1927. hi there. i have an appointment with you in oct. for a reading over the phone and i would like to know if i am supposed to call you right at 10 when my appointment starts or should i call 15 min. earlyer. also which phone no. should i use. thanks again and i can't wait til oct.
1928. Hi Chris...I have recently bombarded you with inquiries (from 1917-1919 plus a few that have not been responded to as of now), most of which I knew going in were impossible to answer concretely. While I cannot apologize for asking any of them (for one because each was deliberate, and because I'm already too apologetic) I would like to THANK YOU greatly for sharing your theories. You are truly brilliant! P.S: Thank you for confirming that I am of age to get a reading from you. I look forward to it!
1929. Hi Chris: I am 39 years old and my father passed when I was just 15. He died at home with me and it was the most traumatic event in my life. I felt responsible for a long time and during my teen years I experienced great grief and depression. I would like to know if he knows what I went through and if he has ever visited me.
1930. Hi Chris, I got my mother a reading for her birthday. As soon as I got home from work I listened to the CD and it was amazing some of the things you mentioned. It brought tears to my eyes the accuracy of the reading and hearing things I know my grandma and grandpa would say. You knew that my grandfather's nick name was "ass" (in a joking way) I asked my grandparents everyday for the past few months to come through during the reading and mention me so I could know they can see me and hear me but they never mentioned me at all? Why wouldn't they do this small favour for me? Also you mentioned someone walking in to see a man on the floor face down between a door and a bed and no one is there when this happens; someone finds him after. and the man you described fits the description of my stepdad completely and you said my grandfather who came through was trying to say his name (Gene). Is this a warning? I cant think about anything else. I guess I just want to know is this inevitable? I am actually afraid to leave him alone now. Hoping this gets answered.
1931. My first born child passed almost 1 year ago, after fighting Cancer for close to 13 years. She was going to a "Medical Spa" to help her feel better while she battled her fight. It was very expensive. Her biological father showed NO interest or didn't have contact with her as she grew up. She too, felt rejected by him, for not wanting to know her. He paid no child support. I didn't ask, and he never offered. As a last resort to help her, I called on him for help with her treatments. He told me that he would give me some financial help, and drop it off to me 3 days later. To this day...I am still waiting!! She was a very proud and stubburn girl, and would be SO angry with me for going to him for help. I need to know if she has accepted that I needed to try everything I possably could to help her. Also, does she still dispise him for his absence in her life.
1932. I am at a point in my life where I have made lots of changes and am wondering about what's next for me. I asked my father to stand by me when I had to gather the strength to make these changes and I felt he was with me. I am wondering if he has any messages for me at this point in time?
1933. Hi Chris: I would like to Thank you for answering my question (1929). I am seriously considering a reading with you and would like to know if getting a reading will help make things clearer for me in some way? I don't know if you have ever felt like your life has no path, but that is kind of how I am feeling. I am venturing into new things and am not sure if this is the direction I should be going, or if I am to continue down the path I was originally on. Can a reading help me with this? Again, Thank you kindly for all that you do. I can see you get a lot of questions, and I see that your responses are at times very lengthy and one would assume that it must be very time consuming also. You are a wonderful person to reach out to so many people the way you do. Have a wonderful day :)
1934. I saw your show about a dead chris but there is no dead chris and you are a fake you will be tested by the arch angel Micheal for the truth of your deception to innocent spending money on lies from you and others who are being hunted down for descredit. Ariyenne
1935. Hi Chris, For many years I have the sensation and see profiles of people around my bed. I am so used to them that there is a comfort to having them there and they don't bother me at all. I also have dreams that have served as prophecies of sorts (nothing major - birth predictions, pregnancies and other events). My hubby has not really had a lot of encouonters although he is often visited in his dreams by his brother who passed away 5 years ago to cancer. He has been trying to tune in to his brother in his dreams but ends up recognizing that he has passed and then wakes up. On Sunday night - I had awoke at 2:24 am - the room was lit bright and I could see a man standing beside me - fully clothed and saw all of his features etc. I was shocked initially (thinking it was an intruded in my room?) and when I realized it was a visitation of some kind - was scared and told him to go away. The next morning - my hubby told me he dreamt that he saw a bereavement card with his mother's name on it (she is still with us but 88 years old) and he saw on the card the date of Feb 3 2013. The next frame of his dream, he saw his mother in the bathroom and went to touch her, but she disintegrated in front of his eyes, with only her robe left on the floor, which soon too, disintegrated. Because his father was 59 when my hubby was born.... he has been passed for some time. I told him what the visitor looked like, and he told me it looked like his father...... So, now we are wondering if the visitation combined with his dream - was some kind of premonition? We also usually go to our place in Florida in Feb... so am wondering if it was a sign that we should not go this year? Thanks for any insight you can provide. I really believe the two are connected some how. AS
1936. Have a friend and she says she has a spirit that follows her. Trying to touch her all the time and in the wrong way. She has lost so much weight as she has trouble sleeping as well as doing every day tasks. This started four years ago and can not find anyone to help her. Even the church. They say they can sence the spirit but they do not seem to be able to understand it. Is there any way to help her?
1937. hello chris! i have heard a lot about you and your services. when did u first start mediating?
1938. have the spirits ever told you what heaven is like? or if there IS a heaven? what happens exactly after you die???
1939. I feel like there are spirits in our house. People have seen flashes of something running up and down the stairs and a full body fiqure. can you help me with this. thanks
1940. Our daughter passed when she was only 18 days old. Is it possible for you to communicate with her?
1941. I notice you offer a group session rate. Is this specifically for people who have the same people in their lives that they would like to come through or is this for individual readings?
1942. Hi, Chris. I have one question: do you believe it could be possible to access information on one's past lives via the subconscious? That is, through hypnosis. I have a hunch that it might be, but I'm eager to hear your opinion, if you don't mind. Thanks~
1943. I am the stepmother to three active, lovely children. I would love to know if I am doing alright according to their mommy in heaven?
1944. Hi Chris Do you know of any seances that will be held in Ontario around Halloween? Thank you
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