253. Dear Chris, my friend lost her husbsnd a year ago, and to put it mildley, she is a mess, they have been together since they were 13 years old. she has recently asked me to find and visit a psychic with her, and I have sent her your website to see if this will suit her, but if it's not what she wants and decides she would rather see a psychic as opposed to a mediun, can you recommend anyone in the Barrie area? I would greatly appreciate any help you can give and if she decides that a medium is the way to go, we'll see you soon Thanks......Lorna Woodward
254. Is it possible to ask a spirit a specific question once you are done?
255. do i have a serious illness?
256. Chris, Hello would I be able to find out why my sister was murdered.?
257. Hi Chris, Can someone who has comitted suicide comunicate just as well as any other spirit?
258. hi chris Just wanted to ask a question, but first wanted to wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy new year. Have you ever been asked if you have heard of a woman having a NDE while having a difficult childbirth and what are your thoughts on that? Theresa
259. Hi Chris My name is chris I had a reading with you and my father and his friend a week ago and my mother came through very strong and she was saying how i was turning around and going on a right path, she also said watch out for butterflies. I had no other idea what that would mean untill the other day I was offered an amazing job offer. All I had to do was hand them my resumé when I printed it at my friends house she had butterflies all around the computer and I can see now what she means by that. My question is though growing up my mom always told me that I had a gift of knowing things before they happen and speaking to people who werent there. I don't remember this but she said that I always blocked it out as i grew up. Do you recommend any books related to learning on how to open up to this ability.
260. Hello Chris,when someone has passed over and we who remain ,remember the anniversary of their passing each year,do those who passed have any thoughts or feelings as that time approaches?Merry Xmas Mandy
261. DearChris, Thanks for answering my questions.We know that our sister doesn't have long to live. Could you tell us how long and if our loved ones on the other side are surrounding her at this time. Do they have a message for us? I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year.
262. Merry Christmas Chris Just wanted to send a message to thank you so much for all of your inspiration and guidance to so many of us.You have truly opened many doors to help us create our Self.You have changed many lives that you may not even be aware of.I read a quote the other day that reminds me of you."A great teacher is not the one with the most students ,but the one who creates the most teachers" GOD Bless Jim
263. Hi Chris. After you mentioned the book "Conversations with God" more than once, I decided to read it. I will have to read it again and perhaps again to fathom some of the things stated. Unless I'm mistaken, some of your beliefs are similiar to the words in this book. If so, could you tell me which came first - your beliefs or the book? Thank you
264. Dear Chris, Why did my Great-grandmother wait until all her grandchildren were present before she passed away. Was there a specific reason behind this? Does she give me signs that she is around me and if so what are they?
265. Dear Chris I just had to write to you to let you know how the Derech family is doing. On Boxing Day we listened to their reading that you did. The children were present as well as April from Rogers TV that did the special on you this fall. She lives next door to Kelly the oldest daughter and her Husband Jason. Who is my son. While listening to the tape many events and things became very clear to everyone. Some of the events that you and Joyce talked about became apparent to the girls. The reason I am writing to you is about an incident on the tape. You were talking about George and we heard someone in the background saying "It's Me" We listened to this section over and over again. Is is possible to have heard George? MAry Ann Watson I used to work at the Huron club mapdwatson@rogers.com
266. Is my father helping/guiding me thru the extremely difficult times I am going thru and will continue to go thru?
267. hi Chris i have a problem with my neighbour and my husbands friendship is it possible to pray for her mother who has passed on to get her daughter to leaves him alone and get on with her own relationship. thankyou yours truly colleen
268. Dear Chris, I have been having alot of dreams lately, i am always living in a different house but it is not the house i really have. Also in these dreams I am with a different person and they are dead or have just recently passed, but only in the dream. Even though they are gone they are still in the dream and they don't know they have passed. These dreams are starting to disturb me. Is someone on the otherside trying to contact me or sending me a message? Please help me understand.
269. Hi Chris, Thank you sooo much for answering my question #259. I truly admire and respect you! Thank you for giving me the peace, I needed to move forward! Before my dad died, he wanted to tell me something, but it was too late before he ever did tell me...does he still want to tell me something? Any further closures would be much appreciated! I can't even describe in words, what you have done for me! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
270. Will you be able to tell me things that only I would know about my child without you asking to many questions.
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