325. Dear Chris Last night I had a dream about my sister whom recently passed away. I have been asking her for wks to come to me and she did, I was only allowed to spend 5 minutes with her and then she had to go back. She gave me a message for my mother but not for myself. She also told me to keep typing to HIM and he will answer my questions. Chris you are the only one I know that I have talked to. I'm assuming she meant you. She was so happy in my dream which made me happy but I didn't get to spend enough time with her to ask her or tell her anything. Can you help me with this? What does she want me to do? Thank-you.
326. Dear Chris, I am the person who asked the question #332 On the 29th of April is the interment of both my sister and her husband who passed away 2 weeks apart. It is also their 39th Anniversary. Their children are having a difficult time with their deaths. They have asked me to ask you, are they at peace and are they proud of their children and what they have accomplished since their deaths? Also do they miss their children and are they still around them to give them the strength to carry on besides GOD? Do they have a message for them before the 29th that I can pass forward? Sorry for all the questions but we are all grieving and missing them so much. Their deaths left a profound mark on us all.We are a very close family and they were the anchor to that.I should explain my sister died of cancer and 2 wks later because her husband loved her so much couldn't live without her, died by his own hand, has GOD forgiven him? Thank-you so much Chris
327. My grandmother past oct 2005 my mother is tring so hard to believe that she is ok, and that she lives on. Do you have any messages from my grandmother for my mom? Thank-you for your time.
328. Dear Chris, You were absolutely right their were alot of tears at the interment, but I felt they were at peace also.And yes there are 3 children, and one son has had alot put on him. He is trying very hard to keep peace in the family, but it has been difficult at times as there are some problems,especially with one daughter-in-law.Not to mention he is the youngest has a baby on the way and was very close with both of his parents. I also did as asked and put one red and one yellow rose cris-crossed on the grave, as a matter-of-fact they buried the with the urns.I have tried very hard to help their children and tried to remain as close to them as they'll let me. I sure do miss my sister though, as I feel a part of me has also died, and I have no-one to talk to like I did her, we were much more than sisters. Thanks Chris for everything.
329. Hi Chris, it's Jim from Trenton. Thank you for responding to my Aunt re Question 328. She was so pleased that you replied. She did say afterwards that she wanted to ask about her husband's health, but he was sitting next to her at the time and did not want to upset him. He's a great old guy with a lot of health issues(which Mom spoke of and told us to have the heart area checked in a previous session with you ... he was subsequently diagnosed as having an aneurysm around his heart)... she (my Aunt) is just afraid for him ... he's a good soul. My Mom cared for him a great deal, he was always there for her and us kids when she went through some very bad times with the male above me-still living. In any event ... just an update. I did want to convey that you were again 'right on' in passing on to me that there would be a move for me ... quite unexpectedly. Although you did say you were unsure whether it would be to the east and not from where I came, you saidthat I would have some reservations, but that it would be a 'good thing'. Well, I just found out that I am moving not to the East(although that was the alternative), but back to where I came from. I'm absolutely thrilled, because I miss the type of job that this opportunity will afford be as a person. It's in the same environment but an enhanced position. All that to say Chris, once again, you continue to astound me with your gift. I thank you for encouraging me to engage in self- improvement, while at the same time living my life to the fullest day to day. Warmest regards, Jim.
330. Chris, I was at the National Victims' weekend that MADD had and I had a question for you. During the second session you played a song right before the meditation. Can you please tell me that name of that song and who it's by? I also wanted to thank you for helping me realize that I'm not going crazy. A few months after my mother was killed I had fallen asleep crying and I woke up because I felt someone wipe a tear away. When I opened my eyes I saw my mom's face. She leaned down and hugged me. When she hugged me I was overcome with this warm sensation. At first I thought I had dreamed this visit from my mom but I haven't been able to shake the feeling that it was really her. You said something on Saturday that made me realize that it was my mom and I'm not going crazy. So thank you for that. Lisa Howse
331. Dear Chris, I have a bracelet that was my maternal Grandmothers. I was told that it was costume jewellery. When I got married in 1977 I had it cleaned to wear that day. The jeweller told me it was worth alot of money and the stones in it were genuine. I have always kept in a safety deposit box. This year I decided to have it reappraised, I can't find a jeweler who deal in this and the one I did find said it was worth nothing. could you ask my grandmother some history behind this as I have none, and if I should keep it or get rid of it. Thank-you
332. Dear Chris, Do you believe in curses? I have had so much bad happen to me. Alot of it out of my control. Now this year it's my whole family. We have so much death and bad luck, it's hard to believe it will ever end. I have asked help from my departed loved ones and from GOD, and nothing is happening. It justs keeps getting worse and worse. I'm starting to lose faith, and wondering if everyone I've tried to contact or talked to aren't real. I normally have an open mind, that is why I'm asking for your input. We are having money problems, my husband got laid off, I only work part-time and that is just us.Not to mention our children. And I'm not sure of our health. I strongly feel one of is in bad health which one. Can someone up there give me some answers? I know something is wrong with one of my family members although I don't know which one, it could be me. If you sense something wrong you can say as it doesn't scare me. Thank-you very much for any help you can give me. You came highly recommended, and they told me you would be honest and help
333. Hello Chris, An old friend of mine from a neighbourhood we grew up in (between 1977 and 1985) took his life a few years ago. I had not seen him since '85/we both moved to different areas within the city & just never bumped into each other again. I learned that he had been involved in a street race and the other driver went off the road, his car crashed and he was killed instantly. My friend fled from the scene and since he could not face up to what he had done, he committed suicide by running his car in his garage. The problem is, I have a recurring dream about him all the time that he is still alive, back in our old neighbourhood, living with his parents and they are concealing the fact that he is still alive by not allowing him out of the house. He lives in his garage. I can think of many reasons why this could just be coincidental. It bothers me that the dream won't stop recurring. Can you shed any light on the situation? Thanks so much for your help. Joanne
334. Hi Chris. There have been many times over the years when I have felt the presence of one or more people around me, sometimes feeling my hair being flicked, a hand on my head, or my shoulders. I cannot distinguish who these people are, and to tell you the truth, often find this un-nerving. I have often been afraid to visit the cemetary where my grandparents are buried because on several occasions have felt like I was being followed. On one occasion, I gave into my senses and felt drawn several rows over to a particular grave. As a musician, I was surprised to have found myself standing infront of a head stone with an engraving of a drum kit on it, a man roughly the same age as myself. Was there ever a time where you experienced a fear of your gift, and/or how you dealt with it? I would like to know how I can become less fearful of this or will they go away if you ask? Also, what is a good way to distinguish who the spirit visitors are...ie grandma, uncle Dave,,,etc? Thank you so much. R. Louise Nelson.
335. Hello Chris I have been to see you a few times and you have always hit the nail directly on the head so I am hoping you can help me with this one. Just last week I got into a car accident that was a compete fluke or so it seems. The events of that day all seemed to line up for me to be involved in that moment. I truely believe that everything happens for a reason but I am wondering what the reason for this could be and why there were not any injuries to myslef or anyone else when it should have been a devastating accident. I can't help but feel someone was there guiding my vehicle to make sure nobody got hurt. Thank you for any help you can give
336. Hi Chris. My Grandmother passed away 9 years ago almost immediatley following my sons birth. Her and I were very close and I thought for sure that I would be able to feel her around me. I am currently going through a situation (that is 100% self induced torture!) and I keep talking to her, hoping to feel her near and get some reassurance that I'm doing the right thing. She always seemed to know things about the men I dated that I don't know how she knew and I guess I'm hoping she can give me a little insight again as to what to do now. Is there any way that I can draw her to me or will she not come until she is good and ready? thank you so much for everything you do for people.
337. Dear Chris is there any energy in the universe that can take over our body. Also how do you handle a energy that wishes sex with you. I have had this problem I am also a psychic/ medium Thank you Jackie
338. Dear Chris Thank you for responding to my question 344. The energy I feel is like an electrial current. This happened when I moved to Las Vegas in 1996. Prior that that I was just a psychic. I moved into a beauitful condo and a short time later the energy in the house became overwhelming. You could cut it with a knife. I was knocked to the floor twice by something I could not see. Thats is when I was able to hear spirit. I was not religious but I began to pray to whom ever would listen. My deceased brother came through and told me to call a priest and have my house blessed. I did. Nothing changed. I was watching TV in my living room and I was raped by an electrial engery outside my body. He spoke and proclaimed that he could fulfill my life as well as a human. I was afraid, you can imagine I woke at 5:00 am to hear the voice of a women, she said she was Mary the mother Of Jesus and I was in grave danger. She told me to leave Vegas that day. Not to drive but fly. My life was in danger. I felt a pulsating in by body that made me physically ill. I don't know if she was Mary but I knew she had come to save me. Once I reached Los Angeles, the sick feel left but I was very sore, actually felt as though I had been hit by a truck. I found out later four families had moved from my condo six months before me. I still feel the electrial energy around me sometimes I can't wear nylons. It burns my feet and legs. I just wondered if you know how I can get rid of this energy. I say energy because I am not sure if it a spirit. Do you believe there are entities as well as spirits on earth and they can do harm? It took be a long time to realize I was actually hearing spirit. When I began to read for people Only friends There loved one would tell me things about there life I would have no way of knowing. Sorry for the length of the letter. I hope you can shed some light on my problem Thank you Jackie
339. Chris Hi my mom passed away from a condtion called myotonic dysptrophy she suffered alot of the last 11 yrs she was in the hospital when she passed away i tried to get her to communicate to me through sqweezing my hand and trying to say yes and no to things i asked her she could nt do it so many unanswered questions and things i didnt get to here from her but i did tell her it was ok to go and that hse has waited a long time to be with her mom and dad and brothers and sister and nephew so she was free to go was i right to tell her this or was it me knowing i couldnt change what was going to happen and to support it her siblings and herself and nephew all died from the myotonic dystrophy so Chris i did tell her at her funeral that i love her and that we will meet again some day if you could help me chris i look forward to being able to someday attend one of your seminars i think you have a great talent and are good at what you do God Bless you
340. Hi Chris, I would like to respond to Cathy's question 242. I too was raised in a very Catholic up brining. I am 40 now and no longer believe in the teachings of the Catholic church. After the death of my twin brother in November of 2003, I was told by many family members that trying to communicate with him would be a sin and would only cause him pain and suffering. I drove 8 hours from Montreal to Toronto to meet you Chris in July of 2004 and have never regreted one second of that trip. Through all the tears and emotional pain I was feeling, I knew 100% that my brother was with us in that room, and most importantly he was not suffering. To Cathy, I can only imagine your pain. I have 3 children and they are all happy and healthy, but I have seen my Mom's suffering at the loss of 2 of her own children. I do not understand God in many many ways, and question why he lets the horrible things happen in this world, but I also know that he also lets a lot of wonderful things happen also. To me, my religion is in my heart and my God is in my heart. He isn't in a church or dressed as a priest. Someday, I will understand him better and hopefully be able to have answers to the numerous questions I have. My prayers are with you Cathy. I plan on having a telephone reading with you Chris very soon. I know my twin brother is still with me, but maybe after 2 1/2 years since his passing he may have something new to say or a few more answers for me regarding his death. God bless, Ruth
341. is this pregnacy will be good
342. Cathy responds to Ruth's question (Question #347)
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