2107. As a child I had a very close friend named Leona, who was from a broken home. She was reunited with her sister & I never saw her again. A few years ago I heard she had taken her life. Do you have any info on her for me?
2108. Chris xx.... I have been looking for 10 months for someone to talk to about a visitation dream...who would possibly understand or believe what I am saying...I found you ! I have cried every day for 10 months.As a younger woman, I was in love with 'Bobby'. 10 months ago I awoke one morning, his name in my head. I smiled and thougt,where did that come from! same thing happened for a few days and I could not stop thinking about him. I kept thinking I have got to talk to him, I have to find him. one night I had a dream so vivid in color and beautiful and clear AND I can remember every single detail to this day. I was in a kitchen colored black and white. someone was in the kitchen with me. don't know who..telling me to tell bobby that I loved him. I kept saying I can't..knowing that I really did.looking out the kitchen window I could see bobby talking in the garden..there was to be a wedding..the colors were so beautiful. trying to make it short, it's hard to do. I saw everything except bobby's face..i awoke and thought 'wow' what a beautiful dream, but why could I not see his face! coupe days later I dozed off watching t.v. not even thinking about the dream. found myself back in the dream exactly as it was. saddening from behind the willow tree a life size face with a smiling eyes and big smile.. and so healthy looking startled me awake! found myself driven to find him.. he committed suicide 25 years ago. the news broke my heart when I heard suicide. I can`t stop thinking about him..i cry most every day. I love him still .as though I have come full circle and back where love is still real. it`s all very real. I talk to him every day and send a lot of songs to him. hoping he knows they are for him. I need to connect one more time. I need to see you if you will be so kind. Thankyou Chris and God Bless You!!
2109. Dear Chris, I came to see you many years ago with a group of friends and I still recount the amazing experience to everyone I meet. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Last year my sons; best friend committed suicide and shortly thereafter I had a very vivid dream about him. I was in an unfamiliar house with a huge wooden door - the door opens and many spirits come out. They all have messages they want me to give to loved ones and my sons friend was one of them. He told me how happy he is now but how sad he was that he caused so much pain to those he left behind. Do you think this was his way of sending me a message to let his family know he was ok? Thanks in advance. L
2110. I have tried unsuccessfully to contact my spirit guide. Could you help me with this? thank you.
2111. Hi Chris, My father passed away 2 month ago. I have had a few "dreams" about him. They are bizarre (he snowboards in one). In another, he tells me he is still very weak and tired even though he is in heaven. Are these just regular dreams? Thanks Chris...
2112. What is Chris' e-mail addres? sibbelina@hotmail.com
2113. Hi Chris I wouldlike to know what kind of feeling and reaction you get when I mention this name Curtis?Where is he .He is so sadly missed and do you feel him around me . Thanks D
2114. Hi Chris, can you help us find our father's will? We know he made one but died before telling us where it was.
2115. Hello Chris :) I've got another question to ask, my last Q was #2091. I know our loved ones can communicate in many different ways, weird ways. When my father passed my husband kept his truck. We know his " check engine light" would come on, and Apparantly it's a glitch. Well, question is, when my husband drives his pick-up the engine light would stay on forever, but when me and our 2 boys would get into the truck it so happens for light to turn off and stay off. Next morning my husband would drive off to work and check engine light turns back on. It's happened many times on with him off as soon as we get into vehicle. I find it quite funny, my husband starts to laugh and speak out loud to my dad and I tell him he's communicating with us, lol! Now is it just a fluke by chance am I losing my mind? Or is he there with us? I do look out for signs and I want to believe in my heart that's him doing that. I feel like a kid counting down the days and checking them off day by day, only 6 months to go until my visit with you. Hope you can answer my question, and again, thank you very much, thank you for what you do. Reading others questions and your answers truly puts a smile on my face along with tears. Take care, Helen
2116. Hi ChrisFirstly I want to thank God for giving you this tremendous gift which obviously changes lives and helps those who have lost loved ones better cope.Secondly, having not met you, and only by reading your book
2117. Hi Chris, Can Spirits lie during a reading or from the other side? Thank you.
2118. Thank You Chris for giving me some sort of answer in regards to my question 2113 He is gone and as a Family and under the circumstances some how we need to know what has happened. People say as to give closure Im not sure there is such a thing Closure but I know we would have some sort of peace in knowing what has happened he is very sadly missed and everyday that goes by it seems as though the grief is resurfacing faster as to trying to remember the our memories of him. Thank you D
2119. Is it possible that my sister who has passed has come back as my daughter? There are just so many similarities
2120. Hi Chris,My husband and I always seem to struggle with money, were always just getting by. Do you see more stability in future? Also I was wondering if any other children for us in future?Thank you,Erin
2121. Hi Chris,I have lost a loved one many years ago, and wondering if he is ever around me. And if so is he aware of my children?
2122. Hi Chris. If a spirit has come through with a request for you to do something (that ultimately is the morally right thing to do)but you may not want to, should you honour that request? Sorry for the vagueness of the question.
2123. Hello Chris. If a pregnancy was aborted at 13 weeks, is it possible that baby's spirit is in the spirit world and can communicate with other family members that have already passed over?
2124. how much do you cost for a private srssion mary watson
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