2179. hi chris are you sure you dont have some degree in psychology by any chance????? :))) some of your answers are so deep and have so much depth to them...i am really amazed and astounished...you are amazing in what you do...just a quick question?when you recieve an email or letters do you get any sense or feeling about that person?????what kind of person they are or they are in a good place or not i hope im making sense :)))just in general do you get anything by reading so MANY emails and are in contact with so many people or even when you do the reading do you get any feeling or sense anything when you talk to them over the phone or meeting them??? i hope im not too confusing :) thank you again and again for every minute of your time that is dedicated to everyone and helping everyone...bless you, patty
2180. Hi Chris. I have done meditation and had become so close to hearing those that have passed away but was told through a medium that my deceased brother is telling me I will communicate but am not ready due to severe heartache. Because I will always have heartache from his passing I don't know how I will know when I can begin my practicing again. How would I know when it is ok?
2181. I understand how its possible that people can communicate with the other side and get information on what will happen in the future of a persons life. What I can;t yet understand is why they are sometimes wrong. I understand the influence of free will, however, they must have seen certain events unfold which affect many people all at once so to mention an event only to have it be wrong is hard to understand for me.
2182. Hi Chris, When a young child, 3 1/2, passes, does he continue to age as he would have on earth? Let's say, the parents pass in 40 0r 50 years...will he be 43 or 53yrs old to meet them? Last one...we know the child that passed through the bonds of love is with his parents. His Mother is expecting another child soon and I feel that the child that passed is deeply "involved" with the new baby. Am I nuts or is this possible? I know you are a humble man, but you are truly a gift from above and a blessing. Many thanks vera
2183. Hi Chris, I do not know if you answered this or not (I'm still looking)but you have mentioned as well as many other mediums that when your time is up, it's meant to be up. We've written our charts and how we die is in stone (right?) but what about suicide? Is that a planned exit too? Were people who have committed suicide meant to die then and did they write that into their chart to die that way? Also, do we have an b,c,d option for dying or do we only plan one exit (death)? Thank you and I love your Ask Chris section. So helpful! xo Missy
2184. I want private reading how can I book it
2185. Chris I'm having a hard time moving forward since my husband has past away 2 1\2 years ago. I have friends tell me that I must let him go so he be at rest . But I can't bring myself to. I feel if I do he will be gone for good & won't be around anymore to leave me a sign . After 46 years of being together I'm afraid to loose him . He was my Husband, my best Friend , I'm lost .Please can you give me your input . Sue
2186. Chris, one day after crying and being very upset about my son a few month after he passed I thought I was going blind. I was seeing tiny shiny diamond in the air. I could only see from the very center of my eyes. Everything else were diamonds in the outside air. Was this my son? It lasted a few minutes.
2187. How do I know when you've answered my question? What do you feel from me or energy around me?? I'm in immense grief, shock and sadness.
2188. I had a dream that my son called me and told me he was taking a class on Fleeting. Could this be?
2189. Hi Chris, can I pick your brain for a moment? In your answers here you have mentioned that "soul needs trump human desires". My question is does soul needs trump free will? Can our free will trump our written plan? For example if we written into our charts to murder someone or hurt them for soul experience, can our own free will trump that. Lets say it was destined to happen that woman had gun pointed at man and it was written for her to shoot him, what if she in her heart didn't want to shoot him, can her free will decide not to? In other words I am trying to figure out how much free will we have, I understand we can choose how we react to any situation, but is it only that? Our free will is limited to our emotions or can we literally decide more. And if no, soul needs trump free will, at that moment that she has a gun and didn't want to shoot who or what (her own soul?) would take over her emotions to make sure she shot and killed that person? You see? If it is meant to happen, what makes it happen at that precise moment. Do angels, God or our own soul take over so it does happen? I hope you understand what I am trying to get at. I have never read so much information that my soul agrees with. Your Ask Chris section is truly wonderful and helpful. You always tell people honest and true answers even when it does not benefit you. That is why I trust you. But I want you to know it is more than that, what you write rings true. As a reader of Edgar Caycee and Sylvia Browne (years ago)and many others who tell of life after death no one has resonated truth to my soul like you have. Thank you for being so selfless, giving and most of all for helping all of us. I cannot wait to read all these questions and answers compiled into one book! Thank you Chris! God Bless, Missy
2190. Hi Chris, do you too have a hard time finding balance with your spiritual side and human side. For example, say a mother kills her baby, my spiritual aspect will say she planned that life out for her and that was meant to happen for her and the baby but my human aspectside will think how in the world could she do that. I guess this is perhaps why we were not initially meant to know the meaning of life because balancing it is hard. As a society we can't let murderers just walk free because "oh hey, they all planned that to happen and it's okay with everyone in the end." Do you see the struggle I am getting at? How do you balance knowing the truth yet having human emotions on these negative doings? Thank you! M.M.Reed
2191. my cousin recently passed away and she committed suicide, i want to know is her soul at peace now?
2192. I need help please. I feel like I need to be told something. its a strong belief that someone is trying to let me know something. please help me. ive never considered contacting a medium but the thought has been in my head for the last few weeks. no matter what I do all I think about is this. when I saw your name I had to ask you this. not sure if its fate or what but I think your supposed to help me. Anna-Maria
2193. I brought my darling "P" for medical treatment requiring anesthesia and I was a little anxious and very tightly focused on her during the first 30 minutes of the procedure, which was expected to take several hours. For the first 30 minutes I was intently visualizing safety, health, and love around her. Then the doctor's assistant came out and told me everything was going really well, she had taken the anesthesia mask calmly, and her vital signs looked great. This was a huge relief to me. The assistant said that since it was going so well and would take at least a couple more hours I should go get something to eat. I waited a few minutes, then left to get food. I was in the process of ordering lunch when I got a phone call to return to the office as soon as possible. After returning, I learned she had died within minutes of my leaving the building. (They did not call me until 30 minutes later.) I feel terribly guilty for multiple reasons, including leaving the office and relaxing my focus on her. I miss her desperately and am lost without her. My questions: Did my darling feel pain during the procedure? Did my earlier choices do anything to cause her death, or shorten or extend her life? Did the doctor do anything wrong that contributed to her death? Do you get any sense of her or message from her regarding me?
2194. My husband recently passed. I found out after he died that there was a problem. I was hoping you could tell me if he knew of this problem? Sincerest thanx.
2195. Hi Chris, I'm a curious agnostic whose recently taken an interest in videos of you on youtube, and was wondering what your take is on something that's been perplexing me for awhile. I was wondering where psychopaths stand in the grand scheme of things. If there are people who do terrible things because they lack empathy (amongst other psychological abnormalities) what exactly is going on here? did they choose to enter the world with a lack of empathy? are they 'new souls' with an under-developed consciousness? is a brain abnormality restricting their access to a fuller consciousness? why would psychopathic individuals even factor into a coherent, rational and good reality? if I was born a psychopath could I cultivate a sense of empathy, or is free will restricted in this particular regard? thank you for your time
2196. I wondered if you are able to do telephone readings and if so, how much would it cost please? I live in the UK. Thank you. Sharon
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