2377. Hello, Chris I wanted to ask if you know how my niece is. She passed away at a young age.
2378. Hi, Chris. My father passed away 3 weeks ago. It was so sudden and unexpected. We still cannot accept the fact that he is gone. I feel so lost and confused. I miss him so much. Why? Was it his time to go? Did he suffer when he passed away? Is he happy in the other side? Maybe there were somethings I could to do to prevent his death? When my little one asked me where grandpa is, I don’t know what to say, only tears.
2379. Hi Chris I have been seeing spirits since the end of June every night. They are in many different forms besides being full bodied. I found it very scary at first but now look forward to their visit. All the people I have related my experience to are skeptical and at times I start to feel that maybe I am hallucinating but this happens every night and each visit is different. I believe the spirit's name is Bev and her family comes with her. Can you tell me anything about these visitors? Thank you for your help.
2380. Hi Chris, I have written before and was hoping that time might heal a bit of the grief that I have but still I'm weighted down with the feeling that my Mom who has passed in June 2012 is disappointed or angry in some way with me. I used to dream of her often and now I don't. Recently I'm not sure if it is because of the holiday but I have. Last night she was alive in my dream but no one not even her told me. Im my other dreams she wasn't sick. This is truly confusing me.
2381. hi chris, the majority of my family has passed. I was wondering if any of them are with me. I hear of alot of people talking about having dreams of their loved ones after they have passed...I never have dreams of my family. Does that mean that they are not with me?
2382. hi chris..could you plz tell me if someone who has been murdered, can come back to take revenge? and also, how long will he take to come to his other life?
2383. A week after my step father past I was awaken with what felt like a pat on the hip. I woke and notice a smoke image at the end of my bed and then it vanished. My husband said it was my step father saying good bye. I've never had that kind of experience even with my natural parents. Why would that be?
2384. Hi Chris, this is our first Christmas without my father. I found it incredibly difficult to maintain the Christmas spirit for my children and family. I sensed my father around in the first few months after his passing and less so now. I was hoping that during the Holidays, I would sense, experience his presence. We took many family pictures of which I scrutinized over (looking for an orb), only to be disappointed. I have an overwhelming sense of emptiness that I did not have in the first few months after his passing. I've read in your Q&A that our loved ones are always around us but I'm not sure why all the signs I thought I was receiving before have all but stopped.
2385. Can you recommend legitimate mediums who can successfully conduct telephone readings? I live very far from Canada. Many thanks, Mildred
2386. hi chris. it looks like you touch something on the table next to you in your videos when you're giving a reading but it's just out of range of the camera. you seem to reach over while you're focusing and during pauses between giving information. I'm wondering what the object is that you're touching and why. thanks, theresa
2387. hi chris hope you had a great holiday and also wish you and your family a very safe and happy 2014... i asked you a question while back but you probably didnt receive it and while i was watching you on youtube i noticed when you were at one of the meetings/seminars/gatherings someone asked you the same question but she didnt get the answer either... now i am really curious, when you are doing a group reading why isnt the departed loved ones next to the person they want you to talk to like when you are doing one o one readings??????? you mentioned you see them there so why arent there next to their loved ones so you can talk to those people directly????? that should make your reading alot easier...god bless, patty
2388. Hey Chris I'm from Atlanta, GA & technically I do not have a question. I just wanted to thank you. I'm sure you are busy so, I apologize in advance for this too-long message with run-on sentences. I grew up in a fundamental Christian family in the South but always had a rational outlook that conflicted with the religious views. In my teens, when I realized I was gay, these conflicts really added up. This led me to conclude that all the religious folk were just not wanting to face the fact that when we die, it's Game Over. This resulted in many existential crises over the years. That all changed when I happened to come across the Reincarnation evidence that was meticulously collected by Dr. Ian Stevenson for 40 years. Here was evidence that, somehow, that we do survive bodily and brain death. Current Science stay "No" and, yet, here is evidence. Next, I come across your youtube video with the Non-beliver (the Pickles / Donkeydick guy). This has really made a (mostly) believer out of me and eased my existential concerns. I say mostly only because I have always been a doubter at everything unless I saw or experienced it. That's just me. I am currently having medical issues right now, that may (or may not) end up being life-threatening and I have to say, Dr. Ian and You have removed my fear of Death (for now). I'm not looking forward to dieing, but it's kinda "If it's my time, so be it". Thanks Again Melvin Carroll
2389. hi, I want to know if after like 27 years that some has passed, can you be able to communicate with that person? there are so many questions I have and things I want to say to this person, but scared to find out it has been to long for this person to communicate back. also I live in another province, and it is possible to to have a reading with the same results as if I were there in person to do a private reading. thanks for reading. kathy
2390. Can you recommend a good audio instructions on learning how to meditate spiritually .thks!
2391. Hi Chris, could you provide some light on my out of body experiences (OBE) below? And can you recommend any yoga/meditation stream and good spiritual books? I have had OBE since the night my grandmother died 20 years ago. I could visit places and meet people that are beyond our world or afterlife (I thought) and recently I stared to do yoga/meditation, and my most recent OBE quite confused me: the moment I was out of my body, I made my mind to control my experience instead of following whatever it was. I created a scenario myself and then my entire experience was exactly what I created. I believe our current world is created by ourselves and now I think even our afterlife is also self creation. What we are in the physical world is like in a dream of dreams, afterlife is like another dream but closer to the truth. Did that make sense?
2392. Hi Chris, My biological father was a pedophile and he incested three of my half-sisters, his stepdaughters, for over 15 years starting when the youngest was 7. One of my sisters has sought treatment for to help with the trauma. My father, the perpetrator, has been dead for over 15 years. He died in a hospital while getting a routine biopsy to check for cancer. I'd like to know what the crossing over experience could be for someone like my father who terrorized and heinously harmed so many people. Recently, while I was in a reading, a psychic told me my father said "hi" and was sitting next to me. I was surprised in the moment and was ashamed to ask about it. I wonder if I should try to make contact with him. I have no love for him, but I don't him haunting us if his spirit is unsettled. Also, I want me and my sisters to heal as best we can. What would you for someone like me? Thank you, Vivian
2393. Hi Chris, do I need to meditate in order to connect with my loved one or can that connection occur at any where or anytime?
2394. Is crossing over the same as heaven/hell? Or just a different plane of existence.
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