2467. Hi Chris, First of all I just wanted to say I think you do amazing work and this beautiful ability you have seems to bring so much peace and hope for people who are genuinely grieving the loss of their loved ones. I'm currently on your wait list for a private session sometime early next year (2015) and very much looking forward to meeting you in person. In the meantime however, I've been watching all your YouTube videos and notice you reference the term "contemporary" when referencing an energy that comes through. I wondered what exactly do you mean by this? Also, just for clarification when you say "above" or "below" I assume this means a generation older (above) or generation younger (below) to the client? Apologies for the seemingly simple, questions, but I just wanted to get a better understanding on these terms you reference so that when I have my session with you, I'm clear on what these references mean. Your work is so meaningful and I can't wait to have my session sometime early next year…….seems like a long wait, but I know it will be totally worth it. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my question. Angelica
2468. I just want to know where to buy tickets for your up and coming evening with the proceeds to Seasons for Grieving children thanks jewel
2469. Hi Chris, I saw your reading on the skeptic and youtube and I have to say I was quite impressed. As a hopeful skeptic myself (and I don't mean that offensively, because I SO want to believe!) For some reason I just felt like I should write a question in regards to a phone reading. I know your bookings are about a year out, is it possible to pay on the same day you are giving a reading? Only because my skeptical self says people can figure out a lot about a person through a card number.
2470. Chris, what do the departed do once they've passed? How do they spend their time? If there is a real heaven, what are they doing there? Also I had a fullterm stillborn, do they age on the other side? - Tammy
2471. Is it weird that I have had a sense since watching your shows to contact you for a reading? I know you sometimes do this (and sometimes don't depending on questions), but do you get a sense from this question that it might be a good idea? (Weird I know).
2472. I just read your response to my question regarding my 3 month old son's passing. THank you very much for your time and encouraging words. I had resubmitted the question when i was not sure if it had gone through so i just wanted to write saying thank you so much and to let you know that the 2nd question was also from me and did not need answering. God Bless, Kimberly
2473. What is our reason for being here on earth? Also - The Eagle and the Rose changed my life in 1995, her msg. hit home with me. I just bought your book last night. :) -Tammy W.
2474. How many readings do you usually do a day? Do you feel your own energy change? When you do a show, is it different energy you use?
2475. hi chris, just wanted to thank you again from here aussie land for my wonderful session... it was great i didnt have any expectation of how it was going to go i have been reading and studying about you and how you work before my reading and i am truly glad that i went with my gut feeling and chose yo not others...your site gives my some peace at it does to so many out there you are doing god work and what hes asking us to do and you are doing it wonderfully..thank you so much for recommending the book (conversation with god)it has changed my expectation and out look about life a lot... loved reading it and will read it again till i know it inside out. i guess this is really for everyone that is reading this site to know that you are truly genuine and wonderful caring person first then medium. i dont know anything about you just going by your Q&A nd talking to you and seeing your site. wish all the other medium out there were anything like you... you should be proud and know you might not be as well known as the other famous mediums but you stand a lot taller than the rest. i am soley going by my gut feeling and what i have seen and my inner or gut feeling hasnt let me down yet. so to everyone that reads this you have found a true gem with chris and know you would not find any better... i love tocall your beautiful wife and make another appointment for the same time next year and keep that going once a year.. sorry that this became very long but really wanted yo and everyone that is reading this great site to know my experience... thanks again and god bless, patty and yes i do have a life :))) (just joking)
2476. Hi Chris, I lost my mother when I was two years old, and at times I have spoken with her only to get nothing in return. Is she with me today or was the connection lost because I was so young when she passed?
2477. Dear Chris When my mother took me to visit my father in the cemetery as a child I felt a strong pulling force coming from the grave site. I started to cry and my mother took me home. The next time I visited years later I felt nothing. However I have this feeling like there is something beside and beneath me that pulls on a regular basis. Once while watching videos on the computer I felt this presence behind me. My dogs stood up in their crates with their eyes opened so wide and focused on me I was again frightened. This latest only a few minutes. What is this pulling force? It's deeply frighting. My imagination fills with scary images. This has been happening since I was a child. I Can't seem to turn off the adrenalin flight rush or sometimes terrifying images. Thank you for considering my question. Debra in NB
2478. hi Chris, I've had to take medication after I had a mental illness which has caused brain damage because I can't visualise things hardly at all anymore,my memory is poor and I can't hear my thoughts much. Given this, how can I know what my guardian angel or spirits are saying to me? I feel that I've lost touch with any ability to make contact - especially because recently I had an experience where it felt like my aura filled up with a darker substance (I don't know how else to describe it). Thanks.
2479. Do you have pets come through? If so, to what extent?
2480. Hi, Mr. Stillar, In Russia there lives а Person whose name is Roman Alifas. Не posesses numerous spiritual gifts. He has created а new Doctrine that makes it possible to change the lives of people, of humanity. Please what could you tell me about him and his future? Thanks in advance, Elena
2481. hey,I wanted to know if you did private readings over the phone for the ones who lives in another state? thanks
2482. Hi Chris, I have booked an appointment but it is a year away. I am going through a very difficult time. I have a young daughters and have separated from her father. I love him and didn't want this but because of his behaviour I felt I had no choice. My question is will I ever be able to communicate with him (I have no trust) because it always backfires? What is our soles journey ? Will we be together ? Or will I have another love? I'm having a hard time excepting the person he is and not who I fell in love with.
2483. Hi Chris, Can someone that you have known on earth and passes away, become your spirit guide or are spirit guides those who are in heaven before one is born? Thanks so much. vera
2484. What do you know about this: One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge by James Randi
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