2089. Hi Chris. I have been to Afghanistan twice as a medic and have seen many unfortunate events. My question to you is when loved ones are taken from us so suddenly and in a painful way, was this their fate? When they get to the "other side" are they angry with regards to not physically being able to be with their loved ones again? Thank you :) Erika
2090. Hello Chris, I'm not sure if i just want this to be what is happening or if it is real. Lately I have been hearing my name being called and wonder if this is really happening. I have also been seeing shadows that are walking around are they really there. And the feelings of hot palms andleft ear and my hair being played with and cold breezes. I was getting really scared that I was going crazy and going to let all this negative into my home. I have also been seeing shadows people beside people i am close to and my eyes have become blurry. So my question is Do i just want to have a purpose so badly that i am just seeing this or does these things sound right? I am hoping to be able to go see you in Brampton in April and hope that maybe listening to you will help me understand? thank you for your time. Love Kerri
2091. Hello Chris, thanks for responding to question:2087I know I will one day find closure, and I can't live in sorrow each day, as this is life and life carries on. When I have dreams of loved ones they never speak, but last night, my dad visited me in me dream, it was weird, he was laying down and all I said to him was
2092. Hi Chris - I guess it's time I called Kim to book an appointment. It has been an interesting start to 2013. Since the end of January, we have turned another page in the book of life, complete with new lessons and challenges. We have just gone through a period of time where it seems the electronic devices in the home have run amuck -cell, computer, car, lights. On Valentines day we were driving to a restaurant and each street light we passed dimmed and went out as we approached - over a dozen in a row. I'm fairly certain, the root message is - I am here beside you, but because of the persistance, I can't help but feel there may be more. I credit you with saving my life 7 years ago. Your gift of relaying messages from the other side and having been blessed with connecting with you truly helped us to go on in a posetive way. No words can ever express the gratitude in my heart - thank you so much for sharing your gift, Roberta
2093. When will you have new show on barries channel ten? They been rerunnigthe same few shows over and over
2094. Hi Chris, I used to feel much closer to my connection with the spirit world but lately I just feel lost and along. Would you have any advice as to how I can reconnect with my high self again? Thanks Chris
2095. Hi Chris,I love your site and was looking for some possible help or direction? I have been searching inside and out for the
2096. Hello Chris, I just wanted to thank you for giving the time to help answer all of our questions and help so many people find some sort of peace. After visiting your page and reading some of your answers I went out and got your book. All I can say is truly thank you as your book has help answer so many of my questions and relaxed me. It has helped me to stop living with fear. I was given signs and i was never confident enough to listen and your book has given me the gift to stop and see these signs. I'm so excited to watch what you do in person and have the chance to learn even more from you. All the best and thank you for everything. Kerri and i guess we are all a little crazy lol:)
2097. Dear Chris I had a reading with you a couple of weeks ago with two friends of mine. When i got there i was so scared all that morning I couldn't relax and kept wondering what is going to happen. Well Chris I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart, before i seen you i was merely coasting through, settling that this pain in my heart and soul would eventually just recede, but that day when i left your office, I felt like I was reborn, I was relieved of all that pain i was carrying around thinking of my loved ones and if my mom did love me and you answered everything. I had one question burning for almost two years: Is my grandad Ok? and that was the first question you answered without me having asked. Chris I thank you today I walk with a spring in my step, when i see 4:44 on the clock i know there dropping in to say hi, I have a new lease on life and now not afraid to die and you helped me with that. I am reading your book pennies from Heaven and getting a new outlook through it as well. thank you Chris for all that you do and may God continue to bless you as you do others. xo
2098. Sorry Chris i meant to ask you a question and if you knew who my spirit guide is, I want to connect with him or her and when i talk i know who im talking to, making another appt to come see u again with my fiance
2099. Can you please tell me if my daughter will have things start to work for her. Will she get that something she has been waiting for. She always thinks that she is missing something and she wants her life to have what ever it is that is missing. Please tell me things will start to make her happy
2100. Can you do more shows on Rogers and if you need someone to be read for one of these I am in. It is Anna Wood I am in....
2101. Can you give a reading of a departed love one even if I have only spent a small amount (2 years) of time with them but knew and cared for them so well?
2102. Do you give readings to teenagers or do you have an age requirement?
2103. Hi Chris I am not sure if my experience has any relation with the spiritual world but it has certainly been odd and happening too often to be a coincidence. I have been seeing dimes everywhere! They are on their own and showing up in the oddest places. I would find a dime on my desk, on the floor by my desk chair, falling infront of my feet from a stranger walking by, in my car on my seat. I could go on and on with locations but it was happening daily and sometimes more than once a day for a span of weeks. It is still happening but less frequent now. My question to you is- could it be a message from the spiritual world? Is someone trying to communicate to me?
2104. Hi Chris Do you believe that we all have a guardian angel watching over us throughout our lifetime?
2105. Hi Chris. This doesn't happen very often, maybe once every 4 or 5 months, and it's a little difficult to explain but I'd love your perspective. So while I'm sleeping, I'll feel this presence it's dark and shapeless. Although I'm technicially sleeping I feel like I'm semi-conscious or awake because it doesn't feel like a dream. It feels like it's on top of me...smothering me almost and I'm acutely aware of it. It's frightening at times. I'll become conscious and not open my eyes because it feels like something might be there and I ask for white light protection. What do you think it might be? Could it be a bad energy?
2106. I am glad to hear that you are doing more readings on Rogers, I am so in... I was so impresed with your work way to go Chris... Not really a question but just wanted to say how much I cherish your work
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