2413. Hi Chris I was at your seminar at Borden today January 26, enjoyed it very much! I really wanted to ask you a question but just did not have the courage to stand up in front of everyone! I was wondering if you have ever had a spirit that has been murdered and their murder not solved come to you! I have seen Ms. Lunn many many times in the past and she has told me that I know someone that has killed someone! Then she has repeated this to me again on other times I have seen her? I have no idea who she would be talking about? Then she told me who it was and who they had murdered and that this person has done it again and should not get away with it! So this why I was wondering if you ever have someone come to you that has had their life taken before their time? By any chance did you have a Cindy come to you today? Thank you L
2414. Good morning Chris. I attended Terra on Sunday. I wasn't sure if I could/should/would send this....but here I go. Unfortunately I did not respond to 3 major points that may have been intended for me. For some reason I felt disoriented and became scared - like I did before having a stroke a few years ago. Whether it was the combination of the cold, the dimly lit room, or the body tingling sensation and sudden headache or my fear I am not sure. Although I had covered myself with a quilt and lined my seat with a wool afghan I felt achingly cold. As no one else responded to your reference to Cl....I assume it must have been for me. My mom is CLARA...married to FRED,(you mentioned that name) who reside above with our dog we had to euthanize with the letter "S " you mentioned. Our dog was Sassy. As you were focused to the front left of the stage, and the woman with the photo stood up, I did not respond. I know Mom and Dad are always with me and our Sassy girl gives them much joy like she did on the farm. I was hoping to receive a word of advice from Mom and Dad about my older brother, the eldest of the children, who is facing much turmoil. We have all tried to help him. When I returned home Sunday I found an e-mail from my brother's son. The situation has become much worse and we are struggling with how to proceed. I fear the damage could be irreparable. I'm kicking myself in the butt for being such a big baby and being scared, but its like something was pinning me to my seat and electricity was flowing through me as my heart raced. I was pleased that you were able to reach those you did and provide comfort where it was needed most. I will be contacting your office to book an appointment in hopes that I will be more comfortable in a private setting. At that time I will ask to be added to the cancellation list as I fear my brother's circumstance is deteriorating rapidly. My hope is that Mom and Dad, through me, can provide some hope or encouragement and guidance on how to help him. He has become desperate and feels his job in life is done. While my initial reason for attending was purely selfish, and seeking comfort because I miss Mom and Dad so much, I realize that my Bro needs them desperately. I know they love me and still watch over me. I am sure they were by my side the last 2 years especially as I oversaw my husband's mental illness, ECT treatments and manic episode. Otherwise I may have become ill myself. I can wait for your confirmation. Although we did not speak directly, you were still able to provide me with a sense of guidance...relief to know that I like many others must carry on and move forward. Do what we need to, to the best of our ability through our fears and tears. Thank you Chris.
2415. Good morning ...again Chris. I knew you had lived in Everett. I didn't realize where in Everett... hahaha Mom and Dad lived in Everett too - in a little house across the street from the Cemetery too. Mom attended the church down the street. Coincidental. :)
2416. #2338 & #2335 I like that little trick you did and flipped it around on me. Nice try but I am not going to let you get away with it. I never said suicide was self absorbed you actually did. I am actually the one saying that it is NOT. I was saying
2417. hello Chris. do we have the same unanswered questions on the other side as we do on this side? such as questions about the universe? other life forms, God? or does each "level up" just give us more things we never really have an answer to?
2418. hi chris, guess who????? :))) when you started doing this or even now has it been the time when the spirits come to you with important msg for someone or do they come all the time harassing you (unwanted attention)?/ i know you learn to block them out otherwise they will rule your life but has it been the emergency cases????? ever???? or even your friends or even kims relatives????/do you get to hang out with your deceased loved ones???????i think that would be great if they did come over and hang out during the day??? i know you think im losing it :))) probably am :))) i know you have heard it 1000 times and more before but again you are great...kindest, regards patty
2419. Is it possible to feel love ones physical pain and sickness even if they are no where near by. if so what is it called.
2420. HI Chris, I was your second call tonight on the radio show. I feel so blessed that I got a chance to talk to you. Its been something I have been needing for a long time....specifically the stuff you said about my friend Landon. Thanks for doing the radio show so that people like me could get a chance to talk to you. Hopefully I will get an opportunity to chat with you again in the future. :) Karen.
2421. Hi CHRIS,I have been reading a lot of the question's and your comments to people. I find that it is very comforting. We lost our son on Marché 25 2013. Our world have not been the same, we miss him so much. He was our only child. His birthday was on oct 17, he would have been 26.I had such a strong bond with him, his name is Kyle. We live in Newfoundland and because of work, my wife just started a new job,so we might not be able able to travel this summer. I really wish you did phone readings but I understand. My question is,(and I know you get this one all the time) how do I know he is ok,and can you sense any thing while you read this? Its really hard to do the things we have to do daily "work,conversation,seeing people go on with there lives when we feel so lost.I miss everything about him. I am really praying that you will get this message. Keep up the good work, so many of us really need as much support as we can get. Thank you. Darrell. If, and when you post your comment, How can I find it, do I have to scroll through all the questions?
2422. Hi Chris, in your experience or do you believe it's possible for someone to be kinder and more generous while living than they are in spirit? Thank you.
2423. Hello I have been dealing with the death of my little cousin for over a year now she died having a seizure she was only 22 and I have turned to god since but I can't seem to get her off my mind she was like a daughter to me I believe she is ok but it eats at me everyday that I don't know ...when she died it took a part of me she had two young children and she was full of life I beg of u to please ask her to tell u something that I would know and see if she's ok only we would know this ..email me please at beckydupont74@yahoo.com ..I know u get this a lot and I uunderstand your time is precious but I have to know is she ok??? And anything else .Thank u for your time ..and God bless u !
2424. Hi Chris...I had a visitation dream that was just beautiful because of the vivid colors..it was from a love that committed suicde...my question...I saw myself in greys and white... I was in a kitchen...someone was with me telling me to tell bobby I loved him...I said .. no I just can't... although I did and do...looking through the kitchen window watching bobby was sooooo real.... the beautiful vivid colors especially ... why was I in grey and white.. looking out a window that was where he was... I hope I explained this okay.
2425. Does my Mother forgive me?
2426. Can language be a barrier for a medium? In other words: can spirits communicate to you, no matter what language they spoke in their physical life?
2427. Hi Chris.:) I am Lu.I watched your Readings on You Tube. I think you are good at what you are doing and that is brilliant gift you have. You also sound like genuine and good person. Question.Do you really need to charge that much for your Readings?I know you have Family and as everybody you need to pay bills. Please don't take that as a judgement.I work among poor people and they would love to hear from deceased too but can't afford it. From spiritual point of view what would be your answer please. This question is too all Mediums in fact.I chosen to ask you as I think you are honest and genuine. Have a great day. Regards. Lu
2428. Dear Chris, I have lost my husband of 41years. I loved him dearly but did not always tell him.Ican't get over my deep grief and don't imagine I ever will. Thank you Kristen
2429. Hi Chris. Thanks for answering questions. I've noticed you sometimes say that spirits say they're "okay" or "fine." When I tell someone I'm fine or okay, it's usually when I'm feeling down. Does a spirit ever say they're doing great?
2430. Hi Chris, Without saying too much, I just want to know if you can help me. I have been waking up at 3:25 or 3:30 almost every day for years. I had a stranger once tell me when I was ready he would teach me. But I lost his card. I once went to a reading and the lady knew I would get upset, something was happening. Strange things have happened all my life. And your name keeps coming up. So here it is... do you know how to help me I guess. I think it's time. And I saw a video of you today on Youtube, the native man reminds me of my Chief. dmcguire68@gmail.com
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