2341. l have several people l would like to ask guestions is this possible at one reading?
2342. In some of your responses, you explained that the deceased can connect with us in our dreams. Is it possible for the living to visit each other while dreaming as well (ie. if I meet a friend in a dream are our souls "visiting" each other)? I'm just curious, as it's my current understanding that the soul leaves the body during physical sleep (at least that's how I interpreted Walsch's words in Conversations with God).
2343. Hi Chris I know my husband is in a better place because what he was living with here was terrible. He couldn't walk very far and had great difficulty breathing and was uncomfortable even though he had lots of pain meds. I have always been an independent person and looked after him. He was very dependent on me and was very anxious when I wasn't there. It stressed him out to have too many people around or things happening. It became this way because of the illness but he was always looking for me even when he was well. I miss him very much and have lots to do to keep me from dwelling on it too much. But not a day goes by without thinking of him and what he would say or do in any situation that is going on at the time. I was left with a lot of mess to clean up with the house and his possessions. It is only stuff and as I was dumping things in the bin today I thought, Well someday someone will be throwing out my "things" that I kept and meant so much to me and really it all is just 'STUFF'
2344. I hit the submit button before I finished. Anyway, Chris, if your wife died today and you had a lot of unfinished business, wouldn't you miss her and wish she were there and in spite of what you know, you would want her with you and wish like hell it hadn't happened. Would this be a dependency? No one can understand how this feels until they experience it. It is amazing how quickly the material things we have can just disappear. The only valuable thing we leave in this world are the relationships we had and how we made people feel. Grief is a strange thing, it creeps up on us and we think "oh great I am having a good day" and then it grabs you and says I haven't done with you yet. My parents both passed away and my in-laws and then my youngest brother, I have lost some friends and other relatives. Your husband is a different story. I miss them all and grieved for each in different ways. I have a lot of good friends and children who are helping me through this but I am alone and I will survive and try to enjoy the rest of my life as best I can. He has sent me a few signs that he is still here and I know he is but it still sucks!C Thanks for listening to my rambling.
2345. Just wanted to say thank you, really, for the gift of peace you give to people....what a blessing you are.
2346. Chris, I am in a search for answers and have found you to be very honest and straight-forward in the videos I have watched. I am struggling now with the after-life and was raised Baptist so my views of Heaven/Hell have been challenged quite often lately. I am so skeptical about everything but when I see your readings and read your book I get such a sense of awe and encouragement. I live in Texas and would love to do a phone in reading. My question is, are phone in readings as accurate and how do our loved ones know to contact you if you are that far away from me? Thanks so much!!
2347. In regards to 2227...Hello again Thank you so much for the advice on question 2227. At the time of first reading it I didnt think it was giving me the answers I wanted. Unknowingly they were the answers I needed. Although I still have some days filled with new questions or wants from my boyfriend who has passed so much love, light, joy, acceptance, and understanding has come into my life. I ended the relationship I had been in and have made the choice to remain single because I have learned about myself and unresolved emotions that were toxic for others in my life. I understand who I am and where ive been now. I understand my boyfriend's (who passed) soul and my soul had a very critical purpose for both of us. For now I deal with every issue by thinking of God's love for us. Most recently by just simply doing that brought me to empathy of others something I had been missing since a heartbreaking moment in my life. For the first time in my life I have a heart full of love while not in a relationship. Thank you for your help on my journey. Any tips on developing a stronger spiritual relationship would be put to great use. Again thank you bunches!
2348. Hi Chris I am to have a reading with you in Feb. I do have some specific questions in mind, that I would hope to have answered by spirit. Do you give time in the reading for questions? Julia
2349. Hi Chris, a friend told me about you and so here I am. My high school sweetheart passed away 5 years ago. We loved eachother very much but ended up breaking up after high school and even though we tried to go on with our lives we would always try it out again but for one reason or another it was never the right time for us. After not seeing him for 10 years or knowing his whereabouts I learned he fell from a building in construction, not sure if it was suicide or an accident. I also learned he was not in a good place at the time, lost his license from drinking and driving and substance abuse. A few days after he died, I became pregnant and I had a dream of him walking holding hands with a little boy. I had a boy. I also had a very vivid dream where he was right beside me on my bed and we spoke through our minds, not a word was said and I told him everything I felt and he said he didn't know how much I loved him until he died. I have many dream of him and I also see his birthdate very frequently. A particular song that was meaningful also pops up on the radio alot as well. Do you think he's with me? I feel his presence some days more than others...I miss him so much and even though I am married, I never have loved anyone they way I loved and still love him. Thank you, I look forward to your feedback. Signed...Heart.
2350. How long is the wait for appointments over the phone
2351. Dear Chris, I'm writing rather than waiting up to a year for a phone reading because I don't know that I'll still be alive in a year. I've known for over a year that I have breast cancer, two tumours in right breast and one in a lymph node. It may have spread, I'm having 2 CT scans in the next month. Here's my question; I haven't felt the urge to really fight this disease. I don't feel like I want to be here anymore. I don't want to live a long drawn out and grusome death either. Did I get cancer because it is a way out of my life if I choose to take it? Is it *ok* for me to give in to it? Also if I do give in, how much longer do you see me being here? Thank you, Deb
2352. Hi Chris, My friend Michael died in September 2012 "at home" was what the obit said. We'd had a falling out a while before he died and I never got to apologize to him. From time to time, I'll ask him to please forgive me. Can you tell me what he died of and if he hears me and if his forgiven me? Thank you, I'm feeling a lot of guilt over this.
2353. Hello Chris a few times ive been blessed enough to hear a voice just random when i least expect it, will give me an answer to something im thinking or has woken me up when my alarm has failed. Question is how do i get it to happen more often. I do try to meditate when i have time. What else do u suggest? Thank you
2354. Hi Chris. I lost my mother when I was eight years old. My life after that has been one tragic event after another, from childhood abuse to spousal abuse in adulthood. I am now 35 and my life is pretty good. i have 3 beautiful children...but that ache and sorrow for my mother is still so strong. I have never felt her presence. not even all the times I cry myself to sleep. How do I know if she is around me? Is it possible that she is just gone? and not interested in looking back? I'm hurting so much still, and really need to know weather she is with me at all...I'm crying right now. Please help me Hope
2355. Hi Chris! This is #2338 again, I thought I had it understood until I re-read your answer again. You stated "If people who are focused on suicide would be able to think of other’s and not themselves, far fewer people would ever commit suicide" but then you stated our exit points are fixed. If they are fixed, meaning it will happen no matter what,then that means we can not change how we die and if we choose at a soul level to die in the manner of suicide then it will happen no matter what treatment, counseling or help we get, this death is gonna happen in this manner because that is that person's exit point. Destiny if you will. Right? So how can we change something we can not change? Do we have several exit points in which we could die? If no, this is what I meant as contradictory. Self absorbed can not exist because it was planned for that person to result in suicide on that day, in that time by that death and nothing they could of done would of changed that. Self absorbedness, if any, would of originated when planning the death at a soul level in which all family agreed to that experience for soul growth.So in essence it is not an act of being self absorb, it is a different experience that each has chosen to experience for their own soul growth. Suicide can not ever be stopped, thwarted or changed unless WE stop writing it into our charts to experience it in the first place. That is what fixed points mean. So no one was self absorbed; the anger, pain and hurt felt by the suicidee was meant to happen in order to lore them to commit suicide because that is exactly what needed to happen to fulfill not only the person who committed suicide's chart but all of the family and friends charts as well. Do you see? A is birth and z is death (suicide) even if said person changed their life in-between A-Z and was the happiest, helpful and loving and most giving person, z is still gonna happen no matter what! For it is what was needed to happen for all of their human experience!
2356. Dear Chris, I heard of you and your gifts from my sister and aunt who recently had a session with you. Although I am a skeptic when it comes to mediums, I also strongly believe that our lives are so much more than what we choose to experience and that our souls/energy force is indestructable. I have been suffering with alot of pain and guilt because of my passed descisions and am hoping that you can give me some closure. I had 2 abortions. I was young and irresponsible and knew without a doubt, at that moment, that the descision I made was the right one. But now, years later, i suffer from the guilt and shame of ending a life, that I created, way too soon. I am afraid that I made the wrong descision and that my un-born children are on the other side waiting for me and feel abandoned, unloved and unwanted. I am afraid that I will be punished for the descisions that I have made and will not be able to have children in the future. And if I do, Im afraid that I will always carry this guilt with me and will not be able to give them my all, knowing that I ended my first 2 childrens lives. So my question is, are my children waiting for me on the otherside? Are they confused and upset as to why I ended their lives before they even started? Will they ever forgive me, and will I ever be able to forgive myself?
2357. What happens to people who end their own lives or die in horrific ways?
2358. The medium knows where the information from the spirit is coming from. Where does the information that the psychic picks up, come from? When seeing someone's spirit do you see the individual or do you see a light of the individual then sense it is the person> What do you see when you tell the sitter that you see the grandmother standing beside the sitter? Giles cgcgcg@gmail.com Also I would like to interview you for a book I am writing about psychic, psychic mediums.
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