2305. Hi Chris, My oldest son (now 3) was born with a hole in his heart. We were told at about a week old that he would need open heart surgery to fix it at about 4- 6 months of age and that he would go into heart failure at about 6 weeks old. At 6 weeks we went for an ECHO of the heart to find that the hole had closed by half in size.His doctor was blown away,in all the cases she had dealt with or read about of a hole in this spot and size the child needed surgery. I have a strong feeling that a friend that had passed away almost a year before had a part in this miracle. Is this possible?...are spirits able to do this kind of thing? Thanks for your time!
2306. Hi Chris, I just recently found your channel, just this week, in youtube and has never left a single opportunity to watch or read about your readings. First of all, thank you for allowing yourself to be a gift to many of us who are grieving and continue to miss our loved ones who passed. I will only ask few minutes of your time through this venue because i don't have any other means yet since i'm in the Philippines. My question is about my father who passed 15 yrs ago. He died through suicide by shooting himself with a gun. I still think of him often and misses him a lot. I just wanted to know if he is happy with how i have been living my life, and if i'm in the right direction in my choices and decisions? Because right now, i feel so lost and many times i have thoughts of suicide myself. Please help me contact my father. Thank you so much. This will truly help me. Godspeed.
2307. Hi Chris, I've noticed that you and other mediums always mention that love is number one. While I think I understand what that means, knowing what you know about the Universe and the Other Side, is this because other emotions will result in a lower vibration and be a negative thing once you get over there? I get a bit confused by this and worry that anytime I get angry (as a normal human can) at something I'm going to regret it when I cross over!! Hope this makes sense.
2308. my mom passed last year i saw a beautiful butterfly at her funeral can loved ones come back as images to let us know they are free?
2309. Hey Chris what I would like to know is,like you said we cannot and should not live in the past that is gone but to live in the present and look forward should one not solve past issues resolve unfinished questions,? I can't no matter how much of a effort I make I can't bring myself to live in the present n look forward this sadness I cannot shrug I so want to come over and have a session with you. I was guided to your website that I have no doubt. Thank you for helping so many bereaved families.
2310. Please help. Do u do readings on phone or what is the arrangement? Thank you. Mermaidpjw@gmail.com
2311. Hi I was at the session you did last night for the Madd organization and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it to be true to the persons to which you were talking to. but there was one point where I got the feeling that there was a spirit that was there wants to talk to me. It was when you were talking to the first 2 ladies regarding their father. you were mentioning about a lady that had insulted one of the ladies at a wake or at the passing of one person you said you think her name was a Debbie, donna, Darlene or Diane....you said the person may talk. well for women reason last night my father was at home here and appeared in my dream which he woke me up to get my attention ... well the girl that was making the angels was my sister Darlene and we were fighting at the time. did not speak till recently and since made up. last night at the séance my farther was the one saying he was sorry for her doing that remark....I believe he was the other spirit that wanted to come thru but let the other spirit speak and took a back seat for them. so in the long run my father`s sprit did communicate with me. and to tll you the truth I do believe in the aftr world and sprits. you see I can communicate with them thru my dreams mostly and have had some encounters with ghosts on the old home stead before moving to Alliston. in the beginning they drove me nuts but now I have learned to deal, handle and cope with the messages they give me. oh btw I can talk to animals...Most people think I am nuts and now I laugh it off and joke about it myself. You are right no matter how much you try to convince them they will not believe you and think you are nuts. I want to thank you for the excellent show last night. it made me aware that my dad was trying to get to me and he apologized for that.I hope the have an encounter with you someday. Take care ... and I believe they are out there. TC. and ride save. Diane Litster
2312. Have you ever sat for a reading and no spirists were present for thar person?
2313. First let me say hello Chris I am a huge fan of your work! I had asked a question I had asked earlier in the day but when I submitted it I had gotten an error message, so I'm going to ask my question again. My name is Jennifer and I live in the USA in the state of Connecticut. For many years now I have been searching for a reputable medium in my area (preferably 1-2 hours drining distance) without avail. The reading is not for myself it's actually for my husband. I have called the phone number you have on your website to see if you had anything available in the near future for a phone reading but unfortunately you are booked until sometime in 2014. I did not however leave a message because when I posed the question to my husband as to whether he would be "game" for a phone style reading he gave me a blunt "NO". With a little probing he told me his reasoning as to why. Please don't be put off by what I'm about to say he stated "were not going to pay some guy money to talk to him over the phone". I was VERY upset with his answer to say the least! I really wanted to book this for him as a Christmas present but he's being SO reluctant. Needless to say my husband is a BIG believer in what you do I just think that he is scared/nervous that this dream/wish of his might actually finally be attainable. Or that me may be scared that no one (spirits) would show up (it was me that posted the question earlier about that happening). So with that being said has that ever happened? I personally can assure you that my husband has NOTHING to worry about in that aspect. Of course I have told him it may not be the "one" person in particular that he wants but someone would definitely have something to say to him (I know you don't know him but...who wouldn't?!?!) Ok enough with all of that. So I suppose I'm asking how far into 2014 are you booked for phone readings? That's if I can get a "yes" out of him (but I might go ahead and book anyways). And if I do book how does it work ie: can I be there, is speaker phone ok, if I am there and someone comes through for me would you reveal this info to me, and last how long is a typical phone session? Ok one more question I promise it will be the last ;) If this doesn't pan out the way I hope it does, meaning we get a reading from you, can you steer me in the right direction as to where I should look in my area? Thank you so much for what you do and the time you have spent reading my and so many others questions! I truly see you as a healer and even though I don't know you I think you are a wonderful human being! Thanks again. ♥Jennifer♥
2314. From SAMANTHA: Please elaborate as much as possible on pets, animals and the spirit. Can they communicate thoughts, feelings and are they with us after they have departed? Thanks so much.
2315. Hi chris.My brother who passed on in 2005 lost his dotter wen she was just 3yrs.He never recovered from her death and was very unhappy till his death.His wife and other dotter left him cos all he did was cry and blame the wife for the death.His business collapsed and he drank himself to death.I would like to know if hes finally reunited with his baby girl and if hes happy now.Thank you.Suzy.
2316. Hi Chris, I have issues with eating and food and I am at a point in my life where I feel like there is no hope for me on over coming this disorder. What role does food play in a person's life that allows it to completely control a person? Is there any hope for me?
2317. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for a great deal of my life and I keep trying hard to change but It seems as if things will never get better and that I will never be able to enjoy life. What steps can I make to become happy and live a positive life?
2318. Hello chris, I've been occasionally Been following your q&a. I'm still trying to figure out this spiritual side and mediums and researching NDE phenomenon. I see that u preach that we should follow our inner voice. However what about the inner voice that's self deprecating. Ever since my parents have passed I've became more spiritual and just soaking in all kinds of knowledge like reading the Bible and going to NDE forums and meetings and most recently reading your q&a and learning and growing spiritually. However ever since I have been doing this I noticed an inner voice. A voice that I try to ignore because it's self deprecating. For instance I think of my parents and an inner thought comes out that is like a Joker and jokes about things. Or even dreams that are just weird and dark. For instance I had a dream of my dad and he' yelling at me like I was a kid. You say to trust your instincts and that spirits communicate in dreams what about bad dreams like the one I had? Sometimes I wonder if it's. A possession type thing like another spirit or Satan, but I feel I'm not possesed and it's my inner mind that I'm having conflict. I feel this is something everyone will be in conflict with, but most ignore it, where I noticed and im observing and rational icing and studying it. What are your thoughts on this? And how do you suppose I should go about this?
2319. Can you see your spirit guides?
2320. hi chris,i have heard many times that dreams are meaningless that we see during sleep so if i have the dream of my best friend who have passed away then is it also meaningless or have some meaning??
2321. Hello Chris, Do you have a schedule trip to Calgary, AB for your service or are you exclusively only in ON?
2322. Dear Chris, Is it possible for you (or any other medium) to understand a spirit who, in their life here on earth, spoke a language other than English. When spirits, who speak a language that you may not understand, visit you, are you still able to effectively communicate with them and interpret their message for us?
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