1945. Before becoming a medium did you believe in spirits?
1946. What is your favourite thing about being a medium? Is there anythings that you dislike?
1947. Hello Chris, A dear friend's 14 year old son was killed recently in a head on collision with a truck. I want to comfort her but I don't know how open she is to things. For example, her tv signal started messing up & my first thought was her son was doing it to let her know he was ok, but I am afraid to tell her because it might hurt her more. I had heard that sometimes people who have been killed in accidents don't know that they are dead & might not go to the light right away. Is this the case with her son? I want to comfort her by telling her he has gone into the light, but I don't really know. I have asked my mom (who crossed over 10 years ago) to help him. Do you think she heard me? Thanks so much.
1948. Hi Chris. Do you have private teachings of mediumship? I am a psychic medium but I know I can improve tremendously.
1949. Hi Chris I had just seen you in Blyth on Sept 23 I'm the same girl who spoke to you about the dreams I had with my father and the tornado's. When you finished your session you had apologized that you didn't get to do more readings for people, but I have to tell you that I have recieved messages on the same day of seeing you. On the way home I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a couple of things and this nagging feeling came over me to pick up these AAA batteries, I had plans to do that earlier but decided to wait till I came home from Blyth that day to pick them up. But the feeling to really get these batteries was stronger after. Well I got everything from Wal-Mart and was off for home. On my way home I have 4 sets of street lights to go through the first three were all green as I rounded a bend coming to the fourth set of lights I said thanks for the last three green lights mom or dad, let's see if we can do a fourth which I highly doubt would happen. Well here if the darn light didn't switch from red to green before I got to it and I'm shaking my head thinking did this just happen? I never hit 4 green lights in a row like that. I've lived in Goderich since 1990 and that's never happened to me before. Well I got home sat down in front of my laptop jiggled the mouse to get the pointer working and nothing happened, so I picked up the mouse to inspect it and the red light on the bottom was out...the batteries died. Thank goodness I listened to my intuition about getting those batteries earlier. This morning I went down to wait for the mail and I started to read the first chapter of your book "Pennies From Heaven" and on the radio came on the song by Dire Straits Walk Of Life. I looked at the speaker with a smile on my face and shook my head again and said you've got to be kidding me. My mother loved that song when she was alive and would dance and bop to it everytime she heard it. I believe that my loved ones wanted to dial a direct message to me and all I can say is message well recieved, It's all thanks to you Chris that now I don't see things as just a coincidence or that it's just all in my head. You have a very special gift Chris and thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing that gift with us. Sandra PS as I post this I'm listening to Dire Straits Walk of Life.
1950. I see small group readings offered, I live in Kitchener and don't suppose you would consider coming to Kitchener and do a few readings for friends out of my home?Laura
1951. Chris, I lost my son 6 weeks ago. A message from my son after he passed away that he never been in this human life before and he only needed to be here for a short period of time. He is now an angel. I am confused.. I hope the message is truth from my son.. Please help me. Thank you!
1952. HELLO Chris, I have been to your seminars and also ahve your book. The other night i had a dream i think that a accident happened it came as my son today we ahve heard a lady in my office is son was killed i am just wondering could this be what i saw? thanks again for all that you do you are truly a great person.
1953. Could you please tell me who my mom is with? She passed away five years ago..
1954. Hi chris i would like to know if my husband has any thing to say to me, and my boys
1955. I am going through a very difficult time right now, will it change?
1956. Chris I need some closure its been 5 years and I am interested in possibly making an appointment with hyou I need to hear some certain things so I can feel okay and move forward Elicia
1957. Hi Chris My friend from India just recently lost his mother, if he came for a reading would language be a barrier as his Mom didn't speak english?
1958. Is it possible that my 3 year old child is feeling some kind of spirit ? He is a perfectly happy child during the day, but he is a disaster at nights crying periodically and not getting enough sleep. All his medical test results have come back normal. He also does not seem to have a recollection of what happens to him at night. His weight gain and height gain are so slow and doctors cannot seem to figure out the reason. Am I even in the right path seeking your help ?
1959. I feel lost without my friend who has stabbed me in the back so many times. I have not been the best friend are we going to work this out or just move on. Do you feel I need more time to be with my spirits? Rose
1960. Good evening, Chris. I have two questions. First, do you believe souls are indestructible? That is to say, unfazed by phenomena like black holes (if they happened to approach one) or the potential destruction of the universe. Second, would those born with prodigious skill - be it in something like piano, math, art, etc. - be blessed randomly, or is it the result of excelling in their given field in a past life? Or did they happen to choose their ability between lives, assuming we have the power to do so (map out our lives, that it). Thank you very much!
1961. Hi Chris, last year I took quite a loss when I lost my mother to cancer on new years eve, then seven months later i lost my grandfather, whom was like a father to me. My mom has come to me in my dreams three times, one time she was crying and one time trying to hug me but disappeared before i could get to her. I don't understand what she was trying to do, and with my grandfather he hasn't given me any signs what so ever and I ask for a sign but nothing, does that mean he didn't cross over. I know its probably silly to think but i was hoping
1962. Chris, I need serious help! I've had 2 experiences with messages that I was
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