217. My son died just over a year ago and on the eve of the anniversary we were near our property he had found for us and it's on a lake. My cell phone range and it came through as a text message, however my phone is an older style was never used for this purpose. I looked at the number and didn't recognize it and hung it up. It rang again and then on the third ring I started to visualize the number as that is how I memorized it and had someone read the number outloud. The number was my son's cell phone number that had been disconnected months before. I believe he's trying hard to communicate with us. I have been learning to "pendulum" talk to him but it is slow and extremely tiring. We live in RIchmond Hill and we have had a deer in our backyard twice which we believe is symbolic of him. My questions is he trying to communicate with us and secondly do they use animals as we believe a rabbit is from another family member. This was our only child and these animals seem to show when being challenged with new issues surrounding our health and our son's death. Thank you Barb
218. ok i live in Shelburne i must be very honest with you, i have a hard time believing in somethings, if you can tell me the name of a child i been looking for i will believe you will have my all attention.
219. the father of a friend has passed on Laura is wondering when she sees or sences a shadow of someone and becomes emotional if it is her father Vince?
220. if when you pass over you see loved ones that have passed over as well how is it possable to see them if they chose to come back to earth in another life? also do you believe in alians and if so is there reason to fear them?
221. after my grandfather passes away a couple of years ago he let us know he was still around by tapping us on the shoulder knocking on the door and other things the past couple of years we didnt recieve any indication he is around is he still around us do you think and why would he stop showing us signs?
222. latley i have been getting a strong smell of something every now and then of rubbing alc. i have looked around and cant find any reason to be smelling this it goes away in the matter of seconds do you have an explanation? i hope you dont think im crazy.
223. I guess i really upset you i am sorry, yes i heard about you in Shelburne. I am the friend that posted for Laura regarding her father Vince. I just gathered that post are not posted til you answer them . i guess you can delete them. I am not sure how much i can post online. i do alot of volunteer work.i suffer P.T.S.D. i do believe however i was labeled by doing so. I know i know Cheryl and all my life i was told she was a imaginary friend, then after calling child find i found out she was not. I have memories of her, it was may 31 1974 we were both 7, please i need to know if she is still alive. Someday's i feel lost i feel mad,confused oh yes. I need to know if cheryl is still alive i need to end this torture,Police say no concrete evidence i knew her, however i am the reason cheryl is on childfinds site.i even had a conversation with cheryl's mom it was like talking about making cookies, then 1 day i called and her dad answered the phone and i could not stop saying sorry and stop crying. I have suffered P.T.S.d. for alot of years. all i want is a unserstanding. YES i heard about you from Shelburne people, and you need to understand i seen you on t.v. and wanted to get in touch with you, then i was tould your in Alliston. I have been shut down since i was 7, please don't shut me down.
224. I was wondering if you will be announcing on your website the date in october for your tv special. thanks chris
225. Hi Chris, I was at your seminar this past Sunday in Base Borden! It was enlightening to say the least.Fantastic! I have a quick question. The lady next to me rubbed my posession(ring)after meditation-she could see pink-like she was looking through glasses- water and a tyre swing..???also tension in her temples when she had my ring.. If you have a minute-could you possibly let me know what maybe meant by this??I do work with young children...Thanks..Marlene
226. If I were to book with you on the phone, do you pick up the energy over the phone just like you would in person or is it better to see you in person? Janet
227. Hi Chris I do not know if this is the right question to ask you or not but, I am very concerned about losing my job and home due to an injury. If this happens then a string of other not pleasant and distructive events will happen. Can you please help me so I can get rid of the anxiety and depression that I feel everyday. I do not know if someone can come and tell you for me but, I do hope so. Or maybe I will be changing professions. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my question. Sincerely, Tammy
228. In response to your answer Chris. Yes I know that it is minor compared to others. I guess maybe I should of given you more info and then maybe you could of understood more. Yes I do believe God will help my family. Thanks again for taking the time to read my question. Sincerely, Tammy
229. Hi Chris, Shirley and I came to your seminar back in March in Alliston. At that time we had done a meditation exercise with you. We went thru the colours of the rainbow and over the bridge, on the other side of the bridge someone was waiting there for us. For me it was the child I had lost due to an ectopic pregnancy. I picked him up and brought him over the bridge with me - shortly after that I found out that I was pregnant (not at the time of the exercise but after). My question is could this baby I now carry be the reincarnation of that child? Diane
230. Hi Chris. During a reading,might a loved one on the other side give guidance and a perspective on things?Might they see what is down the road for you? Thanks.
231. Hi Chris, in the future, me and my husband will book a reading with you. My main reason for writing right now is to thank you for your question and answer section. I have read mostly all of them and it gives me a great sense of peace. You are wonderful to take the time and concern to read and answer everyone's questions. Again thanks from the bottom of my heart. Janet
232. Hello Chris I have been trying to really connect with my spirit guide in order to bring our relationship another step closer.Is it possible to come face to face,if it is the "will" of both parties.Can you suggest how i might achieve this. Thanks always for being a spirit guide to us from this side Warmest Regards Jim
233. Hi Chris ! Have you ever contacted a spirit who in life was very set in thier religious beliefs, only to find it different than they expected after they passed? Gary Heaslip.
234. Hi Chris: I was at a seminar with you in March and found hearing from my husband very comforting. I have been blessed to find love again and worry if this has any kind of negative impact on my husband or our relationship? Does he feel it's disloyal? Thank you so much, Lisa
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