2485. Dear Chris... I feel drawn to you. I feel like I am supposed to make an appointment to see you. I feel like you have the answers that I am looking for. My sister told me about you and I have read so many questions on your sight. I don't know if it's wishful thinking to expect that you would tell me what I want to hear or if my people who have crossed over is drawing me to you. I have had so much loss in my life, and lived through so much at the same time. I most certainly will make an effort to come see you for a reading this year. I guess, I am definitely looking for some answers from one particular person. "Why did you hate me so much?" In time Chris I will come to see you...Darlene
2486. Hello again Chris, My name is Camille and I have had a few questions in the past regarding my boyfriends suicide. I have lost a lot of the connections and signs of Jon showing me he's with me and didnt understand it for the past few months. I just recently remember after my daughter talking with me asking me to let him go and move on to a relationship here (which offended me for a while) I did tell Jon that I was going to let go just a little. So I get that it was the dependency thing you have talked about in some answers. Thank you so much for your responses they really help! Today I wondered for maybe a little advice...I did get involved with someone and got hurt by them. I thought since I had gotten such a clear understanding of what loving someone means this wouldnt happen (silly me) but I am struggling on how to not have hard feelings with them as I think truly loving someone is accepting them and letting them go if it is hurting you. However he keeps coming back and I dont know how to love him but turn my back on him also. Any ideas??? Thank you so much for all you have done!
2487. Can souls that have passed help us with relationship problems with family members? If we have chosen family issues as our path for this lifetime can we change that?
2488. Hi Chris I'm listening to blog talk radio tonight, and the speaker said that the people who die from our lives also grieve for us in the living, and that it takes about as long for them as it does us, it's something I never gave thought about as I believe that they don't have the same attachments to this life as they did when they were alive. I've always trusted your answers and would like to know if they really do grieve on the other side at all.
2489. Dearest Chris, thankyou for this opportunity. I am a spiritual teacher and channel but cannot get clarity on this. Im 43yrs old and we are trying for our second child, I was confident but it's been more than a year...will we/I have a second child? Many thanks Sahaja x
2490. Is MedIumship possibly a genuinely evolved extra sensory ability of a person to read (over the phone or in-person) a client's own memories and thoughts of events and deceased Loved Ones? Are Mediums simply Mind - reading the client's thoughts and memories? Thank you in advance, Chris, for responding to this question.
2491. I had a phone session with you a couple of years ago and my mother came through for me very strongly. It helped a lot with the grieving process as you gave me information that only she would have known. She died in 2011. My father passed away in February 2013. I was the one who found him. He was 90 when he died. His face had a look of both wonder and peace. They said natural causes but I would like to know if he just decided to leave. He's left many clues so we know he is still part of our lives, but his death is a mystery. I think it's because I found him that I feel a need to know. He died 45 years to the day that his mother (my grandmother) died. I understand that the Internet is not a tool for readings but I have a feeling you might still have a connection with me. Thank you.
2492. Chris, I live in the United States and was wondering if use very come to the states and do u recommend a state side medium in Oklahoma if not
2493. I was afraid Question 2466 offended you so much you were giving up your question page, very relieved to see that is not so!!
2494. Dear Chris,Until today I had not heard of you and your gift. My beloved died 8/28/11, just 7 short weeks after getting the Dx of liver cancer,end stage.Prior to this I had turned him on to various materials, in particular The Seth Materials by Jane Roberts. He became very interested in learning more and unbeknownst to me had become a student on line dealing with how to communicate after HE left us behind. I was bombarded with visit dreams and after each one I would wake up because the television unexplainably not only turned on, but the volume would be in the 65-80 range.(Normal volume level on my Vizzio is 17 or 18.) He was able to validate every single instance of these events in various, crazy & incredible ways. How wonderful it would be if everybody who ever worried that death was just a big dark empty nothing could know what I know and what my beloved learned before passing. After seeing you in action with a non believer on You Tube I felt compelled to just say "Hey". Peace. Vicki
2495. I am still so impressed that someone can talk with spirits and help us on what they want us to know. You give people comfort to know that there is something out there that we are not quite sure what it is. But, it makes death not so scary, and it also gives you comfort to know that your loved ones never really leave you at all. It is like a fine thread between the two worlds and you just cannot see them any more. But, I do believe Chris in your gift and I know that you give people comfort to those they have lost every day. I feel people need to know that your gift is special and to thank you for what you do every day. Mine is not really a question but a thanks from me to you
2496. Will my mom ever get over the hurt in her heart and feel like she can move along until she meets with Dad again?
2497. Hello Chris. I watched a video of a reading you gave a man whos friend had departed. I found you to be very intriguing, very impressive. Reading q&a, I come accross an answer where you stated that we choose our family. I like that because I would trade not one of them for anything. My question is do they choose us also....how does that work.....does the decision have to be unanimous? Also, your statement of we also choose our passing, would you please elaborate on that. In reincarnation, do generations of famillies stay together, is communication with aloved one
2498. If a loved one chooses reincarnation, does that eliminate your contact with one asnother?
2499. Can you read spirit who doesn't speak English?
2500. How long are your private sessions? If there have been many people close to you that have passed, assuming that it is the strongest spirit that comes through? Is it possible in one session to have multiple spirits present themselves?
2501. Hi Chris, I've read accounts of near death experiences. Most people who have had a NDE report feeling absolute love and moving through beautiful light. However, there are accounts from people who believe that they visited hell - they were tortured and afraid. I'm very interested to know you think of this. I know you believe that when we pass there is only love...How would you explain their accounts?
2502. Dear Chris. I want to believe. How is Medium Reading different from telepathic "mind-reading" of a client's memories of a loved one; whether the client is in the same room with you or with you over the telephone or the internet? Thank you for answering this question, Chris. Again, I want to believe in Medium Reading as a real bridge to the Living Spirit Essence of Loved Ones that cross over.
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