2539. Hello chris. I keep reading that we as people pick our lives. Are we picking our purpose on earth or are we picking every person we meet and have relationships with? I just dont get why I would pick for my mom to die at my age being 23. Or did she pick me because im adopted? Did we decide these tjings together before being in the physical body?
2540. I really need direction in my life. It's very dark and im so unhappy. Karen
2541. My pet Bruno died accidentally. How can I reach him-I want to go to him.
2542. what does it mean when a family member who is very sick with cancer has his picture taken and his grandmothers face shows up in the background of that picture
2543. Hi Chris, I think you have an amazing talent ( gift) and outlook on life. Is their such a thing as "old" and "new" soles? Does a new sole make more mistakes ? Thank you for your time.
2544. Hi Chris,I came across your you tube episodes. Never even knew you existed ,,I stopped on a episode randomly and the reading was for a brunette and a blonde. The information that you were telling them was exactly !! and I mean exactly down to the dialysis the same as what I (we)have just gone thru Dec2 /2014 with my mom. The message was to move on .. they had done enough...It was like you(my Mom ) were talking to me. I am a burnette my sister a blonde. after I watched, and cried thru it all !!!!! I felt a tap three time on my shoulder . twice ...tap tap tap...... tap tap tap... could my mom be talking to me thru this ?? even thou it was for another person?? Thank you in advance ... and are you even west in BC for your readings ? Thank you Rita Stanchfield
2545. Pretty sure you won't respond to this, as you haven't responded to my last post. You push "Conversations With God," which believe me, I tried to read twice. The first time was in the nineties when I bought the book. When I read that Hitler went to heaven, I pitched it across the room. There are different schools of thought about that. I agree with those who say there are some entities who are so dark, evil and menacing that they do not have the privilege of reincarnating. Those souls end up just kind of disappearing. The other is something several mediums believe, that is that we reincarnate much, much more quickly than every 5000 years. So, because I believed your work was valid, I once again tried to read that book. I had the most horrible nightmares. That tells me it's not a great book for me to read. If Hitler did as Walsch claims, go to heaven, then What is the point? Why bother doing anything? Why try? I also believe one can opt out of the never ending reincarnation loop if they so desire. I get the feeling lately and it saddens me, that you are becoming too much like a guru, you're starting to believe your own press. That is unfortunate. I no longer read Ask Chris and have unliked you on facebook. I think it's dangerous when there's no dialogue. Oh well, I'm sure you don't care. My biological father is the best psychic I've ever met. (yes, I understand the difference between psychics and mediums) I don't always like or agree with what he told me (we are not in contact anymore) but I have great respect for the fact that he takes no money for his gift. He helps the police for free, gives people readings for free. He may be a schmuck for a lot of reasons, but I absolutely respect that about him. I have learned a very important lesson here; don't look outside of myself for *gurus*. Thanks for what I did get from you, but I don't agree with some very crucial things. Take care and wishing you happiness.
2546. Hi Chris, my name is Paulo, 29 years old and I am from Brazil. There is a great doctrine based on Christianism in my country which is growing faster each year called Spiritim, which I follow since I was born and it is totally about what I have seen related to your work. I would like to know why I have some many Nightmares since I was 15 years old. All of them are the same kind, I mean same frightening and horrible sensation. This is unstoppable and I wish have some peace. I feel my body shaking, raising its temperature in an highest level and I see myself struggling so hard against something in order to wake up, but is really hard to take control of my own body and get wake up because I really take time to do so just by myself. Looks like something hold all my body in the bed or in wherever place I decide get some nap or sleep. Some friends mine already saw me in that way kinda into "convulsion" state by struggling against something in order to wake up. Is really embarrassing. I am not sure what it is; Spirit obsession, spirit trying a communication, first signs about any psychic skills, etc. I do meditation, praying and other things to try decrease the nightmares but I got no results. I will appreciate your help.
2547. Hi chris..In the spirit world we dont have physical bodies. So we dont eat or drink, or need to sleep, work or exercise etc...so what is it that we do their every day for ever n ever? I know we will be with our loved ones and thats awsome but then what? Dont get me wrong I cant wait to be with and see my dad again. And everyone else their when I pass .Can you ask the spirits what is it they do over there since all the earthly pleasures r gone?
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