2359. There are many times i sit and wonder why i choose to sit and allow abuse to continue to plague my life. My question is how do i know when it's the right time to get up and leave? It's not physical, though i wish it were... things would be so much easier that way, but i feel like it's eating at my soul.
2360. Re: 2351 Thank you Chris, for answering my question so quickly. Since I wrote you, a couple of things have happened that maybe are compelling me to fight this (I say 'this' cancer because I refuse to claim it as mine) cancer. I guess things can change in a heartbeat! When you said there are probably people who feel they even *need* me to be here, well, I can't imagine who that would be. It's very sad that people can't or don't tell each other how much you mean to them. I'm guilty of it too. I will read your answer whenever I need a boost!
2361. I really enjoy Seeking Spirit, Chris, and I commend your work with MADD. One question, though: because there are several charlatans in the business, are you concerned about with whom you associate or name-drop? For instance, you’ve mentioned you’re a fan of Neale Donald Walsch who has been busted for plagiarism (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/09/books/07book.html?_r=0). And you have pictures posted of you with James Van Praagh and Rosemary Altea, both of whom have been exposed as being disingenuous to say the least (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_1TtZ1tNww&feature=c4-overview&list=UUfsuI3-92QNO3DVy06PO9wg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLQVAx5svtk) No one is perfect, but I think preying upon the emotions of the bereaved and vulnerable is unconscionable.
2362. I loved my father very very much. My father lived in my home country and I have been in US for more than 10 years. After knowing he was admitted to ICU I went there, but by the time I reached there, he was already in sedated condition and passed away 5 days later. I could not have any conversation with him. Do you think he knew I was there. I try to talk to his photo. Do you think he is listening? I can I know he is around and not angry with us (we siblings)?
2363. Hello Cris, I recently found your website and saw your you tube reading sessions. You are truly a blessing for the people who have lost their loved one in their healing process. I was wondering if you could also see future (will one get kids or will get married or will die in near future, etc) of someone during their reading session. Can a spirit comment on that? Thanks so much-Garima
2364. How do I know that our loved one, who recently passed away, is happy after death? Do you believe in reincarnation? If the soul will reenter a living body again (and again), then how the soul remember their loved ones of each lived. How long do a soul waits before reentering a body and be born again? What factors decide which souls to be reborn and what souls would not reborn.
2365. Dear Chris, I recently connected with someone I knew only on an acquaintance basis in high school after many, many years. We became instant friends when we reconnected and have a very deep connection. It is not going any further as neither of us are single. However, I remember having a moment in highschool .....over 30 years ago when he said hello to me at my locker ....I can only explain it as a "knowing" that this acquaintance (then) had some deeper or meaningful connection to me. Do you think I had a glimpse into the future 30 some years hence and how deep a bond and friendship we would discover? Do we get snipets of our future (through spirit) before it actually happens.
2366. Hey Chris, first off thanks for your time. I actually have two questions (I apologize if someone already asked the first). How do you do readings over the net like this? Does Grey Owl sense who it is and give you the information? My second is about a friend who died in May of 2011. I never got to apologize to this person, over something that happen years ago and I wanted to know if they knew I was sorry. Thanks for your time Chris! :)
2367. Hello chris,thankx for your answers...i wanna ask that how long the spirit of our loved ones stay with us.Is it matter of few months after passing or for many years???
2368. Dear Chris, I am constantly dreaming of my Father who passed away in 2006. In my dreams he is usually very violent with me. Only once in my dreams did he actually give me a hug, otherwise, he is always violent with me in my dreams. Why? Does he not love me? Jen
2369. i have been feeling major anxiety and have been missing my late sister more than usual and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the fact I have seen her in a dream lately or if she is around me thats making me feel this way?
2370. How can you be sure a spirit will come forward? A friend of mine went to a medium and her friends grandmother came forward. Why wouldn't a loved one come forward?
2371. Chris, I live in Sweden, and after seen some videos I really would like to meet you, so that I could be able to "meet" loved ones. Are you at all in Sweden, or do you know some in Sweden that works in a way that you do? Thank you! Maria
2372. I wanted to share with you and other readers about an experience that I had this past fall that was amazing. A friend and I went to an Apple Ciderfest looking forward to some yummy apple fritters well we got a little more than just that. There is a very old Georgian manor that was built in 1846 I enjoy visiting it each year but it does have it's stories and talking to the volunteers said that they become a little spooked to work there alone they say that sometimes they feel the hairs on the back of their neck stand up, this was a volunteer that told me this and I looked at her in the eye and told her that there is nothing to be afraid of. My mom and I used to go there each year and this year I took my friend inside I told him that he was going to love this house. Well in one of the rooms we met this lady and we started a conversation with her, a couple of times we were going to move on and visit the rest of the house but she kept the conversation going and in a few minutes we found out that she was a spiritual medium. There were times when I have spoken to my mom in my mind or just whispered to her that if she ever came through a medium to tell them my last name so that I knew that it was really them, and the medium that day did ask my last name and she got it exactly right and even pronounced it right. So I was thinking wow they really do listen to us Chris was right! She told us that she had a calling to be there for someone by the name of Sandra who is me and a friend of hers otherwise she wasn't going to be there because she had company coming from the states. My friend had quite an experience as well a friend of his that died a while ago gave him a hug through this spiritual medium, I have to admit this is the most real thing that I have experienced spiritually in this lifetime. My mom really came through a lot for me as well I found out that she is going to reincarnate in two years and that I will possibly meet her on the street and know who she is. Can that truly happen to someone to meet their loved one reincarnated at a later time and just know it's them? Would that spirit living a new life feel some sort of connection to their past loved ones if they were to meet again even though they would have no memory of knowing us in the past? I can't help since that meeting think that my mom may have had something to do with setting that meeting. Can spirits have that kind of influence on making things happen like that? The spiritual medium we met that day told us that spirits can work in mysterious ways. I believe that it's true because meeting up with a spiritual medium that day was not in our plans for that day it just kind of happened. Thanks again for your time in responding to all our questions I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Xmas.
2373. Hello Chris last year in the middle of the night i woke up to find two strange balls of light in my bedroom. They were white/illuminate, one above my bed, the other directly opposite on the wall. I felt calm and weren't scared at all but what were they? Cheers
2374. Hi chris,my boyfriend passed away few months ago and i always wish that whenever I'd die i would meet him on the other side.Is that true Can i meet him just after my death? sometimes i tell him,plz wait for me..i would come to u only..
2375. Re:2238 From 2227...As a survivor of suicide thought my story might help if i could explain the answers i have received after doing everything (to the best of my earthly abilities) using the example of how God loves us in every aspect of my life...if mad i think of Gods love, if happy...Gods love, sad...gods love, lonely...Gods love and so on. Very soon after things started changing, I would dream of conversations with God not remembering wht was said but wht was felt, I have a special night of the week i spend with my loved one who passed from suicide and have actually felt a touch when wanting to feel his arm around me this startled me at first but was followed with such comfort, had dreams where he showed me he's not upset with me...just amazing things! The best being just having a clear sense tht our souls were bound together long ago, see we didnt have much time on earth together but we are soul mates. Suicide leaves so many questions. Just by attempting to love as God does I got clear answers i dnt believe that I have all possible answers but i have what i need today. Our souls helped each other its hard to say so blunt but i have no other way. It took him ending his life for me to have mine, I would not have woke up and started living a life full of love with any small change...it took something major. I find myself thanking him so much that I then say to God "ok sorry ive been thanking Jon so much today and u so little". lol The purpose that has been shown for me in his life was for his family to not have been the ones to find him in such a horrible way it would have been his father, brother, and 5 yr old niece. I believe it would have had a worse effect on them. The struggle i had with that being my last memory was great but necessary. Hope this helps someone else on the journey through suicide. Although Chris and I have never met he has been an amazing kind of slap in the face to my understanding. lol The earth is a better place with u in it. Hats off for doing this ask Chris without expecting anything but knowing you're helping others...much love, Camille
2376. Hi, could you please help me to find Eddie Lunn phone no? I couldnt find her anyhow. Thanks a lot
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