2323. Is the soul and the mind the same thing or different?
2324. Dear Chris, my dad came through to me as a holographic full-length apparition on New Year's eve months after he died. His presence felt like static electricity if that makes sense. He was peaceful, soothing and animated but, it was a little bit too much for me to process..mainly because I was sleeping where he passed away. So I went to sleep downstairs. Ever since then..he hasn't appeared? Do you think he knows he kind of threw a loop? How do I connect with him again?
2325. Hi Chris, I found your videos on YouTube after looking for answers...(First of all, thanks for taking the time to look through all your messages, that is so very kind of you.) I have fallen into complete despair after the passing of my grandmother this May. I am trying to regain my spiritual faith and hearing your testimonies has been a huge help. I thought it was a pleasant coincidence that you too were very close to your grandmother and were also deeply affected by her passing. The main reason her death has been so incredibly painful is because I feel immense guilt...My grandmother was like a mother to me and aided me financially for many years, in the last couple of years of her life I moved away to another city and didn't call or check in with her as much as I should have. Since she was so jolly and full of warmth and life, I figured she would live on forever. In her last days she was lonely and afraid. I feel like I cannot forgive myself...however, since this all has happened, like I already mentioned, I have hope again that this life isn't the only road we have to travel....How can I be sure she is with me, or that she knows how terribly sorry I am for being so ungrateful to her..? I imagine this question isn't easy to answer but if you can recommend anything to be closer to my spirituality I would greatly appreciate it, since it is so difficult for me at times to keep my faith...If you sense anything please let me know she is my sweet Granny/Mollie Evonne, who put her happiness aside for everyone else's...her entire life. Sorry for such a long message. Thanks for reading, for caring for others, people whom you have never even met. That is true humbleness. Best wishes, JD
2326. My Mom passed away suddenly on Oct 11th, and I just need to know if she's ok.. Could she hear me? Did she know I was there with her? She told me she was not afraid to die, but I hope and pray that she was unaware of becoming paralized due to the clot that took her life. I miss her so much!
2327. Is it common to make a strong connection with your GGG Grandfather? If so, then how can I better practice communication to build the bridge with him for two way communication? I have received dream visits, asked questions and received confirmations, asked for pictures of him and other information and have easily received them. Do you get any feelings about our connection? I can feel him when he is close by and feel it when he is distant. I am planning on a reading with you but wanted to ask you about this now. Has he always been with me, or has he decided to allow a connection this year? Thank you in advance.
2328. Hello Chris, I visit your site quite often just to read all the questions and answers. But today I felt like asking you something. Lately I have started to feel sad and empty for no reason. I feel like I don't know the purpose of my life even though I have everything most people will want in their life, keep hoping that somehow my loved ones from the other side will show me some sign how to go on.... am I wrong in thinking this way? Thank you for taking the time to read my question.
2329. I have a strange question resulting from a strange experience. I went to visit a friend. I left my shoes at her front door inside her apartment. The door was locked. I went into to her living room and visited with her. No one came in or left and she didn't leave the room at any time. I went to leave and my shoes vanished. They weren't in her closet and she said she didn't touch them. I had to borrow slippers to go home. Could this be a mischievous ghost?
2330. How do I contact my loved one myself? I ask but no signs come and I just don't feel them. Do they just ditch you once you die and forget about you. Are there more interesting souls from past lives to get back with or are we in a loop of being with the same group of people with each life on earth?
2331. hi chris, cant get enough of this site :), the last question you mentioned you dont seeyour spirit guides but in your book you mentioned you often talk to your spirit guides... are there 2 different sorts or am i misunderstanding the question and answer????/thanks chris, god bless, patty
2332. Hi Chris, I know you are a very busy man and I truly respect your time and energy devoted to this amazing site. I would not bother you with this question if I could figure it out for myself, but I am having a bit of difficulty with this one. I truly feel that someone is trying to connect or contact me based on some personal experiences that I am having. I can not for the life of me pin point who this might be. Do you happen to have any inclination as to who this might be? Thank you so much!
2333. Hi Chris. I'm down here in Texas, and I just wanted to say I'm a big fan. This might have been a question you've previously addressed, and if so, I apologize. I'm curious if in any of your readings/communications the role of prayer has been brought up; that is, the power of prayer (e.g., prayer for health, family life, love, etc.). Have you encountered any instances wherein a spirit has communicated that prayer (regardless of one's religious faith) has had an impact upon earthly outcomes?
2334. Dear Chris, is it possable for a person's spirit guide or guardian angel to not like them and /or become aggrivated by them.
2335. Hi Chris My husband passed away 7 1/2 months ago and I was dreaming of him regularly and now it is rare and I don't feel him here anymore. I miss him so much and I would have thought it might get easier but it is harder and I feel he has left me. It is so difficult sometimes and I feel so alone without him. We were together for 30 years and I never would have imagined it would be this hard. I am still waiting for an appt. for a private reading but haven't heard back from Kim yet. I know you say he is ok but I wonder if he knows what is going on. Do you stop feeling emotion when you die? Your earthly existence ends but your soul's life continues. So whatever happens hereafter is of no consequence to them. His relationships with his loved ones on the other side continues? Do they miss us or do those feelings disappear? Or are we on the wrong side of a two way mirror? C
2336. Hello Chris. I lost my son due to suicide just over a year ago. I have a lot of quilt because of it and keep torturing myself with what ifs. I found a lot of comfort reading Q & A on your site. In some of your answers you said that everyone’s moment of death is predetermined. My question is does it apply to suicide as well? Does it mean that it was destined for him to die this way? Did his soul know long before that he would have such a hardship which would lead him to suicide? Thank you Chris.
2337. Hi Chris I had an abortion at 19 and I'm nearing 38, is my baby still with me in spirit, is it possible for the child to return again one day?
2338. Hi Chris, I am somewhat confused here, in question 2227 you said the suicide was a self absorbed act and that in life it always gets better but to the grieving father whom asked was his kids suicide planned you told him that yes and how we died is exactly how we are suppose to die. So does that not apply to 2227, why was he self absorbed when he planned and so did she to have these exact moments occur? If we are bound byour souls plans how can we be self absorbed at a hhuman level? If life is all planned and we are at any given moment exactly where we are suppose to be, our human free will is an illusion, we have NO control on how we are going to die much less be self absorbed in doing so. Only judgement would be at a soul level for writing that to begin with but that doesn't jive either because in that type of emotion can not exist in the absolute where love is? So my question is do we have control or don't we? Is free will while we are in human form, on earth a illusion because it is all pre-planned and we can not change the outcome.... or can we. This subject seems to be very contradictory especially in the two instances I just explained. Its clearly boggling my mind.Thank you Chris!
2339. Chris,my wife passed over in 2006 and approx.three months after her passing the following took place.At approx. 3am I awoke and my bedroom was lit up due to a large ball of wht/yellowish flickering light outside my sliding glass doors.At first thinking my pool lite shorted out.I then sat on the edge of the bed watching this ball of light flickering and changing it size.I failed to push my shades aside to look I went to my greatroom to check the pool light switch.At this point looking out of my great room sliders the light disappeared.The pool light worked with the wall switch.Checking my pavers with a flashlite I found nothing to suspicious on their surface.I then ghtreceived a reading from Patrick Mathews and immediately he indicated that my wife had returned to me as a ball of engery,white light and that she was escorted back.What that ment I don't know.I think about that incident every day and thank her every day without fail.For the past six years I donate my time in a short term hospice house.It give me great pleasure to be with patients and their loveones and knowing there is NO such thing as death,jsut leaving the physical world for the spritural world.Iam so,so impressed with your reading via videos that I may contact you for a future reading.However I want to say thank you for what you do and may God Bless you for touching so many.(F)
2340. Hi Chris, I wanted to ask you about some lights I saw in the sky last Friday night, November 8th. They were three separate flowing white lights going around in a circular motion. This went on for hours until a forth light joined in. I was able to capture one picture on a cell phone but it doesn't do them any justice. Can you explain this to me? Thank you.
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