2449. Hi Chris, This may be a silly question but I was wondering if you connect with animals too?
2450. Hi Chris ... First thing I'd like to say I feel at most peace while reading your materials. I suddenly lost my mum 4 years ago. And my brother 6 yrs ago. When my brother passed, my hurt was for my parents,. However when my mum passed, I was crushed and lost I didn't get to say good bye, or thank her... I did lay in bed with her until she was taken to the funeral home. So I have two questions 1). Would my mum have known I was with her? 2). I miss her terribly even though I talk to her ever day ie: good morning , tell her. About the weather, how the kids are etc etc would she know my inside thoughts.. Most days I ask god to take me.... I miss her too much and life was just easier with her here. I know she would be upset with my inside thoughts, and don't get me wrong I would never harm myself in any way, just want to know if she. Would no my inside thoughts . I wish I could feel her with me- maybe that would bring some peace. I know this question sounds a little crazy, I promise you I am not crazy... struggling with losing mom. My apologies if this doesn't make sense .
2451. My 3 month old passed away suddenly this last December. We have no explanation. There are so many deaths of infants with no medical answers even after autopsy. Why does this happen? Why can't doctor's figure it out after hundreds of years? I feel like I could die of heartbreak I love my little boy so very much.
2452. Hi Chris… are there any ways of practicing your own communication with your loss loved ones? and is it possible for them to come through in dreams? Thanks Nichole
2453. Chris will everything my daughter doing worth it in the end. She is very stressed and I keep telling her, all will be worth it.
2454. Some mediums say that you reincarnate but not everyone because as we all know, why would someone want to come back here if it is so beautiful over there? And some mediums always say that you knew that person in another life that is why you have a connection. So do people reincarnate or only some. And if only some why???? Does this have to do with Deshvu (sorry spelling on a few words. I also wonder why mediums say that we are here to do our life lessons, but if we don't all reincarnate how can we complete all our life lessons. Please explain I am kind of confused or just don't understand what was said.
2455. Hi Chris, it is great you take time to answer so many questions, I was wondering if someone was mean to you before they died, can they look at the whole picture and see if they see it in a different light? I am wondering do people still think the same way as when they are living?
2456. hi chris, dont think anyone has asked you this question and if they have i do apologise for missing it as i have read all your 136 pages of Q&A, anyhow, the question, was thinking about my past life, what ever happened or happens to my soul well not my soul as i have my soul now so what or who is it that is connecting to my family of the past and being with them???/ surely its not my soul so what is it? John Holland one of the mediums i was reading about in the past described it as the memory or the motherboard of the computer that is always stays in heaven as we move on... somehow i can not relate to that... enlight me please chris, im very interested to know how does that work??? if you have answered this question please just direct me to the right page and i'll be off :)))... thanks again for everything, intrigued and curious patty btw only 21 days to go :)
2457. Hi Chris -- my question is in relation to the time that it takes a soul to return to this world . Is it possible that john has returned ? . You may remember that I had a few sessions with you -- after john's passing Maria . Hoping to schedule appointment soon
2458. Hi Chris, I lost my mom not to long ago & my dad is having a very hard time with it, well, we all are but my dad the most, is there anything u can tell me maybe a message from my mom to help us, let us know that she is really with us..please & thank u!
2459. Hi Chris, I’ve been intrigued reading through the many, many questions sent to you and your genuine patience in replying to question after question. You are very dedicated to helping people understand that death is not the end and our love ones do exist after life on earth. I personally want to thank you for sharing your videos/website which has explained in a very genuine and believable way ALOT of things to me. I seem to be on a strange journey into realising this....Up to a year and a half ago I would have only been aware of ‘those people’ who claim to be psychic and I wouldn't know the difference between a Medium, a Fortune Teller, a Psychic etc. I never had any time for them. I thought it all to be a cod. Very slowly coincidences started happening that meant I ended up getting a message from a Medium (that I didn't go to see) to tell me my late husband has a message for me, the location/occasion I will be at when I will receive this message etc. This freaked me out because yes I was to be at a place on the date/occasion mentioned which no-one really knew the details. Very slowly, over the last year and a half more coincidental situations happened which has lead me to become aware and very content in the belief that death is not the end. I didn’t know I needed to know this! I have been and still am a very happy and content person. I love life and never dwelled on death. The last year and a half was unexpected and also in coming across your website and your videos. I cannot emphasise enough that you are a very special person who touches many people that I don’t think you are totally aware of. You have been very instrumental in my personnel journey. Thank you, Louise.
2460. Hi Chris..I had total hip replacement over the holidays...I was only home one week..when I took a fall outside in the dead of winter and tons of snow...due to my surgery I was unable to lift myself back up..i was lying outside without a coat for over half hour...I kept calling for someone to please help me.. it was dark outside. I asked for help many times...ended up with a frostbite on hands from trying so hard to grab onto chunks of ice to pull myself along...then I fell the incision from my operation getting very cold...I said to myself at that moment... I am going to die out here all alone...at that instant...I was lifted by angels/spirits...I felt being lifted very gently...and a glow of light was on my legs as I was stunned while feeling myself rise... I remember saying thankyou jesus...at that very moment...I heard tenants coming out the side door..spirits were gone immediately as they came out door... they asked if I was the lady calling for help...my arms were still out as tho I was being held.. and I felt a firm plant of my feet to let me know I was stable...I was overcome with thankfulness to the people that came out for me...and helped me back in the building...this experience has just changed me so much... I saw and felt what I tell you...it was very gentle and pain free....I tried to tell a friend about it.. but.. I soon realized .. you cannot tell people..if they have not experienced this..they will never understand. They were not white beautiful angels with wings... the one on my right side..was a man..i saw his arm..and someone was on my left...but had no sense of who it was...it was the one on the right side of me...that I knew was there..it was in human form.. because I saw his arm..i have no idea who they were...would this have been someone I know that came to me...I am blessed to have had this happen and yet I am also stunned by it...how can I know who it was... thank you Chris
2461. Chris, my 3 month old son passed away unexpectedly in December. I've connected with so many mommies of infant children lost to sudden infant death. I've also seen questions on here whose loved ones have passed with no answers. Why does this happen? SIDS has been around so long and there are no answers, only a thousand theories. How can someone die and leave behind a perfectly healthy body? On some level I don't think an answer exists, but there's a why regarding that also. I miss him immeasurably.
2462. Hi Chris my daughter passed when she was quite young, and it was 7 years ago. I used to feel her around often and Im struggling to reconnect. Do you have anything you can suggest to me to try and reconnect with her?? Thanks so much
2463. Hi, Chris, You website has given me hope and comfort since my dad suddent death. I was very afraid because he was not a Christian, where is he now? After reading all your postings, I know all souls are at peace and GOD is pure love. I realy miss him. I don't understand why he went out that night and why he did not notice the cars.
2464. Hello Chris, My freinds mom past away a few years ago when she died her phone rang. there was nobody on the line. Last night she had a dream and again her phone rang was htis her mom trying to say hi and all will be well as she is very stressed out at work. thanks for all the wonderfull work you do and how much care you take of people.
2465. Hi Chris I had a very vivid dream where my late husband appeared at home and he said he had been shopping in California at some very fancy designer stores for me. He brought with him and laid them out on my bed. Handbags, outfits, bathing suits, shoes, all beautiful and worth thousands of dollars. He said selected them all for me and I said what if some of them don't fit me. Oh, just send them back and they will send the correct size. But everything will fit you, you deserve it. What does this mean?
2466. Hi Chris, a good friend of mine was charged for canceling an appointment last minute today and I am curious how you can charge a widowed, single mother of 3 kids for being afraid to drive from Milton to Allison when environment Canada issued a freezing rain warning for areas north of Toronto.
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