307. Dear Chris, I have been trying to ask you about two loved ones that have passed away recently. Every time I have tried I can't find the right words. Exhausted I will try to write what I can get out. I have asked them every night to come to me in my dreams or talk to me somehow or give me a sign that they are okay. I never had the chance to tell them good-bye or say to them all the things I wanted to. I miss them so much and hurt real bad at not having them here with me. Because we were so close all my life, I thought that they would let me know that they are together and are alright. Please Chris ask them if they have a message for me or the rest of the family, and could you also ask them if they would please come to me and talk to me. I am trying really hard to help the ones left behind, especially their children. Am I doing okay with that, is their anything I should be doing that I'm not. Also I have been looking for a book,or letter that was to be just for me and I can't find it anywhere. Why? Thank-you Chris for every answer you can give me.
308. can you reach someone that has committed sucide.
309. hi chris This the frist time i have ever asked questions to a meduim and i know that spirits are their because i feel them. my husband died 13 years ago but i know that he is still around and watching us but i want to know how he is doing, i miss him very much and think of him often. I would like to know what he thinks of your 3 kids and if there is anything that he would to pass on to them as they never got to know him.
310. Dear Chris , i have had the pleasure of a visit to you on 2 occasions , and was very happy with my reading , i now have a dilema that i would appreciate your help with , a freind of mine last her dad 1 yr today (mar20) on the day of his passing and her arrival home from the hosp. there was a dove on her dads car , she took this to mean a very comforting sign to her, today being the anniversary she once again had a dove land on her deck , with that a hawk came and killed the dove in front of her , this has left her devasted , if this is a sign of something could u please help us to understand .. i appreciate any help you could give her with this ... M
311. Hi there, My father passed away in late 2005, I have had major battles of my own in regards to a seperation and custody issues after being stolen from by my husband and he disappeard and now he is trying so hard to make my life miserable....I have asked my father for advice and i think I can hear him ,but I was wondering if you have any further advice from my father in regards to this...my father was always my rock I could turn to and he always made everything ok again ....do you hear him now? If so what does he want me to do? Thank you
312. Hello Chris, My uncle passed shortly after my father. I know that his children were not as close with him when he passed. I am sure that he knows we (neices and nephews) think of him often and that we miss him. I am hoping he and my fatehr are together and - keeping each other company (I hope that doesn't sound strange) I love and miss them both.
313. What exactly do you needs to know about me for you to tell me what I NEED to hear.
314. My father killed himself when I was 6 years old. All my life I have felt as though I was not worth living for. When I look at my 2 children, all I think of is why wasn't enough to live for? Thank you, Lynn
315. When my oldest child was 2, he would play alone in the bedroom & talk to someone. Whwn I would ask him who he was talking to he would say "Robin". When asked to describe "Robin" to me, he told me exactly what my brother looked like. My brother died 8 years before my son was born. The creepy thing was that my son described certain markings that my brother had, but they were never visiable in any photographs (which would have explained him recalling them). Was he actually "playing" with my brother?
316. Hi Chris, my brother overdosed quite a few years ago in jail. There was an inquest because of where it happened. At the inquest, other inmates said that he was getting high in his cell & when morning came they noticed he wasn't breathing...but before they called the guards, they took out the remaining drugs out of his pocket for themselves. Did they (the inmates) lie? I guess I want to know if they played any role in his death. My mother isn't aware of all of the events leading up to his incarceration & death...I have kept certain things from her to protect her. Is it best to leave it that way? Also, did he approve of the "ceremony" we had for him?
317. i know this is going to sound ridiculous but i am very curious. i am coming to visit you, and i was speaking to a friend about it and she told me that she had heard that going to see a medium opens up this space or door for spirits, and bad spirits can come through and possess you! can this be true?
318. I attended your seminar Sat. April 1st. I just want to thank you for what you do. You HELP people. I appreciate your work. I hope that someone will write you and let us all know about the man in the car in the blue grey house. One other thing, you seemed "troubled" for lack of a better word was something wrong? Thank you again.
319. My name is Richard Hunt and I have been looking for an old friend who seems to have sent you a thank you in response to a question number 250 on your web page her name is Nicole Pahor from Toronto. please if you can forward my e-mail to this person thank you very much.
320. My mother in law passed over in Oct/05.Is she content?
321. Hi Chris. My nephew has been to see you on three few occasions and he has explained what you do and I am so happy to hear of the great things that you are able to help people with. I would love to able to come visit you some time, but the age factor is a problem. My nephew has told me about the fact that you do telephone readings and I may want to pursue that approach.I know that this may not be the forum to ask such a question, but I recently found out that my great nephew and wife are expecting triplets ... I have recently talked to my Mom who passed away some 30 years ago, wondering if should convey to you if the triplets are going to be OK. I know that my question may be difficult, but for some reason I just have to ask. By the way, my nephew is sitting beside me at the moment typing as I speak and I want you to know how much he appreciates what you have done for him with helping him converse with his mom. By the way, I too always refer to Jim as "Jimmy Boy". By the way Jim's mom will be the triplets 'Great Grandmother' and I will be their Great Great Aunt! As an aside, my husband Ron and I are affectionately known as " The Greats". Sorry for the lenghth of this, however, I just can't seem to stop. All the Best Chris, Hazel.
322. does that guy i meat on the ship in november does he like me
323. Hi chris, I have been to see you for a reading and you told me that my grandmother who has passed away says that she will never leave me, she will be with me always, But lately i don't feel her around does she have any messages for me or our family? Thank-you!
324. Hi there, My father who was my families everything has passed away in late 2005. I ask him every day to help me realize my path as my life has a huge decision infront of me to deal with. My heart tells me one thing, while my head tells me another. I was wondering if you have any connection with my Dad, as to which one he thinks I should go with. I wish he was here, and I know he is, but I don't feel any significant signs in what he thinks I should do?(My decision is life altering both ways)Thank you so much
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