1999. I live I'm Barrie & wondered if you have any seminars coming up? If so, what is the cost? How much do you charge for a private reading & when & where can I book it? (That's if I can come up with the money needed to have a reading. Thank you, Kim
2000. Dear Chris, I was wondering if you could help me interpret a dream I had this morning. My dad passed away 10.5 years ago and has never visited me, until this morning. He came through very vibrantly and was amongst many people or activity but he stood out clearly to me. He was his hansome self at about age 40-45 and his eyes very blue. It was a wonderful feeling until he started rubbing his throat as if trying to tell me something and of course I started getting very upset because I couldn't understand what he was trying to tell me and he smiled at me then I woke up feeling a little confused. Any ideas? Thanking you in advance, L :)
2001. Dear Chris, I keep your book on my night stand, and every evening when I return from work it seems to be moved slightly with no chance of anyone touching it. Who do you feel is moving it? Do you feel it has something to do with my life being in turmoil at the moment? Thank you!!
2002. hi Chris, i have been picking up on other peopels energy, i felt faint saturday just not well, come to find out my friend fainted again, this is the 2nd time its happened. i know how to protect myself from taking on energy however i forget how sensitive i am and freak out that its me :) what can this gift be developed into, any books to recommend ? love rose
2003. I do believe I have the ability to know when a spirit is around. I think I may have abilities but the thing is, I AM TERRIFIED! I would love to connect with the other side and help people but I am scared of bad energy. Have you ever dealt with anyone like this? Thoughts?
2004. life is purposeless, meaningless to me. i do not love the work i do. i am so lonely ! a failure! can you help me anyway ?
2005. Chris, I have had something on my mind for a while now and I am having a hard time coming to a decision on which way to go. I thought you would be perfect to get some insight from. I have always had physic abilities, from a very young age. It runs in my family, my mother and both sisters have abilities also. I however, would like to develop mine. I feel like I am to use my abilities to help give others a sense of peace and healing. I have done some research and came across a local place that offers developmental courses and mediumship development is one of them. In my heart of hearts, this is what I believe I am truly meant to do. I just am not sure if I should let my ability develop further on its own or if I should seek out a course to development my ability. I know if being a medium is meant to be for me that it will happen but I don’t know if I’m to start going down this path myself by taking this course and make it happen or if I just let it happen naturally on its own. I feel I am spiritually connected for a reason and would hate to waste it and not explore this further. I would very much appreciate your feedback. Thank you. --Christine
2006. hi chris it's corinne i want to buy your books can you please tell me where i can get them thanks
2007. Hi Chris, in my last reading you had mentioned that I would be moving again. I had my house listed & found a house I liked, however mine did not sell & appears neither did the one I liked,I have since re-listed & as I was driving by that house the other day I was thinking that it was too bad that didnt work out, I came to work & was checking the realtor listings & that house is back on the market(there was no sign in the morning, but it was on MLS) I dont believe in coincidences, Im wondering though if this is the right timing & perhaps the last time was not...any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks Chris, I love your website!! Tracy
2008. Hi Chris, My name is Kathy. I have a reading booked with you next March, 2013. My sister & brother in law had a reading with this past Thursday. They told me how accurate it was. My son Matt passed away last Nov 20th, 2011. He took his own life. I know that Matt came through twice during my sister-in- laws reading, letting us know he is OK. When I called in the early fall for a reading with you, I had no idea you would be booked so far in advance. I had hoped to have a reading on the anniversary of his death. Anyway, just wondering if you have a cancellation list, & if so, if you could include me for Nov. 20th. My phone number is 705-686-3787. I am OK but need to connect with my dear son. Thanks for your help. Kathy
2009. Hi Chris, I am new to this. I lost my sister about 6 months ago. From what I understand now after her passing, she had her problems. I wished I knew then what I know now. If I'd known that she was in so much pain, was there something I could have done? Woulda Shoulda Coulds's are getting the best of me. I know she is in a good place now, but I am empty and can't help but feel guilty for our relationship the year before she passed. Can she forgive me? I am looking into coming to see you for a personal visit. Thank you. Christine (heartbroken)
2010. Dear Chris: I don't know why, but every time I am around someone with an illness I can feel the pain in my own body. Surgical procedures- I experienced the same pain that others would have felt. There are too many incidents for me to list here. I am at the point of not wanting to be near others that have illnesses. Sometimes the pain I experience is unbearable and excruciating what on earth is happening to me?
2012. Is it true that each of us has a spirit guide? If so do you imagine that the guide would have to be related to the individual in order help them (be it biologically or simply because they were friends in past lives)? If that isn't case, how do we choose our guides (or vice versa)? Is there any way to communicate with them specifically? Thank you very much, good sir.
2013. Hello Chris, As I read the Q&A's on your site, my heart breaks for those suffering in grief. I have been to see you twice and both occasions helped me come to terms with my own loss and gave me much comfort. Thank you for that. My question today is a little weird..or rather what prompts my question was rather weird. I was in bed watching a tv show with my husband and was fully awake. Now I don't know if I dozed off for a split second or if I was awake, but suddenly I am being violently stabbed in the chest by a man I do not know wearing a dark 'hoodie' type sweater. I cannot tell you how real this felt as he kept thrusting the knife into my flesh. I knew he was killing me. My husband noticing my jerking movement yelled out my name and shook me. He thought I was having some type of seizure or something. I gasped for air as I came out of this state and was trembling in fear. My husband confirmed that I had spoken to him only moments before this weird experience and was fully awake just seconds before. This attack occurred near a hill and this guy came running at me out of nowhere. I was walking alone with headphones on listening to music and did not hear him until he was already upon me. This experience has frightened me alot. I used to walk and/or jog daily during my lunch break...with my mp3 player on and my route took me past a hill. I have stopped doing this. Could this have been a premonition??? Could my destiny be to die this way?? Please Chris, any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Kim. N.
2014. Hi Chris, I am looking into booking an appointment with you- can you let me know if you 've ever had a infant come through?
2015. Last December a colleague of my mother's passed away. The two were very close, so her death was met with a lot of heartache. On the day that she died, I noticed an odd crinkling sound on the outside of my window. The sound was never made before that date, and to this day it still occurs on random occasions. My question is this: was it her in spirit trying to contact us (or another spirit entirely) or is there something wrong with my window? As far as we know it's fine, but perhaps we ought to look further into it....
2016. Chris, thank you so much for creating this website. From what I've seen you've spent a lot of time here helping people with deep, unanswerable questions on top of your actual career. So again, thanks. There was one question you answered that really baffled me though, and it was that, as you said, ones spirit can split in two if they chose to reincarnate. That part of the soul would remain in Heaven while the other would attach itself to a new body, that is. That is very incomprehensible. Do you know how or why this happens?
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