2053. Hi Chris! I was looking to contact my spirit guides for guidance to some difficult issues I have been going through recently. Thank-you for your time!!
2054. Hi Chris first off i want to tell you that a year ago i saw you in person and asked about my husband that has terminal cancer, you told me that you did not see him not around me but that you saw something on his left side in the chest and arm. Jan 2012 he was rushed to the hospital and we were told that he would not make it as he had an infection in his pic line (left arm) and his blood pressure and heart rate were very low, 6 hours later he was still very ill but drinking juice. He stayed in for two weeks and had to be treated with very strong meds. You were right on and at the time i wondered what the hell you were talking about sorry for that..... Now they tell me his body is shutting down from the cancer and it is only time. My question to you is do i have days, weeks months and i want to make sure i have done everything i can. Again you have made me a true believer in you Thank you
2055. Good morning Chris, Have you ever had a client that didn't have any spirits come forward?
2056. hi chris. i wanted to know what it means when a loved one sends warnings through dreams and sometimes through other peoples dreams? heres one senrio me and my sister both woke up at the same time and had a dream of my last husband she has never met him he died before she could but how is it possible that she saw him too? also my father had a dream about him and he warned him to keep me from water? what could he be trying to say.
2057. Hi Chris, I am interested in having a reading. I'm concerned that since I haven't lost anyone really close to me, would it still be effective?
2058. Hi Chris: I belong to an Agriculture society in southwestern Ontario outside of Sarnia. I was wondering what you would charge to come down for a saturday evening. Thank you Karen Galbraith
2059. Hi Chris it's me again, the girl with the dreams from her father with the warnings of bad things to happen in her family in the form of a tornado well lately I've not had any dreams and a very shocking tragedy did happen to us today (Jan 22 2013) my uncle was killed just outside of Blyth during a really bad snow storm. I don't know how to handle this right now because it seems that I haven't had a chance to fully recover from one death another strikes. All on my mothers side a brother of hers died in 2007, she died 2009 her next oldest brother died in 2011, I had a first cousin die 2012 and now this. I've heard someone once say that god doesn't give us more than we can handle, would it help if I yelled at him and say ENOUGH!! My emotions are mixed right now because my uncle should never have gone out in such poor snowy weather. I'm a little mad at him and wish that I could give him a shake and say what in the bleep where you doing out there in the first place? At the same time I pray with all my heart and soul that he went quickly with little or no pain. I guess this brings me to my next questin because I never really had a heads up that something bad was going to happen in the family. Is it because that not everything in life is predictable? I know from reading your book and from seeing you in two sceminars that you talked about us having free will, if he hadn't chosen to go out on that road today he'd still be here with us and I have to admit that's the part that makes me a bit angry with him. I've even asked my mom to give him crap for me lol. But I feel that maybe a bit wrong of me to ask her to do that as he maybe already paying the price of watching his family suffer through this. I will take great comfort in knowing that he is in a really good place and I know that he'll be around us in spirit, that is all in large part thanks to you for sharing with us your gift and knowlege that will help me to get through one more death in this family. Thanks once again for listening to me and I hope to see you again in the near future. Until then be well and please stay off the roads in poor winter contidions.
2060. Chris why can't I get the boys of my mind?
2061. I understand that I missed one of your presentations on jan 20 I was wondering when your next one is going to be in Ontario & how to get tickets Thank you James Wilton
2062. Hi Chris, I just want to say that I have read every single question on your site and find a lot of comfort in it. I know it takes a lot of energy and time to answer them and I appreciate it!....I do have a few questions I'm hoping you can help me with. I wrote to u on page 98, question 1761 about the blue aura around me etc. so I've read quite a bit, in fact it has been overload! I've been meditaing and can feel energy. I'm struggling with what direction I should take with my life. I really am not sure what to do. Secondly, I've had a terrible couple of years and I'm angry about having a person in my life who was hell bent on destroying me. I feel a total injustice has occurred. Just hoping for a little guidance.....I really don't mean to turn this into a mini reading but I'm just kind of lost right now. Thank you.!
2063. hi! chris i lost my dad from cancer 27 years ago.i miss him vary much.can you tell me anything about him.so that i can see what you say.before i come and see you.i would like to see how good you are?is that possible.
2064. Hi Chris, My father past a few days ago. The grief I am experiencing is suffocating. He is being buried out of the country. I really don't want to go to the cemetery after the church service. I don't want to be disrespectful but I don't think I can do it. Would my dad be disappointed in me?
2065. Hi Chris, over the past month or so I have seen a single penny nearly every day. I'm sure people might say that there are pennies everywhere and why wouldn't I see a penny. But, I find it unusual because it is always one single penny - in an odd spot - Not a bunch of coins -not two pennies - just one single penny. I find one nearly every day even though I am not looking or thinking about it. Additionally, for the last couple of weeks I look at the clock at 11 minutes after the hour several times a day. I know the number 11 is symbolic because I've read something about that before - but I honestly don't remember what the meaning is. I know these are signs for me. I try to communicate with whomever is sending these signs - but I get nothing in response. Any tips on helping me figure out what these signs are telling me. Thank you.
2066. Hello Chris I am looking for help right now and dont know where to turn. I know of a family that has a two and a half year old he say's he sees dead people and can tell you what they are wearing and colours of things. My main concern is that one night he was so scared that he called for his dad to come in saying that a man was hurting him this is very concering for me just trying to look for answers or help in this matter thanks for taking the time to read this
2067. If someone recently passes How long do you have to wait to try and speak with them?
2068. My life has always encounteted paranormal activity and unexplained happenings. My Grandmother passed in August and the morning of her wake, i arose from bed to find my partner and my 5 yr old son in the garage cleaning. I helped sweep the cement floor with absolutely no debris or anything on the floor. I passed my son a bottle to take out to the recycleing where his dad was as i watched him walk to and from. He entered the garage looked down on the floor about 3 ft in front of me, lied 5 pennies! They were NOT there before. Do you think my Grandmother came and left those pennies from heaven? Im still waiting for her visit, or was that it?
2069. One cold brisk winter day i was asked by a couple of friends to join them at their Church. I woke up feeling great that day and said id love to. We arrived, took a seat and was listening to the Serman. Out of nowhere this older woman sat beside me asking my friend for her seat, she had silky white hair, red knee high skirt,a red blazer with an old fadhioned hat and veil, ruby red lips and the bluest eyes full of life and love, eyes that had a forever soul. She grabbed my hand with both of her warm, fragile, silky smooth hands looked into my eyes and said "Jesus loves you". I was a little confused as to what was happening but i focussed on the rest of the serman. A few mimutes later after we all mingled before departure, i looked for this woman and asked around. Nobody seen her, not even my friend who was asked for her seat. Nobody believes my story, and i believe she was my Angel or an Angel sent to deliver Gods message. Whats your insight on this? Am i crazy? Was i day dreaming? I have no answers... please help me. Thx
2070. Hi Chris, Just as I am falling asleep, or just before I wake up.. I can feel something on my bed. Like someone is sitting down on the bed or moving on the bed. I am not scared, I was just wondering if you knew who it is? I have an idea, but would like to know if you can help me. Thank you
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