2431. Hey Chris -- how's it going ? I've been really digging your answers lately -- timing, for me, I guess ? Many thanks :o))anyway, I have an observation that you may have noticed ? As a frequent member of your audience at your charity seminars, I have noticed that the majority of your audience are women, and a lot of them are a wee bit older (as am I). As I am newly venturing out into the world of energy healing, I am finding that women are more receptive to the idea, and of the idea of many spiritual and metaphysical things in general. In fact, there have been times when the wife of the family doesn't persue this belief, in order to stand by her husband's disbelief. Without pointing a finger at men(?) any idea why the gender ratio imbalance ? Thank you in advance for your take on this observation. Take Care, Terry Lynn <-see, my name :o))
2432. Chris, I have been struggling with what to do next? I am at a crossroads... I know I have angels trying to help me, but I'm not clear on what to do... can you advise? Also, my 12 year old son is struggling socially at school and has been for years with little improvement, do you see the path we should take to help him? Linda, Thank you!
2433. hi chris this is patty girl :), thanx for the reply. yes i do have a full time job and fulfilled life and believe me boring is very longed for...and yes i do love your site and im fascinated of what people do ask you and what your answer is...and im sorry you are being judged it is sad about people and our society but you must surely know you are not the only one... fat skinny overworked unemployed black white dark race no matter what you are always been judged at least you have so many people appreciate you and what you do...thanks again for your time... god bless patty
2434. Hi Chris - I saw you a few years ago in Acton at Country Reflections! I enjoyed it very much. I just became a grandmother - my daughter was videoing my granddaughter and there were orbs present. One so prominent, that my son-in-law saw it through the camera and the baby (7 months) followed it with her eyes, but my daughter didn't see it! Do you know if this could perhaps be a visit from beyond? Thank you.
2435. Chris, why does the Bible condone mediumship and connect it to demons? Do you believe that this was probably related to the Church in that era wanting complete control of the people (government, money, etc?
2436. Hi Chris, my name is Katelyn, and I lost my grandfather on my mother's side when I was 6 (2001). My mother, Laura, is a very kind woman who loved her father very much. She cries still at times because he refused to go to the doctor (they say that's why he had the heart attack) and I know my Grandma still takes it hard on herself to this day. My grandpa, Herb Schoenbaum, is he still watching over us?
2437. Chris....I am having knee replacement surgery on both knees in March and I was wondering how should I prepare myself spiritually? Do my angels and loved ones watch over me? Thanks.
2438. Would like to know if any events/seminars are planned for 2014. ThanksLory
2439. Hello Chris, I have two questions that may seem contradictory, but please bear with me; my sweetheart was killed six months ago and I'm trying to make sense out of things. I believe I've had signs from him and perhaps a visitation during a dream I had. I've had two brief sessions with different mediums, both of whom are reputable and were able to give me credible details they couldn't have known. Both reported that it was difficult to give me a message from my partner. The first, in asking him to come through, told me that he is always moving, moving, never still...and that he said he needs to touch as many people as possible. The second reported difficulty with communication from him as well. There were some sweet moments in the readings, but I didn't feel the sense of closeness or connection we shared while he was still in this physical plane. Right after the second reading, my daughter had a dream, a very vivid dream, in which she met with him. She asked him where he had been, that I was trying to contact him. He told her that he couldn't always be with me when I needed him, that he was very busy. When she told me, I felt hurt. Please don't misunderstand; I know there are many people who are desperate for any sign or communication and I'm not without gratitude. I've watched you do readings on your program and during fundraisers. You tell people that their loved ones are always with them, especially when they need them. I want to believe that, so much, but I can't reconcile the readings and my daughter's dream. Can you please help me understand? The second question is about an image that came to me during meditation. Since his death, there have been a handful of moments when out of nowhere I've heard him say something in my head. When it's happened, it's very fleeting, but clear. It's difficult to explain. I often imagine having conversations with him and imagine what he would say, but this is different. I think (hope) these may be communications from him. The other day I was meditating. I was in that floaty state between alertness and dozing off and an image popped into my head. It was of myself in an open doorway and him on the other side of it. He was reaching for me, but I was unaware of him. I felt the strongest sense of yearning. But, very strongly, I had the sense it was not my own feeling, that it wasn't coming from me. It felt like it was coming from him. Like it was his experience, his emotion, that I was experiencing. I didn't feel like he was missing me like I miss him, but yearning - that's the closest I can come to describing it. It had the same quality as his voice in my head on those few occasions. Can you tell me, does spirit experience this? What do you think it was? Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Love and light to you.
2440. Hello Chris a puzzling question.If a spirit that you were close to,and always felt their comfort ,becomes a reborn spirit after many years and is reborn again,would you still feel the love and comfort of the "old spirit",would you even know that they were reborn ??Thanks Chris for being there for so many.Mandy
2441. Hey Chris, I was browsing on youtube and happened to find your videos. How do you know that you are talking to spirit and not hearing your own voices in your head (if that makes sense). I have been told I have a gift, but I have absolutely not idea how to use it. My father passed away from cancer 5 years ago, when I Was 17. I saw him once, but got extremely scared and never saw his spirit again. How can I talk to him and see him again? Also how do I talk to my spirit guide(s)? Thanks! -Rico
2442. Hello Chris, I am in the States and have only recently found you and you are the most honest medium I have encountered. When you talk to those on the other side, if they come across with negative messages, such as anger that still persists, would you communicate that to the person sitting in front of you? I ask because I would want to know. Thank you!
2443. Hi, Chris...just wanted to say that I really enjoy watching your youtube clips and reading stuff about you online. Your validations makes me feel really good. Anyhow, just wanted to share that and also share something about myself. Several years ago I experienced a personal transformation (spiritual awakening), which allowed me to have lucid dreams and visions, see auras, experienced clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. After enduring personal difficulties in my life, I threw myself into ashtanga yoga and became a member Unity Church. In a nutshell, I opened my chakras and made a connection to the Divine, and was able to see past lives. But how do I go about enhancing these abilities? They seem to occur randomly. Is it become SPIRIT determines when I see, feel, sense things? Some people/friends told me I should see an acupuncturist or have a spiritual advisor/counselor. Anyhow, just wanted to reach out to you. Thanks for doing what you do. I hope to one day do the same. Michael
2444. hi chris, i know its me and you are getting worried, but trust me i do have a very busy and crazy life just between kids napping and dinner :) i was watching the news today briefly and they were talking about this couple that the woman was possessed and the man had performed exorcism and then she was cured and got married and with a kid now the question does that mumbo jumbo really exist, all that craziness about satanic this and that not really true are they????? where and how all that rubbish started??? sorry i know you are not the dictionary nor bible, again sorry to say dont believe in bible either but not an atheist...just dont believe in satanic powers and the crap they do in the name of satan or religion... dont think anyone has ever asked you that before in all your 2270+ Q&AS... i thank you sir in advance...god bless,patty
2445. Hi Chris, I had my first reading with you today (Feb 19 2014) I was so happy to hear from my Dad, Grandpa and friend and I'm thankful that spirit guided me to you for this reading. One male energy that came through to you and gave the name (ED/Eddy or Edward) clarified that it was my Grandpa. I left your office today with a sense of peace. Thank you again Chris. Anne :-)
2446. Hi Chris, the more I read the more questions I have. What do people mean by "being one" on the other side? Does that mean we care about each other so much like we would care about ourselves? Or does it mean that our awareness of our individual existence disappears. This ME here won't exist once get across to the other side. Instead, I would become light..just the awareness which can access the memory of the person as I am now. So...what is left is what people say collective consciousness?..I kind of imagaine it might be like in the movie IRobot where you see the robots all answer "One of Us,One of Us"...; And there is this concept many mediums mention a lot---"TIMELESS". What exactly does it mean. There is no way I can understand it. The past is past...the future has not happened yet. This is linear I know. But can it be not linear and still be meaningful? Could you please help me understand this? Thank you so much in advance. Kindest Regards, San
2447. Hi Chris I went through some of your questions and answers. Thank you for answering so many questions! I'm very interested in mediumship. I don't have an ability (or at least not aware of it...yet)I would like to learn how to communicate with my guide(s) and also help others getting answers and learn/grow through that process. My family is pretty open to the subject. My nephew has the gift of seeing people that have passed. He doesn't like it though. I would like to help him in any way he needs. I saw in one of the questions that you suggested reading about chakras and opening them would the first step... Can you suggest any book/website in particular? Thank you very much. Chuck
2448. Hello Chris, I am attempting to ask once again as I see my question was not answered as of yet. Do you read a person's health. Can you see what is wrong?
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