i thank her alot she has helped me make alot of good choices since 1981.
1893. Hi, I would like to know if anyone from the spirit world is trying to get a message to me. I used to have the ability to speek with the departed but have lost this special gift. I do not know why I can no longer communicate with loved ones passed on but wish I could. Thank you.
1894. Hi Chris. My son and I recently attended your fundraiser in Lisle. You had directed a bunch of communications towards the back of the room where we were. Some of the things you relayed made sense with bits and pieces of the deaths of 3 or 4 different deaths surrounding us as of late, but nothing really connected personally or directly. After about a 1/2 hr or our racking our brains trying to figure this out and trying to help you with this, you asked the group one more time if any of it made sense to anyone else, and an older gentleman sitting closer to the front finally spoke up and said he understood everything you had said, including names. My son looked at me and asked why didn't he speak up earlier? This man caused my son and I a good deal of torment in not speaking up earlier. It also would have helped you to make the connections sooner and we might have had time for others to come through as well. It was a very frustrating experience for us, not because we had any expectations or dyer hopes to hear from someone, but because someone would have us raked over the coals like this, all the time knowing what was really going on. At that point, I wanted to walk out, but my son dissagreed so we stayed til the end. I want to apologize on behalf of this individual for putting us all through this as I'm sure he did not, and I hope for the sake of others who attend your events that this does not happen often. Thank you.
1895. Hi Chris My husbands mom has been passed since may 7th of 1985! I am just wondering if u pick up anything when you read this question!Their family has never been the same since she passed away! thanks
1896. Hi Chris I just wanted to tell you that I just finished reading your book Pennies From Heaven and have enjoyed it very much. Reading the stories of other people's readings was giving me goosebumps! Two strange things came up though when reading your book. First of all, when reading about your guides Grey Owl and Gabriel, I immediately realized that I have heard of Grey Owl before but cannot put my finger on where I have heard about him. This seems very strange to me but at the same time very familiar. Secondly, during the few days it took me to read your book, my friend advised me that a friend of hers whom I only know to see her was asking about me and said she knew my husband from attending school concerts when our kids were younger. My husband passed away 6 years ago. While he was alive he might have attended 2 concerts at the most. This was very strange to me as he was not a person that stood out in a crowd. Anyways, I just want to thank you for all the good work you do for others. I am looking forward to another meeting in the near future with you and hope that you will be willing to autograph my copy of your book. Take care. Kim
1897. Chris I came to see you on Tuesday June 12th. You mentioned to me that a person came through on my level who had died from cardiac arrest and the letters were DR....possibily Darren or Derrick but then you said not Derrick.....for the life of me I could not think of anyone I knew who had died from a heart attack at my level. The person's name came up four times within minutes you said. Well today driving down the road it just hit me. I beleive the person that came through was my doctor who died from cardiac arrest suddenly last summer. His name was Doctor R. (I won't say his full name here for his families privacy) but I am sure that is who it must have been and he is close to my age. Now I am feeling bad that I did not know who it was at the time because if he came through he must have wanted to say something to me for his family. Do you remember if he tried to say anything....I know it is well after the fact. I have listened to my cd several times and each time I realize how much my Mom who came through was trying so hard with everything she talked about to really validate for me that it was really her with the situations she talked about. I feel so truly blessed to be able to talk once again with my Mom through you who past in Dec. I will always miss her physical presence in my life but it truly helps knowing that she is never really far away and continues to know about my life. Thank-you again for what you do and the sincerity in how you do it. BJB
1898. I have recently read
1899. Because my spouse is a skeptic, will those who passed on come to me with messages for him if I came to see you solo? I understand that only those who want to come will, and they would know our relationship but has it happened before?
1900. Dear Chris, My boyfriend passed away 5 years ago, leaving me devastated. However I know I was a bad girlfriend because I was struggling with my self-esteem and confidence thinking I didn't deserve to have a boyfriend so I constantly pushed him away and made excuses. I feel like crap because I really did love him but I was 18-19 and didn't know how to deal with a real relationship. I have had numerous dreams about him where he is talking to me and hugging me and think of him often but I am afraid that now that he has passed he knows everything I was doing with pushing him away and might be angry at me and think I didn't really care about him. I have wanted to go to a session with you for awhile since my aunt told me about you but I am so afraid that he will come through and be disappointed. Would his spirit be angry and confrontational or am I being stupid. It has been 5 years and while I have tried to move on I compare everyone to him and think he would be angry. I loved him and I just don't know how to feel or think anymore. Sorry if this is jumbled but it has taken me a lot to confront these feelings and questions.
1901. just wanted to know what my spirit guides name is?
1902. Hi Chris I went to see a physic many years ago. We all had a clensing done when we were there. While I was sitting in the chair I had a strange sensation run through my body and at that same moment the physic said 'relax, your spirit is moving from your body'. Almost immediately after that I felt another strange sensation as if it had returned. If this was my spirit leaving, why did that happen?
1903. Hi Chris I often seem to look at the time when the clock reads 11:11. I think it could be one of my family members who have passed on. I always smile when this happens. Are you able to tell me who it actually is? Paulette
1904. During sleep, I am
1905. Thanks Chris, for the response to 1904. I apologize that my question was too short to convey the emotional element that these visits bring to me. I think I ask you simply for validation this is real. These dreams and experiences I've been having are relatively new in the past few of years. I was once told as a teenager that my life here on earth wouldnt begin until I hit 40 and I would understand why. A few years ago, after a bad miscarriage, I "dreamt" I was in a dark room surrounded by many faceless shapes of light. I was with someone, I'm guessing my guide. Out of the shapes of light, appeared a naked child. A small girl with long dark hair about 2 or 3. I asked who she was and why could I see her so clearly. I was told she my daughter and she was waiting to "come back" to me so I needed to stop grieving and get physically well for her to return. 2 months later I was pregnant and I just knew it was her. Every time I look at my daughter, now 4...with her long dark hair flowing down her back...I am in awe of that dream. I have spoken to you before about "electrical" sensations before falling asleep and hearing voices during - specifically my grandmother who I dream of 2-3 times a week. As far as this girl visiting me, I had a similar experience 2 years ago when another local boy passed that I did not know. About 6 times, while in stores, I'd randomly just "think" of him...then turn the corner to see his mom. I'd "feel" almost a panic of emotion as I couldnt approach her and I felt terrible, letting him down somehow. The emotion would stay with me for hours - somewhat exhausting. I am guessing he gave up on me as it's not happened for awhile. I don't have confidence to convey this to strangers as I'm still trying to validate this myself. I've read all of Rosemary's books and they have helped. In the meantime, I will try to figure out how to discreetly convey this girls well-being to her parents. As a mom, I can't imagine their pain and I know I'd want to hear if this was my child. Thanks Chris - hope to come see you soon! There may be a flurry of spirit waiting lol.
1906. Hi Chris, I love love your site and find it very informative and comforting. My question is pretty simplistic, but I feel I need to ask for help, if you can offer any. I currently work from home and am really unhappy in my present situation. I honestly feel lost and alone even though I have a great husband and family. I don't know where to turn or what to do to change my present circumstances. I try meditating in the hopes that some clarity will come and some insight might be presented to me, but it doesn't seem to work. I just wish I had a direction in life to take so that I could focus my attention on that and get me out of this rut. Would you happen to have any pointers for me as to how/what I should/could be doing to find my "purpose" or direction in life? It truly feels awful to not know what I should be doing in this life. That's a lot to drop on you Chris, but any insight is valuable to me. Thanks so much.
1907. Hi Chris: My Mom is in a nursing facility and has been there for aprox. 2 1/2 years. I am pleased she is there, however, I know she would like to come home with me. I see here at least twice per week,bring her home when I can (although it is difficult due to her mobility). The last few visits she has told me she wants to go home to be with my Dad and Brother. One statement she told me "Iam going home next year to be with your Dad. Do you feel she is preparing me for her departure, and do you think that she knows whats going to happen? Another question I have to ask, just two days ago I lost my last family pet, she died in my home. Do you believe that dogs go over and experience an after life as well. Thanks
1908. Hi Chris, I just wanted to say Thank You for your heart felt response to my question 1906. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to answer questions and give some much needed advice. Thank you!
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