1909. Hi Chris, I know your not fortune teller,but I have a two year old daughter that hasn't met her birth father his choice. It has been bothering me lately that he is not in her life. she is going through a lot in her life. Just wondering if you got any vibes that there will be contact down the road? Thank you! CG
1910. Chris: Just wondering, When here on earth some of us enjoy long and beautiful love relations. However, when one person passes, and the other left here on earth finds new love and relationships, what happens when we finally pass? Even though our first relations were beauiful, some of us are fortunate enough to enjoy a second. When we reunite do we all still love one another. Hope you can understand what I am asking. Thanks
1911. Why doesn't life make sense? I've been following this site for awhile now and you have answers for most questions... So I thought I'd ask if you know why everything have to be so hard in this world? Why do we have to die to get all answers? How can I trust that there is something to look forward to? (That we will get to be with our creator and loved ones who have died.)Why can't this crazy world we have to struggle through just stop and we all be at peace finally?
1912. Thank you to Question #1907, my 7 year old dog was killed last week and I have been missing her so much, it is so reassuring to read that she is o.k. I realize that grieving for a pet does not compare to the pain of grieving a human, but it still hurts. Thanks Chris, I read your letters every day!
1913. Hello Chris: I am a true believer of life after death. As you say, energy never dies. My youngest grandchild who is not yet two, and who does not yet speak well, seems to be laughing and speaking (in his way) to someone or something. He laughs out loud waves and makes body language . The other night my daughter said she woke up to hear him chatting away in his crib (usually he would be crying if he woke during the night). I believe he sees or hears someone, and is relating to someone who has passed, or that someone from the past is talking with him. Do you believe this is possible? Thanks
1914. Hello chris,I was wondering if you could tell me about gary ,I no their is more too it,they are not telling me,would be much appricated,just anything,thank you Elaine
1915. Chris , my husband has been gone for a year & a half . I was told that someone I don't know went in their shed & a man was standing there. she told what she had seen & my friend showed her a picture of my husband & she said that was the man she had seen . I don't know what to make of this .I'm troubled with this . Sue
1916. HI,its Bonnie Green here.i would like to know if there is a spirit in my home.?
1917. Hello Chris! I am absolutely fascinated with things beyond practicality - or what can be perceived as "practicality" - and would love to get a reading from you. Unfortunately, I'm only 16, and have been told by others that I must be 18 to get a reading. Is this true? If so, why? Would it be possible to get a reading if in the accompaniment of an adult?
1918. I have two questions, one from my mother, the other from myself. First, do deceased patients at funeral homes try to communicate with and follow funeral directors? possible for their spirit to follow that employee home? Second, what, for lack of a better word, are our souls prior to birth?
1919. My goodness, I cannot cease asking questions! I just submitted three, but I hope you don't mind if I asked a few more: First, exactly how do the soul and physical brain mesh? That is, are our souls dependent on our brains to think, or are they totally individual? Second, assuming the time and space continuem is finite, what lies beyond it? Do you believe the universe is much larger, equal to, or much smaller than we imagine? Is there a specific reason why we can only see things through an individual perspective? Are we more omnipresent after we pass, that is to say? Finally, (phew, I know) do morals and beliefs play any part in our destination after death? Is each person's (or soul's) path individual?
1920. Is it possible for souls, mainly those of past loved ones, to read minds? And, though this is a rather general question, why did the soul of every being on Earth choose to come to Earth? Are there and infinite amount of other souls that have willingly gone other places throughout the universe? Why are souls supposedly living, thinking, and feeling "beings"? That is, how and why did they develop this way? Do inanimate objects (everything from desks to stars) have unique, albeit "repressed" souls? And do you believe in past lives? Why do we seem to forget the events of them, assuming this theory is true?
1921. My grandfather died several years before I was born, yet once when a family member went to another psychic it was declared (or at least assumed) that he was/is always with me. Though I am not expecting an elaborate answer, I must at least get a vague idea as to whether or not he approves of me. I am aware of my lack of ambition, or rather, my fear of imperfection and uncertainty of being able to move forward. How does he feel?
1922. Hi Chris A question for you .Does it take a lot of energy for the spirit to make their appearance to people to see them and if they appear numerous times does that mean they are not happy? My mom passed away in 2011 and has appeared 3 times to her best friend since she passed away and once that my husband seen of her just recently !
1923. Well my sister took her own life 10 years ago, it is still very difficult, but tonight it seemed she came to me and said "let it go" twice. I don't know if it was her, but it seem like it was, how do I know, this is the first this happen. Did I actually let her come through, this is so hard.
1924. How do we become more
1925. Hi Chris: When you have a dream of a loved on who has passed, is it true that they are actually communicating with you through your subconscious?
1926. Hi Chris I have had a couple of reading from you and will say you are AMAZING just this weekend had family and friends over and we talked about you one of my friends has even gone and see you personally.Well my question is for awhile now I get the cold feel on my left side on my back and its nothing medical I was wondering if it could be a loved one if so would you know?Thank you
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