2161. Since i was 4 years old i have had 2 shadows stand at the end of my bed.. i have moved around since i was 4 many times but my 2 spirits are always with me.. i described them to my Dad and he said they are my grandparents that i never met that died before i was born.. i have had also sensed people around me and have smelt them... i would love to get to together with you and discuss this.. i also have a question.. my friend wants to see you and she wants me to go with her just for support.. she is wondering even if i am not in the same room will my loved ones be there also and will they come through? Thank you for your time..
2162. You amaze me and I truly believe my loved ones are around us all the time, but the pain still hurts not feeling them physically...my son passed away in 1986 at 18 months old and I know he is in a good place...I've seen him a few times and he is a bit older and taller, but miss the fact that I didn't get a chance to raise him or see him grow up and that's the saddest part for me. I too was shown pictures or flashes of his passing and told my husband and family members but it was like no one believed me at that time or would listen until it was too late. Same with my mother, I was shown a picture of her passing and who the ladies that worked at the personal care home prior to her passing and on the night of her passing it was like I was already there and the 3 ladies who I mentioned to my husband and sister were the ladies who worked that shift of my mother's passing. It happened again with my grandfather, some relatives and even other people in our community. I don't know why I sense these things or are shown these things and why only when death is about too happen?? Sometimes I see shadows pass my doorway or sense a person is around but don't understand what it is I'm suppose to do which is the frustrating part. Can you explain??
2163. hi chris, i was recently to a medium who informed me i have a large group of spirit guides, the dominant ones being "elders". she told me i am gifted (which i have had experience with) and that i need to educate myself to develop my senses. my question is could you elaborate on your opinion of "elder" spirit guides. i had a bout of unbelievable beauty and new respect for the universe following a crisis. it was the most incredable month of my life, but all the time i knew it would be temporary. all of a sudden it stopped. i understand i may not have been mentally prepared to handle it all and may need to work on myself to bring it back. i am interested in enrolling in some workshops but i dont know where to start. i have been to one of your shows and was totally amazed at your abilities. thank you for your commitment in helping others, you are an outstanding medium. i enjoyed your book and respect how "real" you are as a human being. you dont hold hold back and i respect you for your bluntness. just one month of my experiences opened my eyes to how judgemental the world can be. i was afraid to discuss my experiences afraid of reactions, and proved myself right when i did. our lives could be so simple and peaceful if we would filter out the garbage but when you talk about it people say you need medication. i hope everyone reading this relizes the risk you take to speak out and appreciates your strength and beauty. i am booked to see you privately but its a long waiting list and would like to have some direction on what to work on in the meantime. i am looking for some beginners classes to start my journey in the spiritual world. also again could you please interpret your opinion on "elder" spirit guides. thank you so much in advance and warmest regards. ld
2164. Dear Chris, I lost my son Peter, last year...We did everything together..He had just turned nineteen. I have always believed in the afterlife. We were literally walking the dog and talking about our long day and the next minute my son had stop breathing..He had some sort fuse blow, as he put it and my husband did cpr and he was in a coma for ten days. I had a session with a well known medium right after he died. It helped me out so much..I then started going to a spiritual church where there are always mediums around. I also go to a place for guided meditation with a medium. I started to get very upset how some mediums speak of reincarnation like it is no big deal. The last thing I want to here is that my son is coming back here as someone else or is not technically my son anymore..I have been blown away by this. My heartaches when I hear these things. I had one woman tell me my bond with my son is too strong that she thinks we were brother and sister in another lifetime. I do not think they understand that this could destroy a person. Even, if it maybe true. I was doing as best as I could do in my circumstance. Repecting my son as the indivdual I know him as. Talking to him, Knowing that he wouldnt want to see me cry while he was here so why would he now. I know there are some things i will have to face when its my time but I know when i get there my beautiful son will be there to greet me..I just wanted to say thank you. I have been reading your explanations. Giving my son back his individuality. I wish others would not be so insensitive about this. I always put myself in the person's shoes I am speaking to before I open my mouth. You have made me smile again and I am sure my son is happy. I have been driving him crazy lately because I am so sad about this. I hope to speak with you soon..Thank you again, Jill
2165. Hi Chris, I was at your event on June 2nd in Everett. Fantastic show, it was wonderful the comfort you gave to the lady in the front who had lost her son. It was a blessing to have been part of that. You also spoke to me, I'm the one who is perhaps too 'direct' :) That's okay. Truth is truth. My question, is does a spirit/ person appear closer to the anniversary of their death? Does that day have significance for them?
2166. hi chris just watched your videos on youtube truly amazing...just a question?????/do the spirits miss us or miss being in their physical body being amongst us...or they are quite happy where they are????just wondering i know thats what they signed up for just that period of time but some die so suddenly do they wish they could return to their physical body????/ i hope i get to hear from you as i have been asking every medium online but no one ever replied... thank you so much chris god bless panteha
2167. oh my goodness chris, im reading your questions and answers and i am truly amazed never seen any medium as dedicated and loving and caring as you, i have asked you a question this morning just being really cheeky and would love to ask you another if i may???/ is it possible if an spirit dont cross over and just stay here??????i think when my time is up i dont think i could leave my kids sides...has it ever happened before some souls refuse to cross over?????// thanks again chris and on behalf of everyone here and ever met you thank you for being you god bless panteha/patty
2168. hi chris, just a thank you note and a gratitude beyond belief... can not believe i have received an answer to my questions and an email from you personally usually i get a reply from assistance with a very short note...i am forever grateful and can not wait to have a personal private phone reading and i do hope and pray to meet you and your lovely wife kim oneday in australia i will be in the first row :)and please believe i have no fear of dying since ive been reading your page and website i have no fear of dying or leaving my childrens side now knowing i will be very close by... you are truly a blessing ...once again thank you...god bless, patty
2169. Hello, Chris. Last week, my mother, a funeral director, experienced a few very odd events at her workplace. The first involved hearing a ghostlike, crackling voice at the other end of the telephone, after it rang in an abnormal way (abnormal as in not long-distance or local). Second, as she was independently working on her files just before leaving for the night, she had a premonition that she was being watched. She informed the ambiguous being to leave her alone. After doing so, she heard a loud "thud" from the upper floor of her funeral home (and she was the last person there). A week later, at her other place of work, a long piece of paper towel came out of the dispenser without anyone being near it. Later that day, while embalming, her coworker's iPod seemingly turned itself on, as again no one was close to it when it began playing blaring music. Once more assuming that ghosts were behind it, she told the "spirit world," quite sternly, to turn off the iPod. Seconds later, the iPod shut off without any of her colleague's touching it. Do you believe that a spirit was trying to communicate with her by doing these odd things?
2170. hi again chris, im sorryto keep bothering you please dont feel that you have to answer my every question...you are the first person that has/had ever answered my questions... im just questioning about all the cruelty and poverty in the world...why is with such a loving god that we have there is so much anguish poverty in the world???when i see so many children in africa and the other part of the world suffering with hunger and other sort of diseases or seeing cruelty to animals it just tortures my souls unbelievably and unbarebly...why is it...why is there so much suffering and cruelty?? i know and understand that they all decided to come to this world to be treated this way either for learning or teaching but why does our god that is full of incredible love allows this???? even when im writting this its aches my soul to think of it...once again im really sorry to keep bothering you...i feel you are my only link to god and answers and truly you dont have to answer my every question...thanks again chris...god bless, patty
2171. Hi Chris. I actually live here too. I finally realise that the dreams I had as a teenager were actually future events that would occur. I read an article on empaths and wonder if I am one. Also I always have had a strange way with animals. They seem to trust me. A co-volunteer called me an animal whisperer today at work. LOL. Lady Wolf
2172. hello Chris, when doing a reading do you know if the information you are picking up is from the past or could it be from the future? would you know if it was from the future and if so would it be set in stone so to speak?
2173. when someone has an abortion, what happens to that fetus ?
2174. Hi Chris, If a person takes a slight detour from their intended path, does it affect how they feel? Like you are out of sorts for some reason you cannot pin point? I believe I have done that. You had told me 2.5yrs ago I would be moving again & I agreed that would likely be the case(no shock) I later listed my home & then in frustration took it off the market, then one day it hit me it would be pretty hard to sell that way...lol I have since re-listed & nothing until recently when I changed where I was looking to move. I have since had some showings & one is very promising & I hope to get an offer soon. During the last while I have felt so unsettled & I am wondering if that is why. I am currently reading the only thing that matters (Neale Donald Walsh)& the timing is very good as it is helping me see beyond some of my frustrations. I hope your prediction happens soon & I can get back on track :-) Thanks Chris, you are a wonderful resource & I so enjoy your website & book, Tracy
2175. When I was a teenager I awoke one night in bed feeling frustrated because I could not get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. I finally sat up in bed and there on the end of my bed was a lady in a dress from the 1800s....all ruffles and lace. She also wore a bonnet on her head. She didn't frighten me at all, she was smiling at me and I felt safe. When I looked at her face it was my face. That is what really shocked me into realizing what I was seeing...I became very frightened then and laid back in bed with the covers over my head. After I finally looked again and she was gone. I have never seen her since but I always wondered what it was that I saw and why I saw her. I cannot forget it. Can you give any insight into what happened to me?
2176. My 2 daughters and I had a private booking with you a few days ago. I was a good reading in that the departed came through that we wished to communicate with. I have felt very anxious and close to tears ever since the reading. I feel unusually restless and emotional. It there an explanation that you can offer up for this??? Lee
2177. hi chris is it different from one medium to another how they communicate with the otherside?????? just wondering as i saw one of your interviews on the youtube where you stated you cant communicate with your loved ones but you can feel them around and then i read other books by other mediums which they can it is different case with you????? it would be terrible doing this for years and for other people but cant do it for yourself...do you ever have to go to other medium to hear from your loved ones????? thanks again chris patty
2178. Hi Chris, This is just a note of much appreciated thanks. You met with my husband Ken a few weeks back and had channeled both his brother and father. I cannot tell you in words, the immeasurable peace and comfort that gift brought to him. I often have them visit at night - but have never been able to directly channel them - and have resigned to enjoying the comfort of knowing they are both in a great place (Passed according to their plan, at their time etc.) But Ken really enjoyed the benefit of re-connecting with them and hearing it for himself. We have listened to the CD several times, and it is heart warming to see Ken smile and laugh, at what he knows is typical of his brother. Again - I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your incredible gift with people. You are an instrument of comfort and peace for so many people. xo
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