1981. is my mother watchiung over me rita
1983. hi chris, someone once saw someone walking beside me , while i could not see or was aware of anyone beside me , could this have been a loved one?
1984. dear chris, my dad passed away 6 years ago i have not heard from him, can u tell me if he is ok
1985. Good afternoon Chris, I believe in most of your beliefs about life after death and it is a great comfort. I am trying to wrap my head around time and what do the energies do all day? How do you describe time once we pass? I think you’ve said before time is infinite, but do we have that sense? I believe that love is the only emotion that represents kindness, compassion, and affection once we cross and trust that we are all from the same light etc…but still am trying to understand what we do once we are there? You may have answered this already, but do our souls continually progress after we cross? Once we have crossed, do we remember how it felt to live as a human being on earth with all emotions, anger, hate, etc…or do we only remember love because it’s the only emotion we feel? Your feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
1986. Hey, Chris. I have a question, and a very complex one at that. How do you think the spirit world was created? Also, why? If you have absolutely no idea, don't worry, it's okay. It's been something that's baffled me (and I'm assuming the rest of humanity) for ages. If I was to book a reading with you do you think you or I could ask a spirit to answer it (assuming they're willing to discuss)?
1987. Hi Chris, I have a weird thing occurring in my house that I am hoping you can shed some light on. Would you happen to know who is moving my loofah in my shower? It has happened three times and its not me and its not my husband. Any ideas? Also, I swear that I keep catching a glimpse of something in my peripheral vision. Any ideas who this might be? Thanks Chris.
1988. Chris I want to thankyou with all my heart, you have made me a very happy women and we have,nt even met. We will meet in May because I have booked a session for my daughter and I , I met you at the bank a couple of weeks ago I was the women that had asked for a business card, but enough of the dilly dally. On this page I had asked you a question about a dream I had about my sister Karen who had died from aids and you just validated how I felt, I kind of thought it was a visit from her because it felt so right.I told everyone but after I realized that I must have sounded a little crazy and I so depressed and withdrawn (I would,nt even speak to my family on the phone) but the answer you gave me was just what I needed ,oh and another thing ,strange I was,nt even looking for the response from you because I had totally forgot about it .I was talking to my sister on the phone and telling her about your page here , so I said here are the type of question people ask and the first one I clicked was mine,it that strange? So Chris thankyou and god bless you and yours because you are a gift to alot of people Chris Stillar.
1989. Are you a psychic who can tell the future and if so how far ahead? Or are you just a medium who gets in touch with the dead.
1990. Is God Real?
1991. If I don't believe in "God" but do believe in spirits, energy, an afterlife, etc., would that block my attempt to connect with my spirit guide or receiving messages from spirit directly?
1992. Hi, Chris! I have technical question of sorts, and it refers to how we supposedly map out our lives before we're born. You say we cannot have memories of past lives during our current existence (or are very unlikely to) as it would render us unable to concentrate on the present. What would happen if, prior to birth, we chose to have consciousness of our past lives, making it part of our "plan"? Would it be possible? Moreover, if we chose to maintain full knowledge of the Spirit World in life would we be successful?
1993. Chris, the oddest thing happend to me tonight. I was doing laundry and after starting it went upstairs to do homework. When I went back downstairs to check how things were progressing, I noticed that the lid of the washer was open with the machine full of water (obviously, only half way through a load). Neither I or my father had gone downstairs in the time in between (and we were the only ones in the house) - could a spirit have done it? Do you have a vague idea of who it might be? Thanks a bundle!
1994. Hi Chris. I "feel" spirits around me all the time. I have since I was very young but I have a hard time figuring out what they are trying to tell me. Can you please tell me how I can get a clearer understanding? Are there courses I can take? Most often they come to me in dreams but in the day I cannot understand their messages very well. Thank you.
1995. chris do you believe that people that commit suicide can still communicate with us?
1996. I have been considering having a booking with Chris since travel is an issue for me I was wondering if the telephone reading is as effective as a personal reading
1997. Chris, thank you so much for answering my question yesterday (#1993). You, sir, are very perceptive. I have found myself going through a period of turmoil lately, and to know that some of my past relatives are eager to get me past it is very comforting. So again, thank you for telling me this. By the way, it does make sense that the spirit trying to come through was an older female. Two women come to mind, and both were willing to speak their minds (haha).
1998. Would it be possible for a soul to exist happily without ever merging with the physical world? Forever residing in the Spirit World, that is to say; no reincarnation. After all, what do souls gain from living here, ultimately? Experience of life and limits, perhaps, but if they're already omniscient and primarily exist in a limitless realm why bother? It's been something that's piqued at my curiosity a lot recently....
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