2215. Hi Chris. Thank you for my reading today, it's Salvina. Something you said today didn't have any meaning for me until just after I left your office. My dad gave you a message about 3 children, 2 alive and 1 deceased during pregnancy. I could not relate to this at the time, but I realized after that he was referring to my sister. She has two kids and lost another during pregnancy at the third or fourth month. I promised her today that I would ask you if there was a message from my dad in regards to this baby. Not sure if you remember this part if the reading. Thank you again.
2216. I would really like to meet with you but am unsure how to contact you and if I will find the answers I'm looking for
2217. Hi Chris, I am a nurse,Im wondering if when the end comes does our spirit leave our physical body even while we are alive ? I like to think that when my patients are near death,and their body is shutting down, that they've already moved on. Especially my hospice patients, their lungs fill up at the end and I do feel when Im by their side, their spirit has already left . Can you share your experience or views on this? Thanks :)
2218. What does it mean when you see a love one in your dreams who had just recently passed away?
2219. Chris, thank you in advance for your answer. I was wondering how it works when you are doing a reading with someone's relatives who doesn't speak English. Is there a language barrier when it comes to transmit a word for word sentence ?
2220. My beloved dog died from cancer 1 year ago. For a week after her death I heard her squeaky toy, my husband probably thinks I was just comforting myself but I am sure I heard it. Will her soul return in another pet? Does she know how much I still miss her? Does she understand the circumstances of her death? Should I even consider another dog?
2221. Hi Chris, My mom passed away in Feb this year. A few days after her death I could feel her presence in my home and then it felt that she went away. Recently I felt her again the other night. I don't know if it is my mind playing tricks or my desire to know she is okay that is creating all this in my mind. I want to know if she is at peace and if there is anything I can do for her.
2222. Hi Chris: Terry Lynn here, and this time I have a question for you to pose to yourself :o)) I'm going to give my experience for an example, not as a personal question for you to answer, but as a 'what if' for you to put into context. OK, so I had a reading with you a couple of years ago, (which was a huge catalyst in my ?metaphysical journey). In that reading I asked you about possible native ancestry, and though you explained that giving information about ancestors can not be validated, you did come up with a name and area. It seemed improbable at the time, just because the group of natives I was wondering about were on the opposite side of the continent. Bear with me, I'm getting to my question (for you). so, just recently, I've had an energy healing, and in it I became very relaxed and daydreamy and wondered to myself if I would be able to attain that state on my own. I got the thought that, 'oh ya, it's like when I do this'. "this" was me sitting on the edge of a clearing, playing a native drum and singing. As I was pulling away from the feeling, I realized that "I" was not only native, but a man. Assuming that I was getting a glimpse into how I was, or how I attained peace in a past life - as a native man, IS IT possible that you were reading a past life portion of ME, instead of my physical ancestor ? Would you know if you were getting a previous 'lifetime' persona in a reading and how would you distinguish it from a current one ? Good luck !! Thanks, Terry Lynn
2223. Hi Chris, my brother recently died and I am trying to look after his estate. it's been very difficult and a lot of road blocks. could he be upset with the way I am handling things and the problems I'm running into are his way of stopping me? For example, I still don't have the certificate to say I'm the executor and his house is supposed to be closing next week. does he not like the family that is buying it? I know this might sound crazy, but I feel like I'm losing my mind over this.
2224. Hi Chris What is your interpretation of the feeling of "deja vu"? A few times over my lifetime (I am 44)I have gotten a sudden weird feeling of clarity and then I know what will happen and or be said next. It only lasts for a few seconds and then I feel the feeling of clarity slip away again. It always happens at insignificant moments. I am not able to predict things, I just feel like I know the next thing that will be said. It has only happenned to me a handful of times. Do you know what I am talking about? and why do you think this happens?
2225. A family member has just passed away recently and a lot of close people are having a hard time dealing with itand want to met with you for a reading, we are unsure about what to do and was wondering if you could let us know
2226. Hi Chris, I sent you in a question last week and called on Friday to try and set up an appointment, but the message said you were away until today. At first, I was worried that I wasn't going to have my 'answer' in time for what I have to do today, but now I see that that wasn't what happened at all. Since I sent my question in, I've been reading all kinds of q's on here that are related to what I've been feeling (of course). I feel that reading your replies to others has given me the peace that I needed to be able to get through this next step (today we move all of my brothers belongings out of his house in order to sell it). I am still going to call for an appointment, but I am no longer feeling the sense of urgency I felt last week. So, all this to say, you've helped me without even knowing it. Thank you so much.
2227. Dear Chris, my boyfriend attempted suicide following a argument. 6wks later in 2010 after arguing (while fighting he showed me a huge bullet) he said he wanted to go to his brothers to talk and he shot himself in the head. I found him within minutes (he sent me a text about his plan and saying goodbye) sitting next to a garage it was a horrible sight the way he looked is too graphic. From a distance without even thinking I knew he was gone it wasn't a thought more a feeling in the air. I could see a bloody curtain blowing in the wind from a glass door he had smashed through. The first thing I did unconsciously was drop to the ground and prayed for him to go to heaven. This still baffles me. What was I experiencing knowing that he was gone before investigating and where did the prayer come from? After those moments I changed horribly I mentally broke down, would go into psychosis and hallucinate for days, lost my kids, and did drugs that I was against. People later telling me stories I don't remember. I was in mental hospitals weeks at a time for months and had over 30 electric shock treatments. Lots of counseling and meds have helped a lot and I got my kids back a year later but I have a hard time addressing the loss of him, not knowing how horrible he was feeling, the fact of me knowing they took the guns to his brothers after the first attempt, and he showed me the bullet before he did it. I have since then been in a relationship and when we first met I explained that when I get to heaven I want to be with my boyfriend that is passed. I struggle with a lot of different guilt one is that when I'm not happy in the relationship I talk to and want to be with my boyfriend that has passed. This causes guilt for me because I feel like I'm somehow cheating and for the boyfriend that I lost. I don't want him to think I've moved on without him. I feel a presence in my home but do not know who it is, I have seen shadows but they seem too small to be him, (by the way I haven't had hallucinations for 2 yrs lol and its nothing at all like psychosis) and just had a dream I could see his face so clearly, in the beginning he was mad at me but at the end I got to see his smile it was the best feeling ever. I need to know if he's ok with everything and if he knows how much I love him. Sorry for this being so long but its a long story. If u could give me your thoughts on any of this It would be so appreciated. I think you are amazing a true blessing to this world. Thank you for your time...Camille
2228. Hello Chris, I was wondering what your thoughts are on the mentally ill, if they (while ill) do bad things like suicide or committing crimes. Would they still get into heaven? My feeling is that God takes them in because they are sick. Have you ever heard from spirit that was mentally ill while here in the physical world? If so could you tell about your experiences with that? Thanks for your time, your a true blessing!!!!
2229. I had some belongings from my boyfriend that passed in an instant. I was away for at most 4 minutes came back and he was gone. I can't find the belongings anywhere and they mean so much. After his passing I had a very difficult time and can't remember a lot of that time. They were sealed in a bag and I want so badly to smell him one more time. I am so scared that I did something to the belongings and don't remember. If you can pick up on any of this I will forever be in debt to you.
2230. RE 2220: Thank you Chris. I know that your answer is right. Thank you for your time and effort - you are genuine! Perhaps hearing her favorite toy (that she was buried with) was a message that she is happy and playing. Do you ever get a message from an animal? What about wild animals?
2231. Hi Chris, is there a overall plan for the world? Do we or some people chart lives with the purpose to change the world or is the world and its outcome a simple result of our individual charts? Also, what is the difference between the soul and the spirit? Is there one? If yes are our souls within human bodies while our spirit remains in heaven and if yes how does that work do we merge when we die? So fascinating, everything! Thank you Chris. M.M. REED
2232. Hi Chris,I am so glad I found you through youtube. For years now I feel a spirit or entity that follows me. I mostly feel it on my right shoulder. I feel warmth and tingling through my whole body when this entity is next to me. I sometimes hear my name called. I many times I wondered who that might be. I wonder if this entity is my spiritual guide or is one or both my parents that have passed away long time ago. Thank you so very much Chris.
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