289. Hi Chris, First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer questions of people grieving / mourning, including my self...you are a gentle and caring soul. Chris, I am going through a hard time in my life, with my medical issue....it isn't life threatening, however I am being treated by medical professionals.... Does my dad have any messages for me as to what the outcome of my medical issue will be? Is there any answers, good or bad or any messages for me? Thank You
290. Have you ever encountered a spirit, that wouldn't leave you alone?
291. Thank you Chris for answering something i already knew. Q295 and 256 You are right..he is with us and always will be. Also thank you for your insight on my children. I will definitely take your advice. I guess i am unsure of who and what I am these days. Thank you again
292. Hi Chris, I have heard wonderful reviews about you… I had 19 wonderful years with my cat. A car hit her when she was young which crushed her back legs. She had surgery in order to restore the leg but it was always a bit shorter than the other three, which caused her to sit with her leg sticking out. There was nothing that I wouldn’t do for my friend. Before she passed on, she developed a tumour in her throat and could not eat or drink. Again I did everything I could to try and save her until there were no options left but to put her down. I was not ready for her to go even though I knew she was suffering. The day she went to the vet, so he could help her to heaven, I could not bring myself to be there so my boyfriend went with her and held her. It has been 4 months and I still cannot get over the guilt of not being there and holding her myself. Do you think she knows I tried everything and the reason I could not be there? Also, we recently got a puppy that is starting to sit the same way she did with her leg sticking out. Could this be a sign from her that she is still with me? Thanks.
293. my father passed away 2 and a half years ago. I wasn't on talking terms with him at the time and was unable to tell him how much I loved him. Til this day I have this guilt that I never was able to say goodbye. I was told he died of a heart attack but the autopsy report stated something so diferent. Could his death be a possible suicide? Was he really unhappy in the situation he was in that could possibly lead him to commit suicide?
294. my,father passed away recently and he did suffer, is he ok? i belive he is trying to tell me something, through my dreams,can you help clarify his message for me?
295. Hi Chris: It's Lisa from last March again. Your help has been instrumental in my moving forward after my husband's death, but now I'm having difficulty with my inlaws. I have a daughter who's now 2 1/2 and am often made to feel guilty about her relationship with my inlaws, when they make very little effort. The onus is always on me to call, plan visits, and often pay for outings. Do you have any advice for this situation? My husband was very family oriented, but had started to pull away from them as they are very demanding. What does he think? Help...
296. Hi Chris In Ref to question 299, I too feel a pressure against my back when I am in bed. I always assumed it was my dog MacGyver, & from what you have said I now know it is. I have been having a lot of strange feelings lately, as if someone is in the room with me at night. This only happens when I am alone. At least I don't notice it when anyone else is around. My question is, how can I tell who it is? I've tried asking for confirmations, however I have not been able to clarify, Thank You TL
297. dear chris, my father passed away is he happy,and does he leave signs for us that he is still around us if so can you give example ofn one that i can relate to example phone ringing or fire alarm for no reason
298. Hi Chris, I was wondering if you've ever considered adding a chat group section to your website? It would be nice to have be able to chat with some of your readers who are from Canada. I know all of us who log in to your website are all looking for answers or just some comfort. Thank you, Ruth
299. Hi Chris, I just wanted to comment on your response to question 291. I totally agree with you about the "Gost Whisperer" show. I started watching the show because I thought it would bring me some comfort in listening to others get messages from their loved ones who had crossed over, but the show seems to give us the notion that those who die unexpectedly are left wandering this earth like lost souls and need to find a spiritual medium to save them. I'm sure in most circumstances there are many who have crossed over with things left unsaid or left undone. Are we to think that our loved ones who died too soon or died unexpectedly are in a lost state? What a horrible thought! The reality is, it's TV. I hope there aren't people out there who actually believe what they see on that show. My belief is, death has nothing to do with how we die, but more about how we live.
300. Hi Chris I am reading some books on mediums and getting in touch with my psychic abilities. I really want to find out how my son is, where he is and if he is with us. Can you give me any advise or help on this?
301. re:#236-Hi Chris, Zachary Thomas was born Jan.13 @ 6:25p.m. healthy, happy and as cute as a button. When he starts talking he may one day mention a bridge and a rainbow then we'll know. Anyway hope all is well with you and yours. Diane
302. Hi, My Father passed away from terrible circumstances, our family could possibly seek legal action for the way he died and suffered. I was wondering if you can tell me if my father agrees if this is something we should pursue as we lack proof. Are we exhausting ourselves for no reason or should we seek redemption on his behalf? Is there anything else you can feel from him? I miss him so much ....every day, I ask him questions every day and I do think he answers them for me. There are certain things going on in my life that are awful, and I want to know if he has any advice for me to help me decide if I am on my right path. Any help is appreciated...thank you
303. Hi Chris My son's birthday is on Feb 9th he would have been 27 years old, he was killed when he was 23. I want him to know that I will be thinking of him that day, letting the memories of his life pass through my mind from the first time I saw him only seconds after he was born, till the last time I saw him. I want him to know that I love him and I will never let his memory fade from my mind till the day my eyes close forever. Thankyou Chris
304. hi Chris : First off I read your replys to people and must say I think you are truly a gift send to all of us , thanks for that , My question is , about 5 out of 7 nights I wake up about 3 am , wide awake and have thoughts of my son who passed two years ago so strongly on my mind , he passed away around the same time . Is there any relation to this wake up for me , he is sometimes on my mind so strong that I can only cry myself back to sleep , at other times I just feel comfort . What is this , do you have any thoughts ? If so , I would so much like to hear them ... take care and again , thanks , just for being you !
305. Hi, Just wanted to write a little note to tell you you are a very special person with your thoughts and wisdom, I'm sure how aware you must be about how you touch so many with your words. My father passed away and reading through some of your answers I have learned to accept that he is with me in his own way - ex: this morning I was walking to work and a single bird right above me flew right above me...right as I heard the flapping of the wings I said outloud "Dad"!! I just felt him and it was like a hug, one that I desperatley needed. I pray he is well, and he knows how much I miss him, and how my heart aches to have him with me. Keep being you!! Thanks for being able to make some of those in mourning smile again!
306. My father in law passed away yesterday. We are as you would expect. Do you feel anything from him? Thank you for your time.
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