199. I know my son Patrick is around me. When I am in my car I always clear the seat beside me off of papers, books etc. Am I being silly for thinking he needs a place to sit down? Gary H.
200. My partner and I met with you for a reading a couple years ago. His parents died when he was a child. Both of his parents came to him during the reading. They reassured him and "wrapped him in comfort" in your words and encouraged him to move on. My partner remains depressed and desperate about his plight in life. Why didn't he hear what i heard? How can we wake him up?
201. whats wrong with my sister and do we have the same father
202. will my daughter soon get a job in her field and where
203. I'm basically happy, but carry with me a feeling of being
204. dear chris my father passed away 28 yrs ago i have alot of unanswered questions from him and have never over the years received answers, what happened to make him do what he did to my sister and i is it because we aren't his bio daughters? that he thought it was okay? does he have a message for me? Is there anything that i should know about my mom thanks chris
205. recentally my childrens paternal grandmother passed over they took it very hard especially my son as they were very close. Does she have a message for them, has she forgiven me?
206. thank you chris for answering my questions you sound like a very wise and gifted man. I hope to meet you someday soon. What does it mean when you dream of a relative that has passed years ago that you have never met. I dreamt of my grandfather awhile back, he has been gone for ver 50 years. I have never met him. I often wondered why and what if any was his message. thanks chris
207. my husband and his one brother were very close to their father and when he passed 4 yrs ago they had a difficult time dealing with his passing, I also had a close relationship with him. Since his passing their family including their mother don't speak or have any contact with the two brothers does his dad have a message for the sons that loved him so much can he tell us why this is so, can you also tell him I miss him very much? Thank-you Chris from the bottom of my heart.
208. Thank-you Chris for answering my questions, Iwant to come and have a reading but do not see it soon, since you have been so kind in trying to help me I only think it's fair that this be my last question to you on line. My sister is very ill and as of yet we don't know what is wrong with her. Since it could be Genetic we would like to try and find who her biological father is. We have no where to start as answers will not be forth coming from this side. Is there any relative or friend of the family on the other side that could give us any information to help? Please try and help us? Thank-you again Chris for your time and knowledge. Patty
209. Hi Chris, this is not a question but a thank you. My step Mother, Jeannine Morin saw you recently and your message from my Dad to myself regarding his passing has really helped me. I had been blaming hospitals and anyone else I could to avoid dealing with the fact that it was his time. He message to me indicated it was. We never truly believe this but in time we will all find our answers thru time when it is our time. Thanks again. Susan Empie-Westover
210. Thank-you Chris , you were right it is my sisters liver, I am very worried she is not only my sister but my best friend. I love her more than anyone. We cannot get the answers about her father, the only one living to tell us anything is our mom, and she would never reveal that. Please keep us in your prayers, and pray GOD gives us an answer soon.Patty
211. Dear Chris, Lately strange events have been happening in mine and my sons life. For example last night I had to stay an extra 20 minutes at work because of a problem that concerned me. My son said he was pulling up in the driveway and he seen what he thought was me looking out the window at him, then he said what he thought was me, closed the curtain and walked away. Needless to say my son walked into the house thinking I was home and after searching the whole house found out I wasn't. Chris what do you think he seen? Rhonda
212. I had a really great relationship with my maternal grandmother, although i was very young when she passed. Everyone considered her a saint, does she have a message for me concerning anyone in my family?
213. My grandfather passed away when I was a teenager. He never paid alot of attention to some of us grandchildren, I always wondered why. Does he give a reason.
214. My husbands father died of a relatively newfound disease. Picks. He went earlier that they thought he would. We find pennies everywhere.Is he trying to tell us something?
215. Dear Chris I received some very terrible news concerning a close relatives health, the outcome does not look promising.Could you please ask my family members that have passed to pray for her and to tell us if we need to get checked out too? Thank-you Chris I appreciate your help.
216. Hi Chris, Can a family member that has passed to the other side, know when a terminally ill realative is going to pass also or is close to leaving here? Can my dad tell me how long my sister wll be with us?
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