271. Dear Chris, after reading your website questions and answers, I feel that my question has been answered. I lost my son 4 months ago, and have felt very guilty about not being with him when he died. I needed to tell him that I love him very much. I am looking for signs, but not sure that I recognize them as signs sometimes. I find change around alot now. I never had any money on me whenever he would ask to have some. This made him angry sometimes, do you think that he is putting this money in my path to let me know something? I just want him to know how much I truly love him and how sorry I am as his mother to not have been there to help him. I keep asking for signs but am not sure what too look for. I just wanted more time with him, we were so close to getting along much better, now that has been taken away from me forever. Please help me. Sharon
272. Hello Chris , this is in response to question #277 . My daughter and I came to you for a session on May 29, 2004. Never once during the whole reading did you ask us any questions in fact you intstructed us to say nothing except "yes " or "no " to your comments. This we did and it was only after the whole session was over and we were saying our goodbyes did we tell you a bit about our beloved departed son and brother . We were very happy with the reading and would highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to say this on your web site , Evelyn.
273. Dear Chris, Thank you for answering my question #278. I will let go of the guilt, and I have been trying to communicate with him, I find myself wanting to see his face again, most times I see him in my sleep, and I hear him say "MOM". I do so want to have a relationship with him, I will continue on talking to him and be more aware of signs he might leave me. Can you tell me if he is trying to talk to me? Does he watch over his brothers too? His brothers really misses him, and maybe if they are aware of his presence they will be happy. What can I do to let them know that he is around and looking out for them. Sharon
274. Hello Chris: My name is Linda MacDonald and I am emailing to apologize for an email I sent to you yesterday Jan. 10,/06 re: the Legion Ladies Aux. to Br. 109 Goderich and doing a fundraiser. I am pretty sure I forgot to put my name at the end of it. Our email is my husband's but he does not belong to the Aux. just the Legion. If you were to come to Goderich would you do readings and would we be responsible for setting up times?, and would you be able to talk to a group of people in the Legion later in the evening like you did at Grand Bend? We would charge for people to come in the evening and I am not sure what we would do for appointments, possibly a fee too?? Hope to hear from you with your ideas and thoughts. Linda
275. Hi Chris, my dad was taken from us very suddenly. I was hopeing you could validate the cause of death - there was never an autopsy done. I would also like to know how my dad feels about they way things were left. Thanks for any insight you can provide me.
276. Dear Chris, My father suddenly passed away a year ago and I'm left with so many questions (due to the circumstances at that time) and no answers. Is he happy with the way things are left? Is there anything I need to know?
277. my father passed away suddenly ... was it his time? or was someone else involved?
278. Hello Chris. I was working at Real Estate today and got a "feeling" to check some of the questions on your site. I hope Sharon #278 knows just how much "Those we love we never lose," I want her to know that our son passed last Feb, and if she wishes to talk she may call me anytime. I don't mind giving my work # 519-925-2761. Gary Heaslip.
279. Hi Chris, My husband past away in 2001. i think of him often and wonder if he has any messages for me? Also, he was the type to hide important things, is there anything i need to know about before i decide to sell my house? Thank you.
280. Hello Chris: I lost my grandmother in August/05 and never had the opportunity to say goodbye. I wonder if she knows how much we all love her and miss her. Is she happy with the way things are left?
281. Hi Chris, I went a "medium" because I needed to know the intial reason of my father's death. Wheather it was natural,suicide or murder. I got told 2 things. 1)He said In time I will know the whole truth and 2)he said that there is soemthing that belongs to me and will be given only to me. I don't understand what he means by this. Any insights would be appreciated.
282. Hi Chris I was looking at your questions again, to find some more answers I guess, and saw that there was a reply to my first question he left his phone # and asked that i call him, I would like to talk to him but maybe email would be easier as it is long distance for me. My email address at work for Gary Heaslip is info.dpcr@on.aibn.com. Thanks for replying to my questions, I was hoping that you might have felt something from Cory, but what you said about him trying on his own struck me, because he always said that he "doesn't need any help that he can do it on his own". I know he is doing it his way. Thanks again, Sharon
283. Hi Chris. My wife to be has lost her Father about a year and a half ago and we all feel he had fallen due to anothers hands. We are to be married in May and I would like to give her the answers she most desperate needs to move on in our new life together. We have been left in the dark about his passing and we all feel his presence from time to time. I come to you for help and in great hopes you will releave the pain and suffering his passing has caused. If you do make Contact Please assure him His daughter will never Cry again!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
284. Where are the spirits that you talk to? Are they spirits that haven't crossed over yet? In purgatory? Can you contact a spirit that I believe is in Heaven?
285. Hi Chris I have been given the opportunity to be a part of the National Victim's Weekend in Toronto and would love to meet with you then, if it all possible. I am still hoping that you might feel some kind of connection form my Son. When someone passes does it take some time for them to realize that they have passed and are in the spritual world?
286. Hi there, My father died on Remembrance Day of 2005, He suffered a great deal - it was awful. I hate what he went through, it makes me cry every time I think of it. I never got to tell him how much I loved him and admired him and how thankful I am for every day he gave me and my family. Can you tell me if he is ok, and if he has any messages for us? Was that bouncing ball him? Eager to hear from my dad
287. I have read through your questions and answers on the site quite extensivly - I do believe in so much you have to say. Last night I talked to my father who passed away recently, asking him for advice about my life as it seems to be falling apart, shortly after a song popped in my head that seemed appropriate. I believe it was my dad telling me to hold on and he will always be here for me. My mother is having a hard time with his death, he died at the young age of 58. My mom lost all of her hair from the stress of loosing my dad in such an awful way. Is there any message I can give her from my dad? Something to keep her going? Something I can bring to her to show her he is here and he can hear her, she does believe....no doubt. It is just breaking my heart for her to continue on without him physically beside her....we are a very close family. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
288. Hi Chris, My husband passed away a couple of months ago. My children rarely talk about him. I am the only one that mentions his name. I am worried that they are holding it inside. I have asked my husband to please help them deal with their grief or help me help them. Can you tell me if he is around them and with them? M
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