2125. Hi Chris. I recently attended your seminar in Brampton and was wondering if you happen to sell a CD of the meditation journey you took us through? It was an amazing experience. Thank you. Sandra
2126. chris first i would like to say thank you so much for letting me pick your brain as i called it. our reading has opened so much more then i thought it would. please please if your ever in the collingwood area i would love to do it again if you are up for it ? 2nd i feel like a spirit want me to talk to a loved one about our meeting and feelings i'm getting from that spirit but im hesitating on that persons reacting what they might do after. whats your advice?
2127. How would you differentiate between knowing if your spiritual or a medium. Is a spiritual person's life experiences similar to a mediums? God Bless You
2128. can you see what happen to my son? is he dead or alive?
2129. I missed the recent Alliston meeting when will you be holding the next one I live in Barrie.
2130. Hello Chris, at the fundraiser on April 20th in Alliston - did you say that you hold workshops? If so, I would be interested in attending. Sincerely, Sharon
2131. Hi, do you have any experience or beliefs about people who experience mental illness eg delusions/hallucinations/voices? I ask because my whole life was altered after I experienced this and I never got back on track. Would spirits who have passed be able to help on this issue? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
2132. Do you ever find that spirits won't come through for a person?
2133. Hi Chris. How do you prepare yourself before an audience who is so excited about their loved ones coming through for them. Lois
2134. Hi Chris, I wonder if you might be able to offer any thoughts? My parents were quite young and immature when they had me and didn't have much help. They divorced when I was about three and went onto other relationships having more children. I believe as a result of this and various events including the belief that I had been abused, I had a breakdown after the birth of my own child and this set off an extremely negative chain of events from which I've never really recovered. Years later, I'm now dependent on a medication which has given me diabetes and obesity and I have no career and am on benefits. I've struggled immensely to move on, and I'm wondering if connecting with spirits that have passed would in some way help? I also have bad nightmares/visions sometimes which are quite evil and about being threatened or abused and have wondered if they were connected with a past life. Would spirits from the other side be able tell me why this has happened or what I need to do or what might have really happened in the past?
2135. I'm sorry I meant to say thank you in the message I last posted - I appreciate you taking the time to read it and realise that you must get pretty busy. I am thinking about how I can get the money together to have a reading, but have to spend some money on a home move very soon. God bless you.
2136. My daughter 9 has always had a weird energy about her. People are naturally drawn to her. When she was 3 she had play friends that were extraordinary for a 3 year old mind. The details she would reveal a 3 year old would not know. Last night, she revealed that she regularly talks to 10-15 people at a time. She knows them by name, what they look like and how they dress, each persons personality. Please let me know how to make this a good experience for her.
2137. Hi Chris. Love your site especially all the questions being asked. My question is: Is there any chance of opening a negative portal when having a reading? Tks. KH
2138. Hi Chris I know people ask you this question over and over but I need to know. I booked a private session with you but apparently you are booked into next year. My husband recently passed away and we both went to see you in Nov. 2011. You said that there was no cancer and there was. So for whatever reason he was told this by whoever came through that day, they were mistaken. I just want to know when you die if you have the choice to stay close to loved ones or join friends and family on the other side and if you decide to stay close have you not crossed over? Are there stages of moving on to the other side or is a part of him here still. I have been awakened a couple of times with him calling me. It woke me up and I swear he called me. I have dreamt of him and he is about thirty years old and he is doing things and not really paying attention to me but absorbed in what he is doing. I have also dreamt of situations where we are both there and I can feel his presence. I just want to know if he is alright and if he is anxious or sad because he is not here. Do you experience all the same emotions when you leave your body? I just want him to be happy again and enjoy the moment he is in without worry or anxiety. Clareece P.
2139. If you see/feel/hear a child spirit from the afterlife, is that soul young, or just coming through as a child because that is how he or she would have been recognized? For instance if a baby dies, will that soul be the soul of an infant? I have heard that the baby is safe and with loved ones on the other side, but I wonder if that means that the baby's soul was not mature before it entered our world?
2140. Thank you for your reply to question #2134, I didn't write the question, but I think your reply applies to a lot of us and it has certainly given me food for thought.
2141. When I was going through the latter part of my marriage and it was breaking down, I took comfort in meditating and working on my energy.. One day I had an image pop in to my head and later that day an event took place which proved to me that the image i had had hours earlier was (i think) a warning about what was to come. Why did this image happen then, what was it, who did it come from. I couldnt have stopped the incident occuring, but really did feel like the image and the feeling of alarm when i received it was a warning to me. What can i learn from this to take forward? unfortunately nothing has happened since like this to me.
2142. could you please give me messages or information from my wife! I miss her so much...after 2 years, I weep daily! Vic
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