235. Do you mind if I ask you a question? In all the readings you have done for people over the years, have you ever had anyone tell their loved ones that they have met God, or have seen God and if they had - how did they describe him? I know this probably sounds like a really silly question. I'm just very curious. Is he really out there somewhere? ( I don't mean this in a nasty way or anything - I'm asking from my heart. I've was raised Catholic, and believed in my religion with all my heart, no questions asked - but as I grew older, I began to really question the Catholic Religion and the beliefs that they had taught me - I never doubted there was a God, how could I when he gave me the precious gift of Stephen, but the institution of the Catholic religion is what I questioned. Now, since Stephen's passing, I feel lost and uncertain as to what to believe. I was taught that anyone who commits suicide goes to hell, as do people who don't attend church etc. etc.. The priest at Stephen's wake told me that Stephen could not have suffered near as much as Jesus did in the garden before he was arrested. "My reply was that I hoped that he was at peace", the priest simply stated that only the righteous God determines who is worthy of the kingdom of heaven. When he was finished, I panicked - if my son went to hell then I'm going to join him there right now. What I needed from him was to hear about the loving and compassionate God. I want so much to understand what God really is - is he all loving, is he the judging righteous God - who is he? In my heart I feel that God is unconditional love, but my head recites what I was taught many years ago - which do I listen too? Thanks! Cathy
236. Bravo Chris It is very disturbing to me to hear stories like Cathy's.To have a priest not practice what he preaches.To not tell her that her son is fine,to not comfort her and then to suggest that her son is anywhere but with GOD is very upsetting.Cathy,you are not alone,when i say that there are many of us that have taken control of our own TRUE beliefs and by doing that have taken back control of our lives.Sorry,but after reading your story I felt compelled to offer my opinion.GOD loves us ALL !!
237. What exactly does the dove represent?
238. could you please tell me if there is a Spiritualist Church in Barrie, Ontario
239. Sorry never left you an e-mail address, on the question do I have a spirit around me and whom. tkkostiw@cyberbeach.net
240. Sometimes a terminally ill patient will pass away shortly after a loved one leaves the room. For example, the loved one may have spent days at the person's bedside only to go home for a few hours of sleep. During that period of time the terminally ill family member dies. There could be many reasons for this: coincidence, or perhaps the person feels he/she is physically alone, or maybe he/she wants to spare the family member the pain at the moment of passing. What do you think?
241. Hi Chris, I am a highly spiritual individual and I had a disturbing dream about a month ago. I had a dream that an angel came to me. I knew the angel was a male but physically was neither gender. All he said to me was
242. Dear Chris, many times I wanted to write to you to say thank-you for all you have done for me, you helped me more than anyone,and I think your the greatest.Thank God for you.Your friend Rhonda.
243. Chris, Thank you for taking the time from your busy life to answer my question, you are a truly kind and genuine person! Thank you for easing my anxiety and directing my mind in a new and positive direction of thought. Take care and thank you a million times :) Nicole Pahor
244. Hi Chris! I spoke to you briefly on the
245. Hi Chris,I am not really interested in validation of survival beyond death - I have a deep understanding that this is so. I believe my loved ones who have passed on, are just fine - and we will meet again. So I am not thinking along those lines. However... I do have a house in which some very strange things have been happening over the years. I am interested in getting an appointment with you. Would you need to come to the house - or would a telephone appointment suffice?Romaine Millerromainemiller@rogers.com
246. Hi Chris, My father sister and brother have all passed over, I have yet to be contacted by any of them. Are they okay and do they have a message for me.
247. Dear Chris, 26 yrs ago i had a still-born baby. they did not disclose the sex of the child or why it happened to me. Is there any way he/she is able to tell me either?
248. Chris Recently I went for a physic reading. She told me a mother figure and a father figure are constantly with my sister and she sees them pulling up a patch quilted blanket up to her chin, as if tucking her in. Can you tell me who they are, and what there message is to her. Thank-you.
249. Dear Chris, My husband passed away Oct 2. 2005. My 13 yr old does not want to talk at all and is carrying on as if nothing has happened. What do i do? Jody
250. I know you speek highly of John Edwards and James Van Praugh I also think they are very gifted and wonderful what do you think of Sylvia Brown? I have read some of her books and I think she is amazing I am just wondering if you feel the same way. From Kerri Detcheverry
251. Chris. I don't have a question at this time merely a comment regarding your recent recommendation to a lady to read Neale Donald Walsch's book Part One. You asserted to her 'go out today ...don't waste another day ... so all of a sudden I found myself an hour later in a book store doing exactly as you coneyed. For the life of me I still can't fathom what 'drove' me to act so impulsively, because normally I dither somewhat, making sure that things make sense ... I guess I'm cautious, but I sure wasn't in this case. In any event, there I was plowing through page after page with excitement and joy about what I was reading. To be honest, I finished the book before I realized it. Upon reflection, I'll probably have to read it a few more times to fully understand and appreciate what was being revealed, but thats OK. If anything the book has caused me to have more questions than before, but perhaps my eyes and my mind have been opened somewhat ... we'll see. One point I would to like to mention is the author's comment about thinking too much about something before taking action, because you'll probably not do what you instinctively wanted to( I think I got it right). A situation happened yesterday, where I came upon an individual who was soliciting funds. We all have have come across these situations before, where sometimes I give, while other times I don't ...I just sort of mechanically respond with little or no feeling ( hate to admit that). In any event, I finished the book late Saturday evening. On Sunday afternoon, I was getting out of my car when I saw a person standing outside a store solicitting. At that point I had no idea what the solicitation was for ... all I remember is looking at the eyes of the individual ... the saddest I can ever recall seeing ... I thought I was going to lose it right there. And then the voice asking it I could help prevent the abuse of kids (a legitimate organization I determined earlier today). Chris ... normally I know how I would have responded ( and I'm not proud of that), but in this case I didn't think about 'how or why' ... I just reached in my pocket and gave. The amount is a moot point, what made my heart sing was the sincere smile on the youth's face who knew that despite whatever he had been through in his life ... I think he knew that I and others cared. As I left I had a shiver that went through me like the ones that cause you to speak out loud - sort of a "Whew" noise. I remember looking in the car mirror and saying to myself 'my God' what was that all about. I'll probably never see the lad again, but I hope that in some small way he knows that there are good people out there and that the act of kindness goes two ways for sure. In summary ...for the life of me I can't forget those eyes, but at the same time I also will remember the smile! Thank you once again for helping us along the way. Warm regards, Jim from Trenton
252. Hi Chris,My dad died very suddenly. Was time delay a factor? Or was he meant to die from what he did? Any anwers would be appreciated, Thank You
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