2521. Hello, thank you for answering my question for before (a few pages back). Your story about losing your grandmother and losing weight has personally struck a chord with me. In less than a year I will be 29 and have went from 241 to 194 (and still losing). Somehow I had stumbled across your site. For the last few months, I have been sort of walking in a fog and angry that I lost such a wonderful woman in my life. She always told me that she would leave me signs when she passed, but I have felt nothing. I am probably what you would call a (unfortunately) a cynical skeptic at being able to communicate with those that have passed. (Too much science, evolution, population growth etc.). However, I continued to read your pages on your Ask Chris website and it made me stop and think. I realize you do this on your own time free of charge with no gain...and I think..what has he to gain from that time spent. I have taken your advice possibly on every question you have given on the site. I have meditated, talked to my loved ones and yet a part of me feels like it is some sort of fairytale. I tried opening my chakras, disregard my cynicism, and tried to just feel..anything. I have tried to communicate with Spirit Guides. I have be devouring books on the subject (And even am going to purchase your book with my next paycheck). I have been doing this for awhile now, and I seem to be failing. I either cry and than I get angry at myself. I then sit there and pray/beg cry out to God (I even pray that I wish he could just call me on the telephone and let me know it will be okay). A part of me has become depressed and has questioned my existence...that is just all by chance and I will never see my grandmothers again (and I am possibly researching the subject too of let’s be honest my own mortality). I can hardly have fun anymore because I just feel like I am waiting to die. I know it’s my perception and my fate in my own hands that will help me get me out of this depression. However, I thought for someone who does this line of work, do you have any advice for me? I really feel hopeless. I even ask before I go to bed that I won’t wake up. I also want to give you major kudos because you are around this type of feelings a lot and I know it just must take a toll on you as a person. Do you think it would be beneficial to get a reading from you and try to be as open as possible to the idea? Have you ever dealt with a person like that before? Sorry this was so long, I just really related to your story when you were my age (as I even grew up near a cemetery as well). Weird huh? Thank you for taking the time with this website and bringing comfort to people.
2522. Continuation of previous asked question (sorry!) I also am aware that people have it way worse than I do. Which is why I also feel extreme guilt for even feeling the way I do...regardless of anything!
2523. HI Chris, I had a reading from you 7 months ago. I had a great experience with very relevant validations. One thing that did not come up during the session was my husband's wish to separate. This for me was sudden and unexpected. i wonder why my loved ones would not use the opportunity to prepare me for what has become a devastating past few weeks. Thanks Chris.
2524. Hello Chris...today I was at your presentation at the Lyons Hall, which was wonderful as usual. I have to tell you something though. Your last reading seemed to fit me to a "T", almost more than it did the three ladies you spoke to. You said you had a mother/daughter connection where one died from and impact and one died from cancer. The name Lyn was mentioned. My sister died from cancer (Lyn) and my mother died in a car accident. You said that the name E-L_N was coming up. My sisters full name was EVELYN. You also came up with the name J-N..my middle name is June and you mentioned a red car. My cousin drove from out of town today to come with me and her care is red. You also mentioned a Unicorn and I watched a show last night with A Unicorn in it, as did my cousin, unbeknownst to me. Every comment you made fit me 100 percent. I was just wondering if it is possible to have a messages come through for two different people that sounds the same? I can't shake the feeling that my mom and sister were trying to contact me..Thank you Chris
2525. I was wondering if my baby is okay up in heaven. I feel as if I made a mistake by aborting the baby. How does he/she feel? Do you know what gender he/she was.
2526. hi chris, its one of your favourite aussie girls :))) just read you might be suspending this site for a while :( please dont its such a great site and im recommending this site to everyone i know... i know you are quite busy now but average people that cant afford to have booking with you right now is very very comforting, i do understand your time is precious just think about it, PLEASE... on behalf of everyone in the past and present and future that will read this site i THANK YOU... god bless, patty
2527. Hi Chris. I read your answer to 2497 about soul groups often coming back together. I believe in reincarnation because it makes the most sense to me, but I've always been the black sheep of my family. I've been left out, criticized, ridiculed, teased and abused. I've watched my sibling be the favorite, for as long as they've been alive. It's been painful to say the least. I get NO comfort from the idea that I'm going to have to come back with these same cruel people until we "get it right." So, even in death, will be no peace for me? What if I decide that I've had enough of these bozos and this pain? Will I be forced to endure them forever? The subject of time is a strange one, too. If there is no such thing as time, that in fact we are living all of our lives simultaneously, does what I do in this life that I'm conscious of, affect my *soul* in it's other current incarnations? I have trouble believing that I'm such a masochist as to force myself to do this over and over again. Who knows? Maybe I am. I must be. I've tried twice to read Conversations With God. It wasn't my cup of tea, to put it mildly. I had horrible nightmares and have no desire to tackle that book again. If it's possible to put the answer to my questions in simple terms (I'm not sure that it is) that even I can understand, I'd be grateful. I need to know the suffering is going to stop. Repeating it is not an option for me. Thank you for your videos and your website. I take away some valuable information from your answers to other peoples' questions. Thank you.
2528. Living with my Lover-Soulmate and being together in ecstasy, in love all these years, dependent on each other's physical presence, was my heaven on earth. She passed away. We have no kids together. She is my family; my sole genuine source of happiness. Without her physically alive with me this earth is hell. What is the reason(s) for NOT ending one's mortal life by his/her own hand in order to reunite happily for eternity with a departed Soulmate Perfect Loved One? Chris, your answer is eagerly sought. Abundant thanks for your help and insight.
2529. Hi chris , i speak to my ex boyfriend who is deceased every once and awhile. People think im crazy. I was curious to know if he can hear me when i talk to him? I enjoy taling to him when im down etc. He comes to me in my dreams alot. first he would never speak in my dreams when he passed away and was very sad in each dream. But now he is talking to me. was it all a dream or is it truly him when he appears in my dreams. Thank you so much in advance. I dont know if you will have time to answer but i am hoping you will :)His name is Rohan Barton. Thanks again Chris?
2530. I have read in one of your responses, that a loved one chooses what path they may take when dieing. You said this girls mother may have preplanned for her daughter to make the decision as to whether she stayed on or off the life support. My question is how can a person preplan such a thing? Im adopted would my mother have known I would be her daughter since I wasn't born from her?
2531. Hi Chris, I wondered about readings. I have myself had dreams of people around me passing. Two of which I can recall without doubt - my father and my aunt (dad's sister). I was at a reading with a group and the lady told me she could not read for me? Is there any reason for this. She mentioned due to a sense I have. I have heard great things about your readings Thanks
2532. Chris, what are your views on the
2533. Hi Chris. My family and I found an interesting perfectly round looking symbol on our main house window, within a day or two of moving our grandfather's upstairs. Is it possible it could mean something? Is there somewhere I can post it or send it to? Thank you
2534. Hi Chris, my boyfriend passed away a few months ago. Do you think his soul misses me like I miss him, or is missing someone a human emotion? Do spirits miss human things like hugging, kissing etc?
2535. My boyfriend died at 25 years of age. I am a believer that we die when it is our time, but how could he have possibly fulfilled what he was on earth to do by such a young age? And how can a baby that dies at birth die at the right time, when they have not even lived?
2536. hi chris, what are your views on possession and also do you believe that the discarnate can commit violent acts upon the living? thanks.
2537. Hi chris , I was wondering when the decease pass on can they see everyone and everthing that is occuring at their funeral?
2538. Hello chris , I have had frequent dream visits from my deceased beloved. He comes to my dreams at times just staring at me with no words. Other times he dances with me and hugs me etc. Do the deceased become concerned with our emotional state? does he only visit me because i am pulling him back somehow by not being able to "Let go" Does he comes visit my dreams because he wants to reach out to me on the other side because i allowed to be open to it due to requesting him to visit me? Thanks in advance!
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