2071. Hello Chris, My brother suffers from severe depression, and every time I see him he seems to be getting worse and worse. I cannot stand to see him so unhappy, and I make myself sick worrying about him. I would do anything to help him, but he won't open up to anyone. Do you have any suggestions, or perhaps see him getting better? Thanks.
2072. Hello Chris: I have been discovering some gifts that I knew I always had but, just in the mode of accepting and working with them. I am not denying them any longer. I have discovered I am an Intuitive empath, I have the ability to hear people who have passed on to the spirit world. And I recognize my spirit and animal guides, and I know that I am a very old sould that has been around for a very long time. My question to you is this.....I met someone eight years ago, when I met him I knew instantly that he was significant to me somehow, to this day I am still trying to figure this out. We became good friends only....we were both married at the time, and since have divorced. We would talk everyday, for six years,he had this uncanny ability to calm my spirit without saying anything, and he seemed to know things would happen in my life even before I knew and sure enough what he said would happen did happen. We had this strong spiritual connection we both knew what the other was going through even without words and we could bring the other the comfort and peace we needed without words just being in the each other's energy. I have moved jobs and we no long keep in touch, but I feel his presence (energy) everywhere I go. I wake up many nights every hour at 1:11. 2:11, 3:11, 4:11 and 5:11 he is the first thing I think of when I awake, and his birthday is August 11th. I can be shopping, waiting for a bus, and there can be a man or woman standing next to me and all I sense is his energy. It is very comforting but confusing at the same time. Two years ago, I discovered that I can hear people who have gone to the spirit world. I was scared and confused at the time, but once I allowed it to happen. I had a woman come visit me, she disclosed she was this man's mother who had died five years earlier of cancer, and she told me she missed him very much and she could see he missed her just as much. she wanted me to get the message to him that she is very proud of him of what he has done with his life. This sort of freaked me out at first but, I had to get creative on how to convey that message to him without letting him know how I was asked, for fear that he would think I belonged in the funny farm. He doesn't have any spiritual beliefs. So I did give him that message in a way that he didn't think I was a from the funny farm. Afterwards, his mother returned to thank me and she left, every once in a while she returns and I will call him or send him a card. Yes I am attracted to this man, but no matter what I do I cannot seem to cut my ties with him energetically. I have held a ceremony as I am aboriginal, and I have cut the cords with him many times over. I don't know what I should do with this, just accept this and continue on, or am I supposed to go see him face to face. Yes we were both attracted to each other but, we treasured our friendship more than anything else. If you could help direct me I would be thankful. Miigwetch Bee
2073. In your session yesterday at noon, you mentioned on 2 occassions Dave or David could be living but no message just repeating the name and equal too (same age possibly). One of the ladies is my cousin she let me listen to the CD. They both confirmed they do not know a Dave but one remembered I do and she briefly met him at the end of last year. He is a very good friend of mine suffering with cancer. I'm curious as to why you get name but no message that goes with it? The only reason why I'm thinking this could be pertianing to my friend is something else was mentioned in your session shortly after that also pertained to me.
2074. Hi Chris - me again (Terry Lynn). This is more of a scenario, than a Question. My Dad and my sister were heading toward the check-out at the North Bay Walmart. My Dad, who can barely see, looks at this woman at the checkout and says that he thought she was my other sister's mother-in-law, who had been dead long enough not to be shopping at Walmart. My no-nonsense sister says, oh my god, I saw her too, in the aisles, and thought I was imagining it. Wanna hear the weird(er) part? The mother-in-law who had died was a very tall woman, with a broad back, and short blonde curly hair. The woman they saw at Walmart ? A very short, petite, French woman with short black hair. Very interesting, eh ? I somehow thing that spirit tossed in a bit of humour with this one ? Thanks for listening, and hope things are going well for you and your family. Take Care, Terry Lynn
2075. Hi Chris, When you say tell or direct a spirit to go to the light, how do you know there is a light? What is this light? Do you lose touch with there spirit if they go to the light? Are they lost when they are present and thats why they are trying to communicate? I often feel like someone is staring at me, mostly at night in a certain area and I've said go to the light after reading that you should say something like that if they make you feel uncomfortable. But I still have that feeling they are around. Sorry so many questions I'm sure you have answered these quesitons before and I've been trying to read all your quesions and answers on here but there is so many questions to go through.
2076. Hi, Chris. I don't have any questions for you today, I just wanted to thank you for a couple of things. First, THANK YOU for answering my many questions within the past while (I mostly sent them in the latter half of 2012). You have offered astounding insight to questions that were, I admit, very complex. I do, however, feel bad for occupying so much of your time...so yes, I'm very sorry. Second, I would like to thank you for, time and time again, requesting I read Conversations with God. I just finished reading The Complete Conversations with God last week and my goodness. It...whoa. I'll definitely be re-reading it - there's only so much my mind can soak up in one sitting! Again, thanks. I'll be seeing you in March for a reading so I'll be able to give you more thanks then, but I wanted to say this now, too, because it felt right. Anyway, have a good day, good sir.
2077. Do we have to be reborn in order for our soul growth
2078. Hello Chris. I am not sure if you can even read anything about him, but my brother has been having a very hard time these past few years. He suffers from anxiety and depression, and it seems like he can just never catch a break in life. He has a habit of viewing everything very negatively, and he is so far gone at this point that I have no idea how to help him. I am constantly worried that he is going to commit suicide. Many people have tried getting through to him but he does not want to accept the help. Do you happen to see anything good happening to him in the future? Such as a change of heart? Or do you have any advice on how I can help him as his big sister? I am worried sick. Thank you for your time.
2079. Good afternoon. I was just wondering, if someone is wanting to develop mediumship skills, where would you suggest starting? Meditation is difficult for me, but I have not given up. Any suggestions you can offer?
2080. Hi Chris, About two weeks after my grandmother passed away of cancer I had a very vivid dream First it felt as if i was soaring over land , then near the sea where I seen a small house. Next thing I was inside the house sitting across from her at her kitchen table,it felt as though there were many people there that i knew very wel, but I did not see anyone else. Her hair was pined back and she looked as she did before she got sick. She said to me "The hardest part was letting go, but I want you to know that I loved you all the same"...Was this real? or just my mind trying to let me know she was ok? I beleive very strongly that she is very much alive spirtualy and that she is always with me and guiding me. In my mind Love can never end, not even in death. Thank you, Courtney
2081. I was 5 when my dad died i would love to know how he is and to hear from him
2082. Hello Chris , I live in Alliston and am thinking of booking a personal session soon :) I have 2 questions ....1) Has a passed over loved one ever had negative things to say to the living relative? 2) if a baby was aborted does it still come through? What if it was only within the first 2 months?
2083. If a person comes in for a reading whom has a dark past or has made poor or embarrasing life decisions and secrets, do these things come up in a reading?
2084. Can the deceased carry on resentments from the earthly world?
2085. Hi Chris:Ive always rememberd the time before my birth. How a higher spirit told me to look over a banister or railing and told me who I was going to be born to and why. My question is why do I remember this so vividly. Was I supossed to learn a lesson for soul growth? What was the lesson? and how do I find out. Milly
2086. My biological father passed away when I was 16 but I had only known him for 2 or 3 years. Now that he has passed can he still see(does he still know of) my life experiences before I met him?
2087. Dear Chris, I have once written to you and you've answered my question and left me in tears, thank you! I now have another question to ask you. My father has always had heart issues, and in January 2013 he had heart by pass. All went smoothly until Feb 14Valentines day he collapsed rushed to hospital and had to be revived 3x and was in critical care, all happened from a blood clot. Story short he didnt make it and passed family day feb 18th. My mother sis and I had to make the decision and let him go, after being in a coma 5days, and his organs shut down and being kept alive by medications and life support. I held his hand the entire time with my sister as he passed. I dont know if he heard everything we were saying, I hope he did. My heart aches I feel pain, did we make the right decision? Doctors told us he didnt have much longer to live, and we didnt want him suffering anymore and let him go. During the 5days I had a dream he was in white laying in hospital bed, the family was huddled around his bed, he stood up and smiled at me and just waved, no words, I was yelling at everyone how dad was awake and fine and to look at him and they just kept talking and didnt listen to me? did that mean he was telling me good bye? Im in tears everyday im hurting so much, my children 9 and 6 are having difficult times. They miss their grandpa, and I feel pain and regret. Please I hope you can give me some clossure. I live in Bradford On, not far, and will be booking a private session soon. I really need this to feel closure and no more pain. I thank you kindly, and appreciate all you do. God bless you, Helen
2088. Thank you so much Chris for answering my question number #2080. You have no idea how much it meant to me to read those words you wrote. I have another question for you, regarding a miscarriage I had last September. I just simply wanted to know if you feel that my child i had the miscarrage with is with my decesed grandmother i spoke about in my previous question And if the baby is okay? I was only about a month along when I had The miscarriage, from day one when we found out that I was pregnant I felt as if it were a little boy. We named him lane philip. One of my biggest concerns Is that he found his way to where God called him, i feel in my heart as if my grandmother is taking care if him for me! Thank you for all you do!
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