2395. If someone commits suicide do they go to a HELL
2396. Hi Chris - usually I sign my name to my questions, but I am not sure how this situation will develop nor what sort of reception I will get from others in my life, so for now, I will remain incognito. Despite your many appointments, I think if I tell you a few things about our appt, it may stand out to you. I saw you on your last appt. of the day before you headed north for thanksgiving. You were worried about our session beforehand, because I had emailed you a difficult question earlier -- a 'meaning of life' question. You said that you could sum up my message in 2 sentences -- take what I've learned/researched and streamline it - to walk the walk. and GO HEAL PEOPLE. well,in all of my reading and baby-step lessons, I was a believer -- all very plausible in theory. and I was excited at the prospect of it being in my life. Then, on a whim, I decided to place my hands on my aunt's shoulders and think good, loving, healing thoughts. My hands tingled, my face and head felt weird, and she was blown away - she could feel energy going through her. I was slightly amazed, and intrigued -- and then I let go !! I got ?lambasted with a huge amount of energy that completely filled my body and freaked me out, and I think i was in shock -- well, probably for days. My aunt has reported some improvements, and oddly, I feel like a changed person -- like I've grown up a little ? and probably stunned that something actually happened -- through me ??? in real life !! guess I was more an imaginer than a believer ? at least in myself. well, I think I've come around, and now I am in a position to think that I have no business using something that I know nothing about -- which seems to contradict the simplify aspect of my session with you, but I think I need to learn something about protecting myself and others -- to use
2397. Chris, my wife died of what we believe was a heart attack one year ago. It was sudden and completely unexpected and there were no goodbyes. I haven't noticed any signs of her around me. Has she tried to visit me and how will I ever know? I have had about a half dozen dreams where she seems to be with me for a short period, and then I wake up. I have two very short dreams where we hugged and I could physically feel her. Are these visits from her?
2398. Hi Chris, how do I know if I am a natural medium? All my life I have been drawn to the other side, but for the past 2 years this feeling has intensified and i have this strong urge to help people. when people are in distress I can really feel their pain and if it was me going through whatever they are going through. I know what people are feeling without them telling me. Sometimes even if they are mot near me. Two years ago out of nowhere I had this desire to read the Bible. Growing up I was never a religious person, but I have always believe in God and always pray before I go to bed. The fact that I was so drawn to reading the Bible surprised everyone, since I had never even gone to church...I couldn't put the Bible down and read it in a few months. It was as, if someone was telling me to read it. It was really weird. In the course of these two years I have had weird things happen, such as sleep paralysis, seeing stranger faces before I fall asleep, having lucid dreams, seeing loved ones that past away in my dreams. Recently, i had a strange feeling all day that i wasnt alone. when i layed down in bed i could hear electricity (which i hear constantly) i felt very uneasy, but eventually fell asleep. that night in my uncle that past a few months ago came to me in my dream. I dint actually see him in my dream but he called me on my ipod(?). I was confused and when I answered the phone in my dream and heard his voice so loud and clear. He called my name a couple times and wanted to talk to me, but I knew he was dead and said" i can't talk to you" and covered my ears and made myself wake up. When I woke up I fell that i was falling or going through a tunnel and my whole body vibrates ( that feeling happens a lot too when I am falling asleep, but I can make my self wake up). I have a feeling that all of this is happening to me for a reason, but what I am supposed to do with this? Do I just wait around to see if this will naturally develop into a mediumship? Part of me wants it to, so I can help other people that are in pain, but the other half of me is scared. I have a pretty good life and a very good job and this is already getting in the way of my life because it's all I can think about! Sorry, for the long post! i have never told anyone about this, so I guess I got a little carried away :-)
2399. I find life so overwhelming at times. Is suicide looked upon negatively?
2400. Dearest Chris, I have dreamt of a few of my loved ones that have passed on and do not speak any English. One physically spoke to me but could not understand physically what he was asking but could physically hear the vibration of his voice the other was my psychic godmother who summoned me In my dreams to tell me she has passed. Also in my house is the distinct smell of cigarette smoke and a physical ghost walking up and down the stairs of my house which I have seen with the corner of my eye. They are Romanian. Maybe you or someone cn translate their messages to me?
2401. I have had experiences with my deceased father. After he died and for many years he showed me levels of his experience in spirit world and finally, he showed me a realm of crystalline light and I knew that he would not be so present in my dreams and daily life now. What do beings occupy themselves with in spirit world--after the first transition and adjustment?
2402. HI, Chris, Thank for your reponse to my question 2378. My 7 year old had a dream about my dad. He said in the dream grandpa waved to him and grandpa was smiling in the dream. My son also said they were at a portal in the dream. Is it just a dream or visitation from my father? Since dad was smiling in the dream, does it mean he is happy on the other side? I miss him so much. I still cry every day. But I had only 1 dream, he didn't say anything in my dream.
2403. hi chris, thank you so much for answering my question...it just feels lot calmer and more relax on one and one reading than the group...i am still not understanding the group ones and not for me to do so really its for you and the people that are attending...thanks again for taking the time and answering...loving the 2nd season of seeking the spirits :)
2404. hi chris, i sensed a bit of an anger in your reply to my question... please know i would never intend to say or even thought that you were misleading people, it was truly just the nagging question on my mind why dont they energy or spirits that you see just make it easier as they do in one to one readings...im not a medium nor i pretend to know the answer...i do apologize if it came a cross any other way that it was intended...god bless, patty
2405. I really enjoy your work, Chris. In any of your sessions, has a spirit ever refused to answer a question posed by the sitter? And I guess that leads into my next question: do spirits even have the ability to answer any question?
2406. hi chris its me again patty, your pain in the ass :))) sorry... just a question, been watching your season 2 of seeking spirits and wondering if you have done any episode on phone reading??? if not, it wouldve been great to watch and not that you would need any advertising but it wouldve been great way to advertise for your business as well... JUST A THOUGHT REALLY...really looking forward to mine soon...god bless, patty
2407. Why do you charge for your readings? I am trying to understand this. I realize people have to make a living but in some way I feel that if you or anyone is gifted that it should be shared. Purhaps a donation or gift based on ones means would be more appropriate then a set price? I am thinking of asking you for a reading as my life and my families life was rocked with the suicide of my oldest daughter. She was only 16.It seems to me that I should try every means possible to help my 2 remaining children and anyone else that has issues with this tragedy. I am a spiritual person and this has very much openned my eyes to the many possiblities out there. Thank you
2408. If someone is deeply in love it live, married for over 50 years. Do they meet again in death and do they know what they had when they were in life? What if the person goes before the other, does the love still stay there, until they meet again?
2409. My son wants me to ask you, will he turn out ok and find a person to love, a good job, and will he be able to make it in this world.Even thou he has struggled in school and very shy. He has to get some insight. He worrys and I tell him that everything will be fine.
2410. Hi Chris it is Anne, I just wanted to post on here so everyone knows that you are the real deal and that you help people with the lost of their loved ones. You finally had the chance to read me after going to many of your seminars. I went to quite a few, and the last time at the Nov 9th one you were doing a ME_TOO. You can explain in your answer what a ME_TOO is butI was sure you were with me. See Chris my dad passed on Nov 8th 3 years ago and while I was driving too the show in Toronto I was listening to his tape. I asked him to come to see me. And I knew he did. You started with the R Y name R y name. You thought it might be Randy, but you knew that was not it. I knew it was my dad, who's name is Rodney. And funny how my brother also has an Ry name Ricky. and you mentioned the blood disease and that is how my brother died. Leukemia. And the little gal with the blonde hair with ELI name. With the trouble with custody, you said not your kid thou. I again knew it was for me. I knew exactly who it was and she was a big part of my life before I had my kids. And this statement was 100% real. I also wanted to mention that you spoke about a trailer. I said yea when I was little my family always camped. You said NO recent. I said Yea your still with me Chris. My mom just bought a trailer this year. And was wondering if she made the right choice. When she bought the trailer she was digging up the backyard and she found a silohutte of a guy with a cowboy hat, playing a guitar with one leg up. Funny bought that is my dad saying it is OK. My dad sang wore a cowboy hat when he sang, and the funny part is he had one leg shorter then the other in life. So I just knew you were with me. You talked about my sister. I just so wish you could of spent more time to finish the read. I understand about time in these halls. but finally you were with me and you mentioned my sister, my dad, my brother and even my mother in law I just wish I knew what else they had to say? Thanks Chris. I wrote this to let everyone know that you are a gift from God that really knows what he is saying. I have seen with my own eyes many times that you are truly a gifted medium and I back you up 200% if not more. Please if there is anything else you saw that day please let me know thanks from a person who cherish your work always
2411. Hello Chris, I have read your book and that you have done some healings. Do you have people coming to see you for healings or do you work on mediumship only?
2412. Hello Chris, I have great respect for you and your talent. Mostly though you come across as a beautiful soul to me and I am planning to come see you soon with my husband. I have seen a few psychics and have been unimpressed. I believe that there are those with capabilities and you sound to be a gifted man.I myself have felt a strong connection to the spirit world all my life, recently though I fell abandonment and loss. My question is regarding the path of my life. I have survived a painful childhood and have recently been abandoned by many loved ones. Although I have felt a connection to the spirit world and seek one. I have felt no contact from any family members that have passed on. I understand that you are not capable of controlling who will come through, I wonder though if my relatives are angry with me. Thank you in advance for any clarity you have on this..my life has been full of difficult and painful choices recently and i am full of self doubt. Best wishes, Kelly
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