2197. Do you sit down and speak to your spirit guides on a daily basis? If so, what type of questions do you ask them? Have you ever slipped in a question to spirits before a reading? (You mentioned spirit usually comes before the client even comes in/calls) Perhaps a question like: 'Hey who is gonna win the hockey game tonight?'(Not for gambling of course!!)or what do you usually say to them when they initially appear and do you do this telepathically? I could ask questions forever! You wrote something, many things actually, so beautiful that it brought me to tears and is the BEST thing I ever read, you wrote: "God is my best friend". What a awesome thing to write, believe and to KNOW! Thank you for that moment. Made me realize so much. God Bless! M.M.Reed
2198. Hi Chris, What is your feedback for someone who lives a life where they are suffering say for example, living with a diagnosis of hiv and having to deal with the psychological and social pain. How can one feel at peace when they feel so broken? Is there a reason behind suffering?
2199. Hi Chris, Fo you do readings over the phone or over the Internet?
2200. Hi Chris. If all souls planned everything in their lives beforehand then isn't the state of the earth and everything that happens in it the direct cause of us planning those events before we even got here? And in order for the world to get better wouldn't souls have to plan for better experiences? Can you blame Hilter and all he killed if He and all the souls planned that outcome to happen. Therefore the real culprits to a world that is overcrowded, raped, murdered, poor and negative are really our souls in spirit and we need to all stop planning horrible things to happen all at once and balance it better. If a million souls planned to get murdered during the same life period the natural outcome is going to be a darker, negative world. Want to stop overcrowding - birth control, condoms etc; isn't the real root, the real root is us incarnating at the same time in the first place. No?
2201. my brother took his life. was he mad at us?
2202. Hi Chris, I have been interested in meeting you for awhile. If I were part of a group session, would I be guaranteed a reading? Thanks.
2203. If you bring a person to attend a reading with you, could the reading gear towards the person you bring instead of the person the reading was initially intended for?
2204. I have had a few dreams that came true,especially when I dreampt them 3 nights in a row. Then I had a recurring nightmare of my death. So, I purposfully stayed awake for almost 24 hrs. After that I did not dream for years . And have only had 2 dreams that have come true since the bad dreams 19 yrs ago. Most of the times I do not remember my dreams at all. I have felt a hand resting on my shoulder once when I was sitting in the shower and wondered if it was a loved one comforting me?
2205. Do people who commit suicide go to the same place as those who don't
2206. Hello Chris, I am not sure if you have already answered this in another post, if so my apologies. My question: how does one take memories/experiences from this present life to the next? Thank you for your help!
2207. Hi Chris....I want you to know that I am amazed by you....I don't know what made me or how I stumbled onto you today, but let me tell you that I have literally been reading and watching everything that you have on the internet. I am going through these questions, and a lot of my questions are being answered. I am wondering if I am being led to you...I have 3 best friends who are sisters, who are like my sisters, and their mother was like my second mom. Yesterday was the 3 year anniversary of her passing. I was privileged enough to help take care of her and was there when she passed. She did come to me in a dream during the first few weeks of her passing. We always talk to her, and know that she is with us. I reference her to her one daughter as a white butterfly. But she has been having strange occurrences happening and I keep telling her that it is momma trying to let you know she is here. BUT, I think I need to do more, hence the reason for finding you? I don't know what to do. I love her and her daughters with all my heart.
2208. I have had visits (in dreams) from my father who died. I would like him to visit my son also as my son has severe anxiety following his grandfather's death. If I just ask my father to visit my son will he hear me?
2209. Hi Chris. I recently found your videos posted on YouTube -- you're amazing. I'm so glad I found the website as well. I have a couple questions: 1. Can someone who passed 30 years ago still come through as strongly as someone who died more recently? 2. I know you believe in signs (as do I) but do spirits have the ability to play a certain song on the radio? Often when I am VERY upset or really need my deceased loved one and I turn on a radio, a very particular song comes on - could they really make that happen? It feels like more than a coincidence but how could they impact a DJ's song choice? A loved one passed away long ago when I was pretty young (about 11)- my life has taken a particular turn that has me leading a life very similar to the person that passed away and I find myself wishing all the time that she could be here for me to guide me and help me through the hard times since she also experienced this (w/o a lot of detail, I'm not leading a life of a "typical" 36 year old woman). I SO want to hear from her. I wish you were closer -- I would drive to your office today! Since that's not possible - do you have any suggestions that I might be able to try to communicate with her? I need to know I'm doing the right thing and I feel like her opinion still really matters (I know that's silly since she isn't here and would support/love me no matter what!)As time goes by, it's becoming more and more important to me. Any "talking to your deceased loved ones for dummies/beginners" information I could try? I'd appreciate any guidance or advice you might have -- I know she's there -- I just want to communicate with her somehow. Thanks so much for your time and consideration. Keep up the amazing work. ~Melanie Jortner (meljortner@gmail.com)
2210. Hi Chris, About four months ago I lost my grandmother, who I was very close too. I have not really dealt with her death, which I am sure time will help me with this. I have a strong interest in the "after life" and was really hoping I would have some sort feelings or indication that my grandmother was around me. Maybe I am weird for thinking that, but so be it. The only thing that has happened so far is that I had a dream about her last night and it was really strange, nothing super comforting. I guess I am wondering why she has not tried to say "hey" from the other side or even why I can't feel her around me? Is it strange that I think this can happen? I miss her like crazy. Thanks Chris.
2211. Hi Chris I'm 45 years of age and trying to rebuild my life and get back into employment after 10 years of illness. I feel that I won't get back on track and have been having a lot of fears about the future which has stopped me eating and sleeping. Without going into too much detail I keep wanting to kill myself but the thought of my children and loved ones holds me back. I also read conspiracies about New world order agendas and it is making me paranoid that there is an agenda happening. I hope my words to you can be understood. I need some sort of comforting closure. Thankyou so much for taking the time to read my concern. I'm John and live in the UK.
2212. Hi Chris: my question regards our pets, and when it's required to put them down, due to sickness, old age etc. When animals pass, due they, like us regain health and youth when they pass? Do we see them again. I have had a session with you and plan to visit again. It's been years... Thankyou for your time. Melanie
2213. Hello Chris, I have a follow two questions (from 2206). I hope they are not to long to answer:+ 1) How does one connect ones "pc" to the "internet"? I.e. What must one do to remember past memories/lives? 2) Is there a way at death to not forget current memories? I am very grateful for your help. There is not much information on the topic.
2214. Chris,is there anyway a person can actually communicate with a spirit on their own without a medium. If so, how would you do that?
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