2503. Hi Chris thank you so much for answering my question(2482) . I am so looking forward to meeting you! You have an amazing way with words and I am trying to be better and stronger. It's helpful to hear that my life is where it is suppost to be and I have the power to make positive changes by learning from my past. Thank you and God bless.
2504. Hi Chris, I was question number 2469 (the skeptic trying not to be!) You asked what I was able to find online in regards to information. I wasn't able to find information with a credit card number, but I as able to find information with a phone number. So I think to try it out using a friend's phone number is best! I am trying to get more spiritual as well, but I am finding it incredibly challenging. I have been praying, meditating to try to reach my spirit guides, but I can't. I know your skill must be a challenge sometimes, but I wish I was able to do it!
2505. Is it possible to detect the death of someone by a feeling? I ask this because 3 days before the love of my life had passed away. I wasnt quite myself. Then he passed away. all the signs he felt before his passing i felt 3 days before. Is this considered a gift?
2506. Hi Chris , My EX- boyfriend Rohan died very suddenly. But in my heart he was always my only love! A wonderful father figure to my son. We spoke every other day. I cant stop thinking about him since his passing. I never got to say goodbye to him. I never got to say im sorry. Was it his time? Thanks in advance! Jasmin Barton - NYC
2507. hi chris , does the deceased see their loved ones at the time of their passing? Such as their funeral? Do they who came , cried , etc? Also ive been told that you can sense a spirit is near when you get goose bumps yet no window is open. What do you call a person who can sense something that is going to happen because i sensed my fathers passing and sensed the same symptoms that my boyfriend felt the day before he died without knowing why ... until the next day of his pasing. sorry for all the questions but im very curious. Thanks chris. he passed away march 15 2014.
2508. My little son told me a few days after the love of my life death. "Mom he told me to tell you that he hears everything you are saying and that he loves you too!" I was shocked. Could this be possible? Did the spirit of my boyfriend speak through my son? Thank you in advance Chris! Blessings!Jesalyn
2509. I had a dream of my boyfriend days after his death. In the dream he was surrounded by loved ones who were sitting. Him and i were the only ones standing. But not close together - only apart. hes on one end of the room and im in the other end. As i looked at him he said no words. Only a tear drop flowed down his face as he looked at me and the others. Is he sad? Did he feel like he wasnt ready to die since it was so sudden? Take care.
2510. This may sound like a weird questions for you...but here it goes. For the past few months I have been petrified of death. I am 28 years old and the fear has crippled me right now. It just feels like I am just waiting to die. Granted it could be my life circumstances (I lost my job and had to move in with my parents who I love deeply). I just cannot imagine my life without the them. I am trying to grow spiritually but all I am feeling is anxiety, doubt and extreme fear. I pray daily to help to grow spiritually so I can live, but the science/logic part of my brain is gnawing away saying this is impossible. I know it is not your responsibility for others, but do you have any advice for someone like this? Doing what you do, do you fear death? I know this sounds like a stupid question for someone like you and I have enjoyed reading these answers to your questions. But I want to make sure I am still "me" even after this life...
2511. (Also one more thing!) I know I have sent you a couple of questions already, but I just wanted to say thank you. I do think it is great that you take the time to answer all of these questions (and sometimes not so nice questions!) I just feel like I am on my own spiritual quest, and some of these questions and answers are helpful for me as I am sure for others. I just hope I can forgo fear and live right now! So thanks again! Maybe I will book a reading...
2512. What is your take on people like Derren Brown? Were he says hes a mentalist and uses psychology tricks and that it's all fake? I mean he puts on a good show were it seems impossible and debunks mediums. Just curious
2513. What do we do in the afterlife? do we have jobs do we live in houses etc and,do we move on from that life. Also what was the point of creating dinosaurs and other species of humans, only to have them die out. And what is the universe for.
2514. Hi Chris, My mom passed away in India. She was here in us 1month before she passed away. Can her soul be near us ?is it possible for the soul to travel long distance?It was my ambition from childhood to take care of my mom when she becomes old but she passed away on her late 50's ,never got sick or gave me a chance to care her .she was so caring and lovable to all . I really want to know why she passed away so early without even having any major health issues? My mom can understand English a little but she doesn't talk English. Is there any way to communicate to her ? I miss her a lot want to communicate to her at least once......
2515. Have you ever made contact with a celebrity or a well-known public figure that you were told after the fact?
2516. Hi Chris do you think you will visit UK England. I would really love a reading by someone as genuine as you. Loved your book.Yvonne Potter
2517. Dear Chris, my deepest dearest friend, my puppy passed over to heaven exactly almost exactly 1 year ago. He is the absolute most stunning experience of true unconditional love I have ever experienced......even in past lives. He completely changed my experience of nature and other creatures bringing a close connection I never dreamed possible. I was a suicide case from early in my life, believing that this place on earth was an evil trick because of all the constant terrible things that happen...in fact as a very young teenager I thought I was very very intelligent to realize that this place was hell. I thought that the image of hell as a bunch of flames was stupid because hell was a much more evil trick...that earth with flowers and other "beautiful things" was the most serious perfect trick that prevented people from recognizing how dark the pain grief and violence of this place is and would get distracted with food or parties etc. I even thought that trees would secretly have desperate wars over water, but because it was all underground as a war among the roots of the trees, no one could see it and would not realize it was happening.....my dog was truly the awakening of a love beyond any experience I have ever had...my favorite definition of love is "two minds without a single thought" I have had some very amazing spiritual experiences and I do not have a single doubt that there is total infinite Love as the Source of everything.......However I experience such profound pain...literally sharp physical pain even though I have had contact at moments with my dog. I have realized that below my grief is a level of rage over the experiences of such incredible pain of this dimension and not just for me. My struggle is with my desire to have complete constant merging contact with my deepest love. I do have it at times but something arises within me and only pain takes over. Help !?! I would figure out how to afford a session with you on the phone if you 'feel' that it could be the help I need to connect with my best friend. Thank you deeply for any response.
2518. Does your job ever get you sad. It must be hard to watch people every day cry in front of you because you bring them back there loved one. I guess you get comfort from knowing that you helped them heal. But, i am thinking it must be hard to do what you do and not get the feeling each and every day of sadness, but at the same time comfort. Your job I think would be fulfilling and I now myself thank you for your gift. Because so many people need that final closure, or just to understand that their loved ones still live on.
2519. Hi Chris, Can, when you are reading these letters and questions do you get a feeling from the spirits and a connection to that person that has written the question?
2520. A friend of mine has lost a sister-in-law and she was left to take care of the daughter. Is her sister-in-law aware of how it is going? Also is there anything the mom would like to say to the daughter to let her know that she is their with her daughter. And is the sister-in-law doing a good job taking care of the daughter. She worries if she is doing the right think. I feel her taking on this task is huge.
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