181. Hello Chris, My name is Julie I came to your seminar on Saturday 30th April, with my aunt Pam Davidson. While there you asked us to use colours in our mediation(moveing through the rainbow)Please could you tell me again what significance each colour has and in which way it can help (when you wear) May I take this opportunity to thank you for a very enjoyable exerience. Best Regards Julie Davies.
182. Hi Chris. It's Louise, Marlene's friend. I'm trying to find directions to Lillyville, NY. It's a town of mediiums, spiritualists, psychics, healers, etc. I cann't seem to find it anywhere. I'm not sure I have the spelling correct either. Hope you can help. I understand you're doing really well now. I'm so happy for you. Take care.
183. Hi Chris, My husband and I are looking at buying a home...however, we are concerned because the owner committed suicide in the home about two months ago...and now the house is for sale. He was a very nice man but went through a tragic depression and committed suicide. We are wondering if his spirit will remain in the home? Should we be concerned? Will bad energy fill the home because he took his own life? Thanks in advance for your feedback!
184. Hi Chris, I just wanted to send you a belated THANK YOU for the wonderful seminar that Wendy King and I attended last Saturday. I so enjoyed hearing your philosophies and pearls of wisdom about the other side and our relationship with it. I did have one question though. When we meditated and you took us for a little
185. Dear Chris: I have always been a firm believer in the life thereafter and love talking to others who believe in the same...That is how I got your name. My question is this: I have alot of turmoil in my life right now and I an anxious to know how things will play out. Will a session with you help me? That is, do I need to speak with my spirit guide or will you have a "knowing" without anyone from the other side coming through? Thanks, Lorraine
186. 19. Can you see the departed? Or is it always comunication only? Pat
187. I have had a spiritual reader tell me my husband will be dead in two years, I scared also there is a cardinal female trying to get in our house has been since March, does this mean something. You have had my two sisters in your office and done a reading for them Bonnie and Doris Donna
188. My brother has been missing for almost six years which has left my family with the unknowing if he is dead or alive. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him and pray for his safety. A friend who has met with you recently suggested that I get in contact with you, which is funny because I have seen your ads and have thought about it for a while. My only problem is that I have lived with the unknowing of his whereabouts for so long that I am scared to know the truth. Do you have any advice to help me get through each passing day. I need some reassurance that someday he will come home.
189. Chris;the other day i was walking down the hallway in the building i live in and all of a sudden a breeze went by me and i stopped dead in my tracks was my beloved husband trying to get my attention and tell me something or not
190. As far as reincarnation goes when the soul goes on to his/her next life time...can they still come through as the way they were in the last life? Is this possible being in the physical and the beyond?
191. Hi Chris,My wife and I had a reading early in the year and we both enjoyed it very much,thank-you.Can you tell me Chris,when you rcv a message and you see/feel a time period for a event to happen and you are given the feeling that it is in the
192. I am 66 years old, was born in Germany. My mother died 61 years ago, and I feel I never got to know her and missed her all my life. If you were able to contact her, how would you know what she is relating, she did not speak English. Thank you for the opportunity to ask. I.S.
193. When someone commits suicide do they give the reason?
194. Thanks again for the great meeting June 23. One thing I need to say is I feel you have some conflict over this incredible gift you have, and being paid well to use it. I want you to think about this. Surgeons help people, so do Lawyers, Dentists, etc. Don't ever feel like you don't deserve to be well paid for the incredible help you provide. The more money you make, the more you can expand and do, to help more people. I appreciate the 3 for price of 2 discount, but please do yourself a favour and realize the value you are giving! Gary Heaslip. P.S. Doctors, Lawyers, and Dentists are all well paid and you deserve to be as well!
195. Can a spirit immediately travel into the body of a living human once their body expires?
196. Hello Chris, I just read your answer to question #202 and was very surprised to read that a spirit can pass through your body. I say this because I have had that exact experience with my departed father. I was walking down the hallway of our home and he was coming straight towards me and as I walked along I felt his spirit pass right through me . It was the most eery and at the same time the most wonderful experience . I had no idea anyone else ever felt this . Thank you so much for mentioning this in your answer of the above mentioned question , Evelyn .
197. How is Richard who passed Dec. 3/2004, Mom is ill when is her tie? Thanks, Janice
198. Hello ChrisWhat a wonderful feeling that you have provided.Opening our eyes to truly knowing that our loved ones that have passed over walk with us throughout our lives.My 2 year old son and I were swimming in our pool and he went under the water to swim for the first time.He came up,eyes wide open and a big smile on his face.I was so proud of him.At that moment I thought
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