2017. I know that for the most part personality is shaped by ones experiences and surroundings, but do you think there are some traits that stick with us for eternity? Characteristics that were given to us when our souls were created that haven't been - and can never be - altered in spite of exposure to different lives.
2018. Hi Chris, I have been tormented since 1988, and with psychiatrist help I still have not been able to deal with it. I am 55 yrs. old and have not truly been happy since dec 12, 1988. I am on a disability pension due to my back, and I need to know if you are always able to connect with deceased people. I lost 2 brothers and my last image of them is horrifying for me. Ineed to know this, I need to be at peace, but with your costs, I need to know it will help me. Thank you
2019. Hi Chris, I had a private reading with my daughter on October 30. There was a male who died in his sleep of a heart attack connected to a woman named Ellen. My father-in-law came through and made reference to this. I had never met my father-in-law but I did get a message from him several years ago and could visually see him. You were very persistent about this male and Ellen but I couldn't come up with a connection. After going to the expo in Angus I had a male waking me up 3 times that weekend insisting that I listen to him. He made me aware of this man who was an OPP officer who lived across the street from me during this time frame (23 years ago) his wifes name is Ellen and he makes me feel that there was some sort of foul play involved. You made reference to someone who works or has a contract with Canada Post. Ellen did do some sort of mail delivery (if my memory is right) and my friend moved into their house after Ellen and her son moved away and she is an employee of Canada Post. I don't know what I'm to do with this Info. but it is nagging at me constantly. Any suggestions??? Wanda E-Mail foertsch@live.ca
2020. Do spirits know everything about the physical universe? Most people get the impression that they do, but I have to wonder whether, in actuality, they're just as knowledgeable about about this dimension as we are of the spirit dimension. That be the case, does life serve as a tunnel between the two realms (not sure if that's the right terminology, but I hope you get the gist of what I'm saying)?
2021. Thanks for your reply to question #2005. I found your reply to be quiet interesting. You asked me if I am a person who can learn, study and develop my abilities on my own or if I am the type that needs instruction and must follow. This pretty much helped me in my decision making because I am not one who likes to be told what to do and how to be. I also had a gut feeling that if this was going to happen for me that it would happen on its own and that such an ability couldn’t be taught or learned. You said it perfectly when you said that you knew that you needed to develop in your own way and not take on someone else’s beliefs or habits. In my heart of hearts I believe this for myself. I guess my confusion on what direction to go was due to wanting it so badly. I was looking for a way to make it happen and rush it. I don’t believe the time is right for me to take on this new chapter yet since I do have a young child to raise, being a stay at home mom. I believe when my son is older my ability will strengthen and for the mean time its dormant to focus on him. You have a lot to do with me wanting to explore mediumship. You have read me twice and have helped me deal with my losses in a way no one or nothing else could. I know there is a need for what you do cause I needed it at a point in my life. The validation you gave me that my loved ones are still with me and the healing that you provided me has changed my life forever and I thank you for that. I have always wondered why I have psychic abilities and what to do with them. After my first reading with you in 2007, it became clear to me, mediumship. I just hope I can do it as well as you! If you don’t mind me asking what books you read that helped you when developing your ability early on? I would be very interested in reading some books to develop this further. Maybe that’s all I need. Thank you so much Chris. --Christine
2022. hey chris my newphew. who is 17, is high functioning austism. just told us that he see's people.for example if he is in a mall or any crowded area he see people behind walking with them . he also see's a little girl always running and playing hide and seek in his house.He is very afraid of this girl.Do you think we should elborate on this.To make him feel not scared.If so what should we do.he also see's a old family dog.but is afraid of dogs in real life.this dog always sit right beside him.He is afraid to tell anyone cause he thinks people will think he's wierd.and with his autism he doesnt understand to lie.do you think it would be good to make an appt with you.for guidence. Please help christine
2023. Hi Chris, I attended the fundraiser in Lisle this past summer that you appeared at. During your introduction, you mentioned that spirits do not judge. However, near the beginning of your readings, you were speaking to a young blonde woman (remember the body piercing revelation?) and a spirit she thought was her grandfather. You told her that he wanted her to stop doing whatever it was she was doing in her car. You/her grandfather did come across as very stern and judgemental, at least to my group. If they're not judging us, then why such a stern reprimand from a spirit? Thank you for your thoughts/input. PS I have an appointment to see you this week and I will follow up on this with you, but I thought others might have the same question.
2024. Hello Chris I have a question for u! When a loved one passes over and they around u at times but if and when if they decide to reincarnate does that mean they r not around us anymore?They cant come through say if u have a reading done through a medium because their soul is on earths plane? just curious about that! thanks
2025. If a person is reincarnated, can they still come through in readings? for example, my son passed away at an early age(2days) and my daughter was born just a little over 2 years later- if he was reincarnated as her, is he still a spirit?
2026. Hi Chris I am not sure if you can or even if you should answer my questions. Meaning it might be more appropriate to schedule a time to meet you instead. However i will pose these questions to you and let you decide. Thanks in advance. 1/ When i was young, about 10, a dear family friend who lived with my Grandparents i affectionately called "Aunt" Sarah, passed away. I learned after the fact. ( not even allowed to go to her funeral because of my age ) I also was told years later that upon her death bed, all she wanted was to see me! I have always felt bad about this. My question is, i have never felt her presence since which i find odd and sad...iam left to assume she merely wished to see me one last time? 2/ When i lived in Thailand i awoke with a start in the middle of the night to KNOW my Grandma had passed away because she was there in the room with me in essence. I saw no image. I heard no audio message, though i did "feel" and "hear" she wished to look over/protect me. Does this mean she is now like a guardian angel of mine? Or does it mean she was and is fully aware of how emotionally difficult my life is and will be? 3/ Also while in Thailand i was in a prayer/meditative state and literally saw vibrant blue orbs of light that pulsed in and out as if breathing as they zipped around me and my then gf. I also heard a very calm male voice say, "don't open your eyes or i will go away!" I thought wow, that's not a very cosmic message! I complied because i could see the orbs clear as day with my eyes closed! ( my gf later confirmed the blue orbs, so haha i wasn't imagining this ) though she opened her eyes and the orbs left. My question is...should i have asked why i wasn't to open my eyes? What would the reason be for that anyways? AND....what were these blue orbs of light? Angels? Spirit guides? I haven't seen any since and this was 8 years ago now. Sorry for so many questions Chris. I hope that's not being rude. Sincerely, Rick
2027. Do you think there are rare situations when bodies are born without souls? I don't need any examples (heck, do we really have any?), I'm just curious about your opinion...and you don't have to answer immediately. I understand that you're a very busy guy, and I don't want to be a nuisance.
2028. Hi Chris, I've been reading some of the questions and answers and I get the feeling that you have a true gift. A lot of what you say is along the same lines as what Deepak Chopra says about being a part of one special force, some people call it God. And how nothing ever dies, only changes. I've only just recently heard about you, a friend of ours came to see you and you changed her life. I'm looking forward to booking an appt with you, waiting to hear back. I hope you have a cancellation list because my husband and I are very eager to meet with you and I believe it's a 7 month wait. I have one question, do you ever feel overwhelmed? Too many spirits contacting you, or too many people asking you questions? I just want to also say thank you for using your gift to help so many people :) Salvina
2029. Chris: a week ago, I had a picture taken of my aura. My whole body is covered in blue. I also have lilac on my right side and purple on my left side. When the picture was given to me, the photographer noticed that my spirit guide had come through on the left side. A bright white dot can be seen in the picture. Question - how can I come in contact with my spirit guide. Thank you.
2030. Both my sons died in a car accident in May 2012. I live on the West Coast so I've spoken with two mediums who live closer to me, but neither of them have been able to contact my boys. Is it true that their spirits might be in a learning stage and unable to communicate because it hasn't been long since the accident? I'm deperate for some informatiion, but don't want to contact another medium if this is a possibility.
2031. Do you believe that single-celled organisms have souls?
2032. Chris Are my loved ones happy with decisions I have made since their passing. Why do I not feel them around me, does that mean they arent with me? Lisa
2033. Hi Chris. I wrote you a couple years ago. Question 996. Just as an update, they never did find the boys' bodies. I printed out the question and your answer and took it to them but I'm afraid they were not very receptive. Too soon after the accident I guess. Anyway thanks again. I strongly believe in you and your abilities. I have experienced them first hand
2034. How long does it usualy take to see you in person for a reading?
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