2233. When one can feel a feathery touch on the body and no fans are in operation, and no other people present, does this indicate a spiritual presence is around?
2234. I am wondering why you have not been answerkng questions lately, I want to have a reading done but am nervous that whomever I want to come through will not, is there anyway I could know before I take that step. And I also want to know will my religion make it hard to have a reading?
2235. Is there a day set for every death?
2236. Hi Chris, e my question is, I know there is a difference between a medium and a phychic, but do spirits, who's "time" is not like ours see our "futures"? Like for instance my husband has passed away, would he know if I will meet someone new in my future and relay that through you if I asked?... And if this was all " planned" before we got here and we all chose these lives, when you become spirit again do you remember you were spirit before being human... Like do you see the whole picture? Does that make sense? Sorry I guess I asked more then one question
2237. Wow, you have taken the time to answer so many questions, it really shows how much you care about other peoples needs. Great work & God bless.
2238. Do you ever come in contact with your own deceased family members?
2239. do our loved once reincarnate into the same families or people their have been around all their life or does reincarnation separate us. i have never understood that and can't imagine loves so strong being broken due to death.
2240. 19.) Is it normal after a reading from you or another medium to think about it constantly and to feel very emotional about the experience? I find myself more "in-tune" with myself and often I feel like someone is behind me or with me? I sometimes get goosebumps....Thanks for the awesome reading!
2241. Hi Chris, although I have not met you before, but through the videos I saw of you on youtube,I was amazed of the gift you posses. It is truly a blessing to have you here to help guide and teach people about who we really are and where we all come from. I think knowing this truth about myself really gave me the inspiration to love others and to truly enjoy and cherish every moment of my existence on earth. Thank you so much. My question for you is, do you see into the future? and is predicting and seeing the future something god wants us to know? what do you see in the future for humankind in the next 100 years?
2242. Re 2234 I wanted to apolizse if my questin seemed a demanding and rude its just I was very anxious to get an answer I apprieate this services you do and again very sorry
2243. I have a bit of a strange question. If a family is together during a reading, how do you know which family member they are trying to get a message to? I'm trying to figure out if it would be better to book on my own or as a group, or does it matter? When I mentioned to others in my family that I was going to eventually come and see you, they've all said they want to come too. I don't know if that's such a good idea. they are coming to one of your fundraisers with me, but to me that's different since no one may come through for any of us at all (even though if would be great if they did).
2244. I was not close to either parent. Didn't know one at all and the other wasn't interested. So who will be there when I die?
2245. Hi Chris, This just might be the strangest question you've ever answered.Forgive me if this post is long but I have to explain the situation leading up to my question. I've been to see you twice and my dad came through on both occasions with things you could never have known. Validating that you are the real deal, which I never doubted to start with. As you know from our 2nd reading; he has been sending dimes to his loved ones. We all find them in the most peculiar places: in a shoe, a water bottle cap etc, so I know he is very much around us. Well, the weirdest seemingly impossible thing happened. I talk out loud to him often and more so when I feel his presence. One night I was making a costume for an annual family event he always enjoyed. In fact, the summer before his passing him and I made his Grandchildren's costume together..so as I sewed I talked to him and I had tears flowing as I told him how I recalled working together the last summer he was here and as I spoke there was a loud bang as the door shut and the light flickered. I said "Daddy, you must be learning a lot over there if you can slam doors like that." The lights flickered again as I headed up to bed. It was 3:10 am. My husband and son were both upstairs sound to sleep. The next morning my son could not find his cell phone anywhere. He usually has it on the bedside table. He asked for my cell to call his own and as he turned mine on he looked at me in confusion. My phone showed a text message from him sent at 3:10 am. He was fast asleep at that time. He called his phone number and we followed the ringing sound to his room and located his phone under his queen sized bed in the center of the floor. It too showed the sent text message. His cell has a security feature so that it cannot accidentally pocket dial. A password needs to be entered to unlock and use it. I told him of the door slamming and my comment to his Papa about learning a lot on the other side as we looked at each other in amazement. The text message?: "I AM IN CLASS NOW", I must add that this excited us and I was eager to travel the 2 hours to visit my mother who is quite a skeptic. I wanted to tell her the story and show her both phones. We arrived at her house that weekend to find both text messages had completely disappeared from both cells!!! So, my question is this: Is this even possible? Can they communicate through technology like that? We have no other explanation!! Thanks Chris, Kim.
2246. Hi Chris, I have dreams talking to my son wich is been missing for some years now, is it posible the things he tells me are true that he is ok and not dead? Could he been trying to reach to me?
2247. Hi Chris , Hope all is well ! How taxing it must be to repeat yourself constantly in regards to the fact that ,yes our loved ones are on the other side and if we only stop ,listen and feel , we can enjoy each others company on a constant basis As much as I want to be able to assist and help others understand,receive important messages and to see the burden of the unknown release from their souls ,I now understand what a high price you pay in order to share your LOVE with everyone who reaches out to you.At this point I spread the message with a smile and a listening ear As we plan our "life" and for lack of a better word "death" prior to each individual journey on earth ,I can only guess that you may be planning your next to spend some time on a mountain top. Please know your work is very much apprciated GOD bless Jim
2248. Dear Chris, I recently had been pregnant and at 22 weeks out of nowhere went into labor and none of my doctors can find anything that caused this do you believe that the reason of it could be the baby just trying to end there pain. Do you believe that a baby can feel pain at that stage I'm having such a hard time with this I just keep thinking what could I have done differently to prevent this why did I go so long into my pregnancy for it to end so horribly I cant help but think I'm being punished I just can't wrap my head around it. In the beginning of my pregnancy I was just always worried having some kind of feeling something wasn't right and I had several dreams early on of my baby being premature do you think that those could of been signs something was going to happen?
2249. Do those who pass change personality once gone because they learned something crossing over? Do they always bring uplifting messages? Do they encourage something that could cause negativity or dischord between people for fairness sake? Should one always leave a session feeling good vs. confused
2250. Hi Chris thank you for input on #2204. That makes sense now I had just gotten off work and was tired and sitting as the hot water bounced off my back and the hand felt calming, until I turned around ,shower curtain closed. I am such a chicken. At that time there was many strange happenings at work and home but we will leave that alone. I hate to ask another question but this is important - I enjoyed reading the other answered questions, If your not too tired maybe you can give this a go. My boyfriend Chris has never known his biological father. The only thing his mom Rose has told him is he was gay and she will not tell him anything more. I know this bothers him not because he wants a father son relationship. Although, I am sure he wonders what his name is. He has a wonderful stepfather who has been in the picture for over 20 years. He wonders about genetics that might be passed on to his 2 daughters himself. Thank you very much.
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