2143. Is my daughter going to get better
2144. chris are you going to be teaching any classes of mediumship this summer ? or any classes at all if so how do i sign up
2145. Hi Chris.....I visited you in March 2013.. and you advised me that my three rings were stolen from my house about a year and half ago. Can you give me any details about the individual who stole them?... You mentioned that is was a young male associated with either my daughter or son and that neither of my children were involved. Do you have further information?
2146. Hi Chris, I have a tendency to see lights flash in my peripheral vision from time to time. Sometimes they are head on but mostly peripheral. Sometimes they are white and sometimes blue. Would you happen to know what the difference is between the two colours? Is one spirit and the other alien? Haha thanks so much
2147. Hi Chris, I recently lost my first love and having a really hard time with his passing. We lived two different lives but yet i may have something that is his, but now I'll never truely know. I finally opened up 4 yrs ago to him the secret i carried for 24 yrs... i feel a lot of pain/ regret cuz i didn't take his offer up on lunch to talk about things, he had a family and i couldn't impose. I just want to know if he's here with me and what he really thought after our talk 4 yrs ago. What sign can i look for to know if he's here around me?
2148. I don't know if the person from question 2146 has had their eyes checked but flashes of light sometimes can mean the beginning of a detached retina. It is possible and the answer isn't always some mystery. Maybe their submitting the question to you will make them aware that this a possibility that should be checked out.
2149. Hi Chris, I would like to ask you a question. I do strongly believe in medium ship and I am intuitive myself. I have lost my mum Pauline three years ago and I know that she is still watching over me and that she tries to connect somehow with me. I would like to know if she ok and is there any message for me? My name is Maja (Maya) and I miss her so much. But I know that there is a bond of love that never dies. ...Thank you so much, Maya
2150. Hi Chris. I saw an article on empaths and manyof the things described seem to point at me being one. Is it possible for you to know if this is right. My DOB is 14/12/63.
2151. Hi Chris, just wondering if you plan on making any appearances in the New York City area? Thank you, Joe D
2152. hello Chris, i am seriousli thinking about ending my life and therefore my suffering. i am a separated father of an infant that i rarely get to see. i am fighting lies and untruths in the legal system and i also have physical problems which maje it difficult to work. currently i'm living in a very negative and toxic situation that legally i have no choice to avoid i'm also financially bankrupt again. i believe being "dead" i can be in my sons life and have more positive influence than i ever could being "alive" it would also end my physical and other problems i can never escape. I have met with you before, my estranged wife will be soon, i believe i will be making the best choice.
2153. Hi Chris I have a difficult time understanding this. It is a very weird experience and maybe you could help. I went to bed and was awake and lying there for a few minutes. A grey cloud appeared on the ceiling and descended lower and it looked like a large bird sitting above me. It was grey and I was terrified. I jumped out of bed and turned on the light and the vision disappeared. I thought I was seeing things. About a month later the same thing happened but this time it was a large set of wings very very white and the bird had no head. It hovered above me but this time I said I am not afraid you can go now and it disappeared. What could this be? I was fully awake and a little frightened but puzzled. MR
2154. hello Chris, i'm guessing everyone has guardian angels or guides...do we have the same ones watching over us our entire lives? how can we tell when and how they are influencing our choices if that's even possible? thanks
2155. Hi Chris, my boyfriends father was in a coma and had no brain activity for a couple of days before he died. Can people who are in comas hear what is being said to them?
2156. Hi Chris, Terry Lynn here, with more of a comment than a question. I've been re-reading one of the earliest 'woo-woo' books that I read and I'm really getting a lot out of it, and recognizing where I heard about different philosophies. I thought it might be a good suggestion for people who are a little leary about jumping right in -- kind of a "pre" Conversations with God ? It's called "Im Spiritual Dammit", by Jenniffer Weigel. It's light and funny, but a good jumping off point for more indepth reading, depending on which of the author's encounters with various spiritual practitioners appeals to you. And even if you are all-knowing and spiritually sated :o) it's still a really nice read. Take Care, and hope you are well, TL
2157. Will my husband ever get better and back to the guy I married. Will he find himself and things will start to work out? it has been a hell of a few years.
2158. when will your Rogers show come back on the air. Loved them found them as great as you are.
2159. Hello Chris I was just reading the question to #2154 I found it really interesting because there has been a similar experience here. I live in an apartment building and recently a man had moved in about three weeks ago and he is blind. He told us of how he was checking out another apartment before this one and he said that he had a bad feeling about the place. He also joked that it was also so small that when he turned around his belly hit the wall lol. But when he came to this apartment he had a really good sense of feeling about this building and wanted to move in. We are so lucky to have him he is very talented in playing the guitar and singing, he comes down into our common room and plays for a few of us and we have made friends with him rather quickly and from what we heard from one of his friends is that he is extremely happy here and that he's not had anything like this in any other place he's been in. I often wondered if he was also guided here by his spirit guide. We have been helping each other out in a big way I'm the same person who lost her uncle this past January. He told us that he lost his mom 7 years ago and he had stopped playing and singing as I had stopped listening to music as much as I used to. Now he plays music more than he ever did and he's got me excited about dusting off those old tunes and listening to them again. But it's not just me he's helped I have not seen so many smiley faces in this building since he's gotten here. I'm not sure as to why he would have gotten those bad feelings about the other apartment, is it because he was supposed to come here from the start? Could it have been his spirit guide telling him that he was in the wrong place before he got here? Thanks again for reading, take care Sandra from Goderich.
2160. Hi Chris. how one can communicate with spirits? I mean the methods.
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