20. When my father first passed over I received many different messages from him both visual and audio. I have also received messages from him through my dreams. Some have been verified through time. The last encounter, that I am aware of, was about 1 year ago. I have asked him many times to come to me in a dream just to have a hug but have had no responce. Do you know why this may be?
21. I have had many spiritural experiences through out my life. They were strong when I was a small child and seem to stop in my adult life until one week before my fathers death. I seem to be the only person in my family to have these experiences. What is the reason for this?
22. I hope you don't think this a silly question. Do you believe that an energy can affect things here like phones ringing or lights dimming?
23. Two questions please.....1)Has a spirit ever indicated what it is like on the other side to you. Meaning, how far or where their energy expands to and 2)Is this earth only a learning ground for them? OR do they have another place they learn from also.
24. When someone dies at the hand of another is their spirit able to communicate the identity of the murderer or would that be deemed as interference? Or is it that it is not important to them anymore?
25. Are We reborn again?Has a spirit ever informed you of this information?Do they have free will to be reborn and how long can they do this? It seems the earth is getting fuller of humans, they all can't have been reborn.
26. Dear Chris, i am a 39 year old woman. I have always had a sixth sense and a strong psychic ability. My ability was not as a psychic that could communcate with people on the other side but rather, as always knowing things. Iused to be able to feel when a spirit presence was with me and i have even heard my name called by a prescence who couldn't be described as male or female. My mother passed away five years ago, i still have the gift of intuition but i can no longer ever feel any prescence with me I hope you can answer my questions. thank you Lianna
27. From your experiences, can you ascertain whether same sex relationships are viewed by the other side with as much distain as they are by most religions here?
28. Can you tell the actual date my uncle passed away. We as family are so unsure how long my uncle had been gone when he was found?
29. Dear Chris, we wish for a baby for 5 years now.We are both healthy and I've got already 2 chidren.My new husband has no child sofar... Why do so many unwanted babys urge for an incarnation and the ones who would do anything for a child don't even get pregnant . Seems so unfair and is a big stone , that lays on my heart !Thank you ,Nola
30. I really would love to come to see you for a reading but would be devastated if my daughter doesn't come through. Can that happen?
31. My youngest son took his own life a year and a half ago . We were extremely close but I feel so terribly guilty for having missed the signs of his depression. How would I know if he blames me in any way for what he did ? Evelyn.
32. Chris,My husband and I have had a very rocky marriage from the start because of issues that he is dealing with. Lately, I have been questioning if it's right for me to stay in the marriage and risk my son getting hurt or if I should go. This is the question I have been posing every night to my grandmother for her guidance, by doing what you suggest, asking her and opening myself to the answer. I feel that I am open to her because I do believe that she is here and I do believe that she can help me but for some reason, she's not. I am really unsure of how I can be any more receptive then I am but I don't believe that she would ignore something this important either. Can you help? Thanks in advance!
33. If you loved someone with all your heart and soul, but hadn't seen them for 35 years, is it possible that their spirit can appear to that person when they die, even if the loved one was not aware of the death? Does the soul go on to those it loved to say goodbye, or is that just wishful thinking? Mandy
34. Hello Chris,I have a question that has been in dire need of an answer for quite some time. This question may rattle some cages if posted on your site but I hope you can help me just the same. If there is such a thing as us choosing our lives before we come here, choosing the mother who's womb we go into (which I truely believe we do); what about children that are aborted? Is that child or embryo already a spirit from conception as I thought previously or is it just an embryo waiting for a spirit until a certain point? If the spirit of the aborted child goes back to the
35. Hi Chris....what is your opinion on regression hypnosis/past life regression? Do you offer these particular sessions? If you don't, would you kindly recommend someone who you are familiar with that does this type of hypnosis. Thank you.
36. My friend's Dad passed away last October. His wishes were to be cremated at that his ashes be spread in the hunting/camp grounds that he loved so much. The family chose to have a traditional burial because the Mom was more comfortable with that. However since then the Mom is having dreams and guilty thoughts for not having respected his wishes. She dreams that he's cold all the time. I tell my friend that her Dad probably doesn't feel that it's all that important now and he understands why his wishes were not granted. What do you think? What can I say to my friends Mom to comfort her?
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