2287. I have a passing close to me and for some reason I cannot get this person out of my mind, is there a reason for this?
2288. Hi Chris thank you again for doing what you are do and easing a lot of peoples pain and suffering after losing a love one. I do have question regarding how people you love that have passed and how they would feel after dying knowing what they didn't know about me when they were alive. Would they feel any different or any resentment since they can see through us now clearly and know everything about us who are left behind after they die? Will they stop loving us after knowing what they can feel and see now? I have skeletons in my closets that I did not share with my dearly beloved because I do not think that its relevant in our relationship during that time. My life, love, attention and devotion only belongs solely to him, it's just that I have my flaws in life. Will this matter to them before or even after life? It just bothers me lot or there's a sense of guilt that I feel. I lost him through death and I don't want to lose him even after death. I look forward to being with him when my time comes. Thank you very much for your attention and more power to you and the great things that you do for a lot of people. You are truly blessed.
2289. Sometimes at night when I'm laying in bed I hear music playing, the windows can be closed and it is completely quiet outside. Sometimes it is so loud that I am completely woken up, the music is different from country, rock to even classical music. When I hear this I ask my husband if he hears it, he says no that I'm dreaming. Well I can tell you that I am awake and hear it so clearly that I can actually sing the words of songs I have never heard of. This doesn't happen every night but sometimes more often then others. Can you tell me why this may be happening? Thank you, just want to make sure I'm not going crazy ..... :) Thanks
2290. hey Chris i just want to tell you are a great inspiration to alot of people.. I am making a big change in my life right now and i would like to know if my husband is proud of me and my decision.... im sure he is but i guess i need that answer from him/// thank you for answering my question
2291. 1. Do psychic diseases or psychoses, such as shizophrenia and the multiple personality disorder, have anything to do with ("dead" or alive) spirits? 2. Do you think shamans have anything in common with "mediums"? If yes, what...? Or what's the main difference between them? 3. As a medium: Do you actually go into or feel the same intensity in relationships in your life as people with other "focal points" than Spirituality? I mean... you can talk and chat with them any time when they'll have passed away, no? 4. Do animals come through? Please excuse if any of my questions is too personal or provocative or something. I don't mind if you don't want to give response to all of them. Thank you :), Gabrielle
2292. Hi Chris my boyfriend passed away two months ago and i miss him so much i talk to him everyday.I want to feel him that wanna realise that he can see me, he also comes in my dreams.I am not able to focus on any other things. What can i do??
2293. I feel like someone talks to me occasionally and I feel a presence of someone with me. I worry this is my imagination. I am going through a hard emotional time, my voice seems to be giving me advice or could it be wishful thinking??
2294. Hi Chris, Have you had anyone ever write in with a question about seeing lights and things? I have a tendency to see bright lights momentarily flash in my peripheral, but recently they have been manifesting themselves in the form of, for lack of a better description, when a firework goes off and then starts to drop to the ground, like that. A bright falling light in my direct vision. It only stays for a moment, but they seem to be happening more frequently. Any ideas what this may be or how I should be dealing with it? Thanks so much Chris.
2295. Hi Chris,awhile ago I had dream about my grandfather.He had the biggest smile and kissed me on the forehead and then was gone.I havent thought of him in years.Do you believe we are visted by loved ones in our dreams?
2296. Hi Chris,i was wondering if you believe in ghosts as I do,and if you do,what is your explaination of them?
2297. hi chris,is it true before you die/cross over your life flashes before your eyes????? any update on your second book yet? god bless, patty
2298. Chris, do you do distance reading if we can't make it to Canada ? thanks Karen karenmlydon@comcast.net
2299. when I ask a question of my love in spirit can they answer right away or do I have to ask many times are they only allowed to contact us for certain amount of time
2300. I have just discovered this website and I find the questions very interesting. Sometimes I can feel the presence of a loved one which has passed, I even can hear the voice or see the person in my "inner view". does this mean I have connected with this loved one? Thank you for your time!
2301. Hi Chris, do you get the same reading from someone on the phone, or is it better in person? Thanks
2302. Hello Chris,I'm a bit of a skeptic, but I'm open minded and want to believe. I heard of some people using
2303. hi chris, was watching your video on youtube,you were conducting fundraising seminar in somewhere...just wondering why when in group the ones that have crossed over just stand next to their loved ones when they appear like when you do private reading??? what is the different? its just so much easier in private than the group...your seminars are great, love to watch them but getting validations from people in the group seems frustrating...thanks chris
2304. Hi Chris, I lost my best friend four months ago and I just wanted to know if her spirit is still around us or has it crossed over?
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