2269. Hi Chris... I commend you for all the things you do to help people. You are very genuine and full of integrity. I do have a question, can our dearly departed read our mind/thoughts without uttering a word? Looking forward to meeting you. Can you sense my recently departed love one reaching you. I told him before he passed away that I will be trying to reach you. Thanks- Rebeck
2270. Hi Chris in April we lost our dad to colon cancer. He wanted to die at home so my sister and I flew home to grant his last wish. My part was to administer his needles and hers was for moral support and help with my mom who's in a wheelchair. Weeks after my return every time I look at any clock day or night its always 11 after something. I started making a log of it and now its happening even when I'm out for groceries. My cell lights up with no one touching it just to say 6.11 There have been so many more incidents to many to mention. I have looked up books and have had a medium even come to my house. All I have been is that 11 is a very high spiritual number and no matter how you break it down it keeps coming back to me! Please help. Thank you for any insight you can help me with!!
2271. Hello Chris....why would it be harder for some spirits to come forward than others? Is it harder for those that have crossed over many years ago to come through? Do some spirits have more of a need to come through? Thank you for you time in answering these questions. Kim and Lorraine
2272. hi chris thanks for the reply, wish kim would hurry up and call me with an appointment :))) is it possible for a soul not want to recarnate? do we have that choice or do we have to, to acheive or become perfect. what happens if one decide not to come back again????/thanks again and hope you will write another one yours is so different to others its really great will read it again in a few months or so...thanks again chris, truly after reading and studying about so many different mediums and psychics you are the best out there, or maybe in my mind or opinion...god bless,patty
2273. Hi Chris, I have written to you a couple of times over the years and I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your heart felt responses. I understand that you really don't have to answer any of these questions, but you do, and you do it so well. :) Thank you!
2274. hi chris, guess who? :) just a silly question then again ive been told no question is silly, well maybe the one that one guy asked you for the lotto numbers :) i thought your answer was quite funny, anyhow back to my question, i have been chasing psychics and mediums most of my adult life and have seen a lot and studied about quiet a few and even the famous ones like john edwards, joanne gerber, john holland, rita berkowitz, james v praagh just naming the few ive read their books studied about them watched their work on youtube but, somehow since i came across your name and watched your work i have stopped searching, im a bit puzzled to why is it its like i have found the right one and do not need to search any further, i do hope it makes sense. you may not have any answer to my puzzle or question and please know im not saying these in any offence to you i think you are truly amazing and maybe thats why it has stopped me on my track and search.or maybe there is a connection. who knows? if you do would love to hear.also when is the next book coming out.thanks chris. patty
2275. For as long as I can remember I have always felt something around me, even when I’m alone I never feel like I’m alone. I use to think it had to do with my childhood home, but I’ve moved several times in my life and this feeling is always with me. It isn’t constant it comes and goes and can happen at any time during the day or at night, but is stronger when I’m comfortable and rested. As a child I would have terrible nightmares but I was never exposed to any time of trauma or anything that would give me the dreams I would have. Now as a 30 year old at night, not every night, and with no rhyme or reason I’ll wake up to the sound of a voice, muffled and it sounds like it’s coming from down the hall but there is no one in my house and my husband is sound asleep. Anytime I do wake up in the middle of the night I feel like someone is there, not in a scary way like I need to check my house for a burglar but more in an annoyed way like someone has woken me. Some nights I can’t get back to sleep because…wakeful rest is the only way I can describe it, it’s like visions of someone else’s experiences. My husband says they are just dreams based on events that happen in my daily life but I don’t feel like I’m asleep and it’s almost like someone is showing me a story, or a moment, and sometimes it’s like I’m paralyzed with fear. When I wake up in the morning I can never fully remember it. Reading this back it sounds exaggerated or made up but I want to know if I should ignore this or if I should welcome it more…or if there is one person who is trying to get me to listen.
2276. Hi Chris, I am a confused lady do not get me wrong "I totally believe" but my question is, is my loved ones ok do they still exist other than in my heart I miss my momma and dad so bad and I talk to them constantly I am wishing they are listening to me guess what I am really asking is are they acknowledging me in their own way and what are the ways,bet I seem confusing to you believe me I am confusing to myself oh please help me understand and to know ,thanks so much wish you came to nova scotia I would love a reading !!
2277. hello Chris, about 6 years ago i had a reading with you and it blew me away that you knew everything that you had told me regarding loved ones that passed away with information only i knew about, at that time my life was beyond a mess and you said that i had a beautiful future ahead.. well you couldn't have been more wrong i'm sad to say. chronic pain took over my life a few years ago which ended my marriage due to an unsupportive wife and now i am a stranger to my 13 month old son who i now live hours away from for legal issues. my life couldn't be much worse. during that reading which at that time you were spot on there was only 1 issue that i didn't comprehend..you had asked me if i had a family member that had hanged themselves and i have not. could it be possible that the person you saw was in fact me in an event that hasn't happened yet? because that's where i'm almost at right now. signed separated fathers have no rights!
2278. hi chris, im sorry keep asking you questions so many questions, brain is over working :)... you mentioned few times when we cross over we keep our personality, so whatever happens to the murderers and people that are really nasty, do we have them amongst us when we cross over as well????? thanks chris, patty
2279. do you ever come to california
2280. hello Chris,my,my you are a busy man bringing comfort to a lot of people.My first talk with you is on page 1 I think.Life has gone by so swiftly and of course we all age.But altho my life is good to a point most of the people I loved are all passed now,and of late I am missing them terribly(not family members)I seem to be filled with a deep sadness and wish I could have done things different,and it is important to me that they know I am sorry for any hurt I caused.Do you think they know this or even care what I feel.God Bless Chris Mandy
2281. Hi Chris - Terry Lynn here: I've got a reading booked with you in the near future, and on looking back I realize it has been a whole 4 years since my first reading with you !! It was around that time, with your reading and a reading with psychic Kathy Furletti up north, that my whole philosophy took a huge left turn :o)) I had so many validations and positive predictions, that I found myself really calm and 'knowing', content in the fact that life was gonna be more than fine -- I had proof. This security allowed me to relax and come from a place of knowing, and since then, through reading tonnes of material, having energy healing, attending "1 or 2" of your seminars, and ?apprenticing in aboriginal spirituality, I have 'come a long way baby' :o)) I am much more open, and recognize signs from spirit much easier and much more often. I also think I have had a couple of life-changing experiences with glimpses into past life - that are helping me immensely in this life. so, after that long, drawn-out preamble, my question is, have you had people who have come to you at different times through their development - going from 'green' to somewhat aware ? and does it make a difference in that person's reading ? I'm thinking that I should be much more open or receptive to more in-depth topics because I can wrap my head around it now ? Or maybe there are things that I am ready to hear now, that would have floored me before ? What's your opinion on this ? (PS - you are my 'guru-once removed' -- a la "conversations with God, etc) Thanks so much for your insight, and I will welcome, and be grateful for whatever messages that I do receive. and as always, YOU ROCK !! Take care, Terry Lynn
2282. Hello Chris I do hate to bother you,but I sent a question to you last nite ,I wasn't quite sure at the time if it had gone thru,I didn't feel it had.Could you tell me if you received one from Madelin or Mandy.Im not rushing you just need to know if you got it.Thanks
2283. Hi, I've been recommended to contact you regarding a fundraising event. I was told you came to our area (Sturgeon Falls, Ontario ) this past summer for a "group reading". Is this something you still do?
2284. Hi Chris: Last fall I went to Blyth ON, to see you and was very pleased. A friend of mine also came and her son came through for her, I was so happy for her. It was amazing how spot on details where. I was wondering if you will be coming back up to this area anytime soon, as I would definitely come to see you again.
2285. Hi Chris. My question is about spirit attachments to the living. My father committed suicide after and was very drunk when he did. Had he been sober I don't know if he would have. Do some souls incarnate knowing they will eventually take their own life (or body, rather.....since life goes on). It seems that no matter who you ask, even psychics, suicide is always a big no-no. Mainly I was the only one with him when he finally crossed at the hospital. A shaman I visited 4 years later told me he was attached to me and still very confused. He thought he was protecting me, but not realizing his attachment was actually hurting me and doing more harm than good. I have not had an easy time since his death and could see that being true. During the session the shaman was finally able to get through to him (his thoughts were jumbled, hard to read and he seemed very lost) and explain why it was best to cross over now. I saw a bright light above and in front of me flash very quickly and at that same moment the shaman said he thought he was gone and finally crossed. It felt it too. I went home and had a serious cry, but have still not been doing well and don't think i will ever fully recover. i know it helps him by doing so and I try, but life is really hard. I just want to know if he really did cross, and if you think he was attached to me all those years. From what i read from you (and some others) spirits go to a better place rather quickly and no matter what. Do you not believe in earthbound spirits or in psychic spirit rescue? I have actually felt a calling towards this for a very long time. Long before my dad died. I'd love to hear your take on any of this. Sorry it was so longwinded. Thank you.
2286. hi chris, since you have quite a fan club here, any chance coming to australia??you and your family would love it here... TRULY :)
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